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Rixson 296700PCB PC Board

Rixson 296700PCB

Rixson 296700PCB PC Board

Manufacturer: Rixson
Price: $492.66
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Rixson's PC Board
296700PCB for Rixson 2900 Low Energy Automatic Door Openers

When exterior wind pressures or security issues arise and a floor closer is the best way to close a door but lighter opening forces are desired, the Rixson® 2900 Automatic Opener is the perfect solution. Low energy operators are not designed for high traffic or heavy doors because the mechanical closings inside are not strong enough to control the door. By using a Rixson heavy-duty floor closer (existing or new installation) along with a Rixson 2900 door opener, there is no need for the extra expense of a high energy operator.
•The 2900 series is a combination overhead operator, combined with a Rixson 27, or 28 floor closer. It is not meant to be used with anything else, as the door would not close otherwise. If it is an overhead opener/ closer you seek, We suggest contacting Norton Door Controls.
There is no special templating for either the floor closer or the operator.

Heavyweight high-traffic doors that require automatic opening shall use the low energy operator in conjunction with a heavy-duty floor closer. Operator shall be for opening of door only. Door shall be installed in the floor and shall have separate and independent closing speeds with back check turned to lightest setting. Door controls (interior/exterior) for swinging doors shall be low energy operators. Door closing force shall be adjustable to ensure adequate closing control. Door operator shall have an adjustable backcheck feature to cushion the door opening speed if opened violently. Low energy operation to cycle the door open as controlled by the body/pump and motor assembly adjustments. Power operator unit shall provide conventional door closer opening and closing forces unless the power operator motor is activated by an initiating device. Motor assist shall be adjustable from 0 to 30 seconds in 5 second increments. Motor assist shall restart the time cyclem with each activation of the initiating device. Unit shall have a three-position selector mode switch that shall permit unit to be switched “ON” to monitor for function activation, switched to “H/O” for indefinite hold open function or switched to “OFF,” which shall deactivate all control functions but will allow standard door operation by means of the internal mechanical closer. Door control shall be adjustable to provide compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and ANSI standards A117.1 and A156.19.
TEchnical Details:

JP-1 Terminal:
(Input Controls) - wall switches, motions sensors, 2nd Rixson 2900, etc.

1 • O/O - Override Open - Input for blow open or smoke ventilation application - Upon initiation of a closed signal from a fire/smoke alarm panel, the door will open and remain open until signal is terminated. Use with any JP-1 ground.
2 • RES 1 - Not used
3 • AUX2 - Auxiliary Two - This is one of two secondary initiating switch input contacts (JP-10 is the other.) Use with any JP-1 ground to initiate operation.
4 • GND - Ground
5 • INV - IN Vestibule - Used for vestibule function. This contact must be connected to the JP-1-6 terminal from another unit to receive an initiating signal. Use this contact with any JP-1 ground.
6 • OUTV - Out Vestibule - Used for vestibule function - This contact must be connected to terminal JP-5 of another unit to send an initiating signal. Use this contact with any JP-1 ground.
7 • GND - Ground
8 • RFT - Toggle (Maintained Hold Open) This input can be used with any normally open switch. The first initiation of this contact will open door and hold it open. A second initiation of this contact will release and close the door. Use with any JP-1 ground.
9 • GND - Ground
10 • AUX2 - Auxiliary Two - Same as JP1-3 above.
11 • GND - Ground
12 • PDET - Presence Detector - Permits wiring of a sensor to prevent a closed door from opening or a door that is fully open from closing. Use with any JP-1 ground.
13 • GND - Ground
14 • AUX1 - Auxiliary One - Primary initiating switch contact. Initiates door power cycle. For vestibule function, the switch on the initiating side of door is connected to this terminal. Use with any JP-1 ground.

JP-4 Terminal:
(Output Controls) - electric strikes, latch retraction exit devices, mag locks, etc.

1 • GND - Ground
2 • +24VDC
3 • NO1 - Relay Contact - Normally open relay dry contact that is switched when any auxiliary inputs are initiated. Delay can be set for up to 12 seconds. Use with JP4-4 CO-1.
4 • CO1 - Relay Contact - Common relay contact for use with terminals JP4-3 and JP4-5.
5 • NC1 - Relay Contact - Normally closed relay contact that is switched when any auxiliary inputs are initiated. Delay can be set for up to 12 seconds. Use with JP4-4 CO1.
6 • NO2 - Alarm Delay - Normally open dry relay contact that is switched when any auxiliary inputs are initiated. The relay will stay switched for 30 or 60 seconds (selected by dip switch SW1-2 A/D).
7 • CO2 - Alarm Delay - Common contact for use with terminals JP4-6 and JP4-8.
8 • NC2 - Alarm Delay - Normally closed dry contact that is switched when any auxiliary inputs are initiated. The relay will stay switched for 30 or 60 seconds (selected by dip switch SW1-2 A/D).


• Power input to 2900 Series door opener must be 120 VAC (60Hz) to terminals HOT and COM at terminal strip T1. Terminal
GND is earth ground.
• All wiring must conform to standard wiring practice in accordance with national and local wiring codes.
• Note: Unless otherwise noted, all dimensions are given in inches (millimeters).
• Minimum frame face 2" (51mm).
• Minimum ceiling clearance 4-1/8” (104.8mm).
• Minimum suggested and required material thickness for hollow metal frames (skin plus reinforcement) is charted on page 3.
• For wiring refer to Wiring Instruction WI2900 (02-03).
• Hand of unit and hand of door must be the same. Hand of unit is not reversible.
• Door must be hung on 3/4" (19mm) pivots and floor closer. A separate door and frame preparation template will be supplied
for other conditions.
• Door thickness must be 1-3/4" (44mm) minimum.
• Door must swing freely through the entire opening and closing cycle before beginning the installation.
• Use of a supplemental door stop is always recommended.
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