Rixson 176

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Rixson 176 Center Hung Light Duty Pivot Set

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Rixson 176 Center Hung Light Duty Pivot Set
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5 - 626 - Satin Chrome
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Product Description:
Rixson Pivots
176 Center Hung Pivot Set
◊ Interior doors
◊ Weight up to 150 lbs
◊ Door Sizes up to 3'0" x 8'0"
◊ Door Thickness 1-3/8" to 1-3/4"
◊ Non - Handed


Pivot sets provide the best possible means of hanging a door. They are designed to work with the laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability.
The weight of the door is supported entirely by the bottom arm, which is directly connected to the pivot spindle. This hanging means provides several important advantages:
• Fasteners on the door and frame are in shear rather than tension (as with hinges) and are less likely to pull out overtime. This creates less stress on the frame assembly, prevents door sagging and allows the door to swing with less resistance from friction.
• A door supported in this manner relies on the strength of the floor to carry the weight, not the frame. This allows extremely heavy doors to be hung in an opening and allows door adjustment throughout the life of the building to compensate for settlement.


• Offset or center hung pivot sets are more attractive than alternative door hanging devices.
• Full floor-to-ceiling concealment is offered for center hung doors providing almost unlimited design flexibility.
• Extended spindles available to raise door above finished floor for complete concealment.
• Specification of heavy panels for door face with standard offset pivot preparation is available.
• Doors up to 1,750 pounds are accommodated, allowing all standard and heavy doors in a building to be hung by same hanging means.


• Full weight of door is borne by floor pivot, providing long pivot life and trouble-free operation.
• Screws are in shear in pivot-set installations and are less likely to pull out from tension–eliminates sagging doors.
• Vertical adjustment provides for field modifications to suit conditions

Safety & Security

• Models are available for labeled fire and lead-lined doors.
• Doors cannot be removed by vandals.
• Virtually concealed, pivots are not abuse or vandal prone.
• All offset pivots shall be UL10C compliant.


• Pivots provide longer life and more trouble-free operation than other door hanging means.
• Door and frame life is lengthened.

Suggested Specification

All pivots and/or pivot sets shall be the product of one manufacturer. Sets as noted in hardware groups shall be matching in design for both labeled fire doors, lead-lined doors and regular doors. Pivots for 20-minute fire doors shall be non-ferrous and match the finish of adjacent hardware. All pivot sets are required to meet ANSI grade one standard as listed in ANSI 156.4. Caps shall be hex type to increase security.

Product Description & Features

• Standard top pivot 320 included
• Bottom pivot mounts directly to concrete floor
• Pivot point centered in thickness of the door
• Door must have radius on pivot edge
• Not allowed for use on labeled doors and frames
• Furnished with wood and machine screws
• 3/8" vertical adjustment
• No spindle extensions available
• Finish: 626 - Satin Chrome

Technical Information

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