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"Hey Richard,
Everything good on this end, Corey was great in providing history and current quote. It's in the works on my end, you should be hearing from our buyers soon."
- Everett O. Richmond, KY

"Handled this with poise and grace as always Rich!" - Anthony F. YouTube

"PS thank you for having the parts list. I could have spent too much money than found out I purchased the wrong part. Thank you got it today. Thank you, thank you again for excellent service!!!" - Telesforo R. Towson, MD

"I WILL BE watching for updates. Thank you again for excellent service!" - Telesforo C. Towson, MD

"Hi Ron
My associate will be calling with payment today or tomorrow to get these items coming asap! As always, thank you for your amazing customer service and response. Best regards,"
- Jim A. Las Vegas, NV

"Hi Richard,
Thanks! The latch worked and how fun to see it immortalized in one of your videos. Funny thing I was playing around with the new latch and accidentally found the solution by turning the plate to rotate the body.
And yes I've been looking for a device to help hold the door open! You mentioned a Sauce? MDH. Would like to get more info on this product. (The screw and wire was a temporary thing when I was applying polyurethane to the door one year.) Great video. And the door works great once again. Originally, I had the lock installed in 2003 by a local locksmith in town. Appreciate your help! Fabulous"
- Anthony

"Afternoon Richard,
Attached is County of [removed] purchase order [removed]. Please let me know if you need anything else. You have been very helpful. Have a great weekend."
- Emlynn M. Erie, PA

"Mr. Howard, I appreciate your videos helps greatly to understand the products before ordering.
Thanks for making those!"
- George B.

"Good point I totally forgot that we will have to get through inspectors. I will get this order proceeding. Thank you for the follow up you probably just saved my bacon." - Marie P. Kansas City, MO

Thanks for your mail. I completed my order over phone w/ Cory. Thanks again for all the careful help I received today! Sincere,"
- RH P. Austin, MN

"Thanks for your excellent service! Order placed today via Paypal. Thanks," - Cliff D. Guelph, ON

"Richard that's it. Go ahead with the order. You're awesome as usual! Have a great day!" - Trevor C. Redwood City, CA

"That's because you are the best!! Thank you!! Have a great day!" - Helen P. Canton, GA

I received your email about the unit I purchased and just finished up installing it. It did fit and looks real nice. I just wanted to thank you for your continued support in helping me out I really did appreciate it. It is hard getting reliable customer service these days. Thanks again and have a great day! "
- Tom

"WOW! Thank you, Rich!
There's no better customer service than that! We will remember this in the future.
Have a good day!"
- Lynn H. Bothell , WA

"We did receive the material. I really appreciate the follow up. Heather also responded very quickly! She is a great asset for you guys. Thanks for the help and I am sure we will do more business in the future.
Please don't hesitate to call me at 970-644-2242 if you have any questions or comments. Thanks,"
Dave S. Grand Junction, CO

"I just wanted to say thank you! The parts arrived yesterday, far sooner than I was expecting, and I could not be more pleased. I haven't had time to install them yet, but I'm hoping to knock that out and have it all squared away this evening. I truly appreciate your advice, responsiveness, and rapid turnaround on my urgent order. Best," -
Alex P. Des Moines, IA

"Awesome, thank you so much. I received confirmation and have tracking info. Jessica took the payment over the phone yesterday. I told her that I dealt with you earlier in the day. You are all amazing there and again I thank you so much." - Hedy D. Brooklyn, NY

"We have received the two LCN4622 units you repaired for us with no issues - thank you for your quick turnaround time on these." - Don Holthaus Jones Lang LaSalle, Boise, ID

"Thank you for your quick response and follow up email. I don't see very many (well any actually) of our vendors who take the time to follow up with calls/emails so it is greatly appreciated. I hope the Holiday’s treated you well. " - Amanda L. Richmond, VA

"Good afternoon, my name is Tom. I'm from Portland, Oregon. I wanted to let Rich know how much that I am getting out of your YouTube page. The announcement of your locksmith series today has perfect timing for myself. I have been a service technician for a company that deals with ALL types of commercial doors for two and a half years.
I watch your videos at least once a day. I go back to your older videos for information. It has been very helpful to myself as I have so much to learn about the door field.
I just wanted to say thanks! "
- Tom M. Portland, OR

"Just wanted to give yall a huge thank you for working with me to order the latch guard I needed. I reached out to several hardware stores in my area and online. Some flat out would not assist me and others said they could help and explained the process of exactly what needed to be done to order the latch guard for me, but for whatever reason would not follow through. I was able to get the Don-Jo DLP 207, which is a newly released product, ordered from ABS. It was not listed on anybody's website and many were not willing to order it for me. But you did. I got it installed and it was exactly what I needed for my outswing door.
Thank you for your kindness and for treating me like a person. It really means a lot."
- T D Shreveport, LA

"Hello Rich!
I want to extend our thanks for your exceptional work during the past year. There are only a scant few vendors that we work with that are as reliable, informed and expeditious as you are. And your knowledge base and broad experience is second to none..
Many thanks again for all of your help! Seasons Greetings!"
- Jamie C. Danvers, MA

"Hello Mr. Howard!
I appreciate your cutting the shipping in half and yes, I agree, you have excellent customer service for an individual with a very small order. You have earned my business but cant think for what else at this moment but will try to come up with something! I logged in but I dont see where to complete the purchase. It looks like my order may have been placed but I am not sure. I will make a phone call to learn what I should do from here. Thank you kindly.
Merry Christmas and best wishes for a healthy, happy and prosperous 2022!
Best regards,"
- Kathy R. Prescott Valley, AZ

"Thank you sir for your awesome support. " - Trevor C. Redwood City, CA

"I apologize for taking so long to answer this. Originally I was waiting till the contractor installed the bar to make sure all was OK. He only took 3 days getting here but by then my husband was sick and we have spent the last several weeks doing MRI's, biopsies and doctor appointments. Needless to say all non-essential emails stayed unanswered.
Your company was wonderful to deal with. From the first telephone call to the replacement grab bar. The person I first spoke to took the time to explain the different bars and helped me decide what I needed. I did not feel like I was bothering them even though I was only ordering 4 bars. Again your company was so accommodating when I needed the replacement bar. The bar worked like a charm and I have to admit it was much better and neater. The weld on the first bar was so sloppy but the second one was much neater and more professional and the middle support was the correct length.
I am sorry but I don't do social media or leave reviews. I thought I would make an exception in your case because your company was so helpful but when I started I realized that my full name would appear and I just don't do that on the internet.
Thank you again and Best regards,"
- Jane C. Hilton Head Island SC

"I also wanted to say that it has been an absolute pleasure working with you, and I appreciate your patience with all the craziness. Thank you so much for everything you have taught me and for making me chuckle a few times along the way. You have a neat company and I am very grateful to have been able to work with you. I hope you have a great weekend and a fantastic holiday season!" - Helen O. Union City, GA

"Based on ABSupply's responsiveness, I will be definitely keeping your contact details on record for future requirements." - Anthony A. Norman's Cay, Bahamas

"I appreciate that Rich. Thank you for the great customer service on this order." - Rachel C. Hillsborough, NC

"Thank you Richard.
I think we are going to try to make use of a threshold we already have. If that doesn't work, we will order the 72" one. BTW, the reason I keep coming to ABS is because of the customer support and, importantly, your videos. Honestly, it is a model for how other companies should operate."
- Cody G. Ceres, CA

I believe we have it figured out as Tom mentioned it is taken care of at the moment. Thank you for your help and your expert advice. If we need something, we know where to reach out to."
- Cody G. Ceres, CA

"Good Morning Richard,
Your company has been such a god-send because you carry the PS873 that I keep burning through. I did finally manage to place my order."
- Jessie J. Phoenix, AZ

"Cory and AB Team,
Thanks for the fast shipment of these ½" pipes, we have received them earlier this week. Thank you for the help and quick turnaround. We will be in touch with our future needs."
- Josh C. - Impact Automation

"You have been a gentleman - thanks!" - Larry Boca Raton, FL

"Hi Richard! Excellent customer service!
I only held off because I thought I would try a Canadian supplier once more tomorrow. But since we are chatting I will ask about customs and import charges. I assume they will apply? Any idea how much? My local locksmith has been unable to find the correct cylinders so I have been looking. We have 11 of these Kaba locks installed but are missing 7 cylinders which got lost during construction. Keypads work though!! I will take the day tomorrow to source Canadian based suppliers (names given by Dormakaba) and if unsuccessful will be back to you.
Truly appreciate your follow-up. Regards,"
- Sheryl K. Toronto, Canada

"The motherload! I am going to enjoy my office work SO much more thanks to you! Really appreciate it! "
- Shannon S. Michigan

You were the highlight of my day!"
- Margaret N. Lynchburg, VA

"Hello Richard,
I appreciate your YouTube video about spring hinges. You are a wealth of information!"
- Vicki L. Summerfield, NC

"Thank you, thank you, thank you!" - Paul S. Lancaster, PA

"Hi Cory,
Thanks for your email. The shipment arrived on time and we were able to finish the job. We will surely be contacting you directly for future orders as our previous orders were not handled with such precision. We appreciate you're professionalism and look forward to working with you in the future. Best regards,"
- Michael B. Costa Mesa, CA

We received the shipment and everything appears to be correct. Thank you for the prompt service and delivery."
- Erik I. Madison, WI

"Thanks for the email. I had a good experience. The part came in correctly and you were very helpful. I will definitely use you again." - Chris N. Denning, WA

"Thank you Rich for your effort, that is a sign of a good salesman." - Mick P. Midland, MI

"Hello Jessica,
I want you to know how much I appreciated your patience and help selecting the threshold system. The quality and quantity of your assistance surpassed all of my internet procurement experiences of the past 15 years. Thank you,"
- Dan A.

Thanks so much for the follow up, we finally found another solution but we will definitely keep you in mind for future projects as we really appreciate the quality of your services."
- Clement L. Columbia, MD

"Hi Rich,
I just wanted to shoot you a message to say we received the custom door pull kits to replace our office closet hardware, and they installed perfectly! Such a load off my mind! Thank you so much for all your help in getting exactly what we needed. Many Thanks!"
- Venessa R. New York, NY

You are a sweetheart!!"
- Tanja S. Burbank, CA

"Hi Heather,
I received the replacement shipment, and it looks good! I dropped the return off at UPS on Wednesday. The tracking number is: 1Z6Y00510341278698.
Thanks for all your help, you really made sorting this out a breeze. Let me know if you need anything from me.
Otherwise, have a great holiday weekend!"
- Galyn A. Detroit, MI

"Hi Rich,
Good morning! Sorry for the late reply I found your emails in my spam folder but wow you went way above and beyond with the video and everything - super impressive!
I'm thinking this will work and even if it doesn't work on the doors in question it looks like a nice piece of hardware to look further into.
Please see attached PO and credit card authorization.
If you need anything else please let me know. Thanks again, I really appreciate your time, research, and help! Have a great weekend,"
- Matt D. Staten Island, NY

"Thank you Richard,
you have been extremely helpful - I wish I would have called you first."
- Randy G. Las Vegas, NV

Thank you so much for your assistance today. This was a small order and you stepped in were truly helpful.
Much appreciated! I did not realize that you were the owner of AB Supply. This truly speaks volumes as to the dedication and customer service that you must have throughout your company. I look forward to working with you in the future. Best regards,"
- Greg J. Cape Coral, FL

"Thanks very much for your quick action and great customer service Richard.
I'm sure that you are doing OK even in these weird times. Your customers must love you."
- Alec P. Brechin, ON

"Thank you!!! That was easy, I wish more companies were like you." - M. Estrada Holyoke, MA

"Hi Richard!
I placed an order for a set of the 7512's on Thursday evening. Y'all are so fast on your shipping that it is due to arrive here today! I'm really impressed with your company! And, kudos for all of your videos. I don't believe I would have found ABS were it not for the videos.
I'm retired and am always working on trying to improve "stuff" around our home. I'll keep the ABS site handy as one of the first places I'll look!!! Thanks for everything!!!"
- Bruce S. Northport, AL

I just wanted to say thank you for a video you put on YouTube a while ago showing how to fix a lever lock problem.
I buggered up my back door by putting a key in the outside when there was already a key in the inside and couldn't remove either key unless the door was locked. Aaaargh! But your video gave me good hints at how to fix it, so, thank you! Thought you'd like to know.:-)"
- Elizabeth, Cardiff, Wales

"Thank you for the fantastic customer service and touching bases with me." - Bryan A. Kadena AB, Japan

"Good morning Cory,
The order did arrive as advertised and everyone with AB was helpful. Thank you,"
- Bob W. Utica, NY

"Thanks Mr. Howard for this,
and for reaching out separately with your query as to not completing my purchase. I appreciate your focus on customer service...
I'm hopeful we'll be able to complete this small purchase to start off with however. I will also be sure to come back to your site when I'm looking for related items... Best regards,"
- Richard L. Canada

"You are the man, Rich! Thank you very much," - Jon L. Naples, FL

"Good morning,
I recently ordered the item below. Is there a trick in replacing it? The fit is very tight, should I use solvent or soap to help it along?
Pemko EV41GR Eco-V Bio-based 12 Replacement Vinyl
By the way, you have a great customer service staff."
- Mike M. The Villages, FL

"Thank you Richard,
I really appreciate the great customer service you provide to our companies."
- Joan P. West Allis, WI

"Mr. Howard,
Everything was outstanding, your call technician Jessica Smith has an outstanding technical knowledge of product. I have never experienced anyone having that level of knowledge of product. Very impressed. Now we wait for the architect."
- Rick G. Sunnybrook, PA

"This message is for Rich Howard,
We have an Adams Rite Dead Latch Paddle for our “main” door, which failed earlier today due to a bent interior spring. When I took it apart it kind of “exploded” with washer and springs going everywhere. I found a detailed video that you put together for the Adams Rite Latch and by watching it I was able to determine where everything should be located, and now our door is able to open, much to the happiness of our employees and the Fire Marshall. It looks like ABS has Chicago ties. I’m a 5th generation Chicagoan. We have a bent door frame, which we have been trying to get our Landlord to replace for years.
We will definitely keep ABS in mind if we can ever convince them to replace it. Thank you for taking time to put together the video. It was truly helpful. All the best, "
- John H. Wilmette, IL

I appreciate all the effort you put into this! As we did not hear from Stanley since your last email on March 2, I was growing concerned that we might be hitting a dead end, which turns out, was the case.
I will monitor my credit card transactions, looking for the refund, and will notify you once it posts.
Again... even though this part is no longer available, you did an excellent job of keeping me in the loop, the entire time. Thank you again for everything you tried to do in assisting me! Regards,"
- Sharon P. Danville, PA

"Thank you! I was able to get into order. I really appreciate your quick and kind assistance. Have a great day!" - Sharon P. Danville, PA

"Just wanted to thank you for your help with my order and your professionalism. All went well with install. I will keep you in mind for future orders." - Mike V. Commack, NY

"Richard Howard,
I passed the invoice to the owner they should be ordering soon. We heard about you guys from searching youtube on how to remove / repair door closers. GREAT video you posted. Was right to the point, explained in good detail. Keep posting videos and thank you."
- Joe R.

"I admit your company rocks!" - Felix C. Kansas City, MO

The second unit arrived, intact, has been installed, and is functioning perfectly. My thanks to you and everyone at ABSupply for your tremendous help in fixing this problem."
- Peter K. Scotland, MD

"I am really thankful for your diligence, if we win the project we will notify you." - Jean S. Puerto Rico

"Great info for someone still learning. I really appreciate how thorough and completely you dive into the products you sell, and your website is a great resource as well. Another video of yours gave me the nudge I needed to take the ALOA AFL course. Thanks so much." - Zach YouTube

You continue to go the extra mile for your customers!!! Thank you so much!
- Augie F. West Henrietta, NY

"Hey Rich,
Just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the youtube content you’ve put out over the years. Quite often I’ve found myself watching your videos to gain a better understanding of different building specialties products.
I certainly appreciate the product knowledge you offer and the time you take putting out the info.
Thanks and best of luck to you and your business!"
- Luke F. Baton Rouge, LA

"Thanks Richard. You are my new hero." - Rachel H.

"You have been EXTREMELY helpful, and an established price-point is invaluable." - Kalonji M. Homewood, IL

"You are an excellent YouTube content provider, sir. Thank you for being succinct yet thorough in delivering this information." - YouTuber Clinton Janssen

Everything in dealing with absupply was great. They helped select the right product and size, and shipping was timely. 10 of 10."
- Jim P. Ventura, CA

I'm all set with my product and installed it already. The reason I purchased from your company (first time buyer) is your customer service. I was able to make a call and have a rep answer my questions. The other reason are the videos of product reviews online. Massively helpful to see the products in a video to know how it works and verify functionality, etc. I will definitely purchase again when I have a need. Very appreciative,"
- Danno M. Washington DC

"I ran into enough road blocks of my own, I kinda got that feeling. HK Porter gone.
Thank you for being considerate and taking the time to respond, even with bad news. Good business communication is disappearing. Another lost art to the digital age and dumb-shit millennials."
- Roland M. Holland, IL

"Hi Heather,
I appreciate your response and following up with my order. I have received the order today and am quite happy that everything is as expected! I will be using your site in the future :) Thank you,"
- Jason B. Toronto, Canada

"You are truly a man that cares and is willing to help solve problems that is much appreciated."
- Andy L. New York, NY

"Yes, thanks. You are an excellent resource, will always refer to you and your products." - Daniel B.

"You really are THE BEST! Have a great day!" - Patti S. Palm Beach Gardens, FL

"Wow wish I could give more likes/upvotes." - Isabelle D. YouTube subscriber

"Thanks Cory for your time and cooperation! You're an awesome customer handler!" - Julian from chat

"Hi Rich,
I really appreciate you following up with me to let me know what happened regarding my earlier phone call with Cory. Your being candid about the misstep makes me feel that you are a responsible and trustworthy seller.
Even though I had to cancel this order with you I will keep ABS in mind for future projects. Cheers,"
- Owen W. Berkeley, CA

"Thank you for the video on this seal. It was very helpful in allowing me to identify the part correctly.
Have a great holiday season!"
- Julian S. Allendale, NJ

"See the attached picture for the hinges on the screen door. I just built from western red cedar. The old pine door was destroyed by termites. The hinges were exact replicas of the 50+ year old hinges. Sadly, the postal service too [sic] their sweet time with the package, but I was glad to see that they finally arrived... I will use FedEx next time.
I plan to visit your retail store in Naples, next time I go to the west coast. Thanks!"
- Merritt B. Miami, FL

"Hi Richard,
Sorry for the late reply, I'm frantically working to finish up a kitchen and two bathrooms for a new home that will be moved into before Christmas. The big push is on now that December is here.
I watched the YouTube video that you made showing the issue with the geometry regarding a 12" wide hinge as it opens. I fully understand this and I really appreciate that you care enough to go through the extra effort to make this demonstration. I love that you are detail oriented!
The photos that I sent you earlier are of the existing doors. I will be building two new doors swinging inward (these are the ones that the 12" hinges are for) with two new storm doors swinging outward (using existing exterior hinges) and these will all be installed on new jambs and casings. The entire old door unit is being replaced. I am building this as a pre-hung and pre-finished door unit in my shop where all the hardware will be tested before installing it at the job site. That way all of the potential issues will be worked out beforehand.
Thanks again for your attention to detail... Very much appreciated! All the best,"
- Rob R. Bluff Point, NY

"I don't know that anyone will ever see this review as it's such a random product regarding the Ilco Rebuilt 23 However, given my experience I would totally recommend them to restore any door closer. It looks and functions like new now. Please note that the pictures shown here are BEFORE it being restored. They even put a replica label on it so it looks like it came out of the box yesterday! Thanks, AB Supply!!!" - Tracy W. Memphis, TN

"Thank you SO much for that amazing effort! These handle sets allow us to fulfill the two largest orders we have ever received. So appreciative of your feedback in selecting a substitution for the LB-HS and then turning this massive order around in 2 weeks.
Please extend our gratitude to Terry, Anna, and Ian!"
- Eryn G. Brunswick, ME

"Amazing service, thank you." - Stephen M. New York, NY

"Thanks! I found three messages from ABSUPPLY in my Spam folder. You have been thorough and very helpful." - Felix C. Kansas City, MO

"Thank you Rich!
I have passed along the info. I know Johnny had mentioned that you guys were having an issue with them on pricing. I am not worried about it on our end since it was a one time rush thing, but I get that you need to stand up for yourself with folks too. Sometimes being able to send you guys things and know it is handled is more valuable to me than finding it the cheapest place possible (which you guys usually are anyway). This one particular project has been bonkers trying to finish up so the fact that they are delivering tomorrow takes a huge load off and I can check off one more box on my list. I appreciate you fighting for the best price, but if it’s too much of a headache, I’m not stressing it. Thanks for helping us get it handled!"
- Helen P. Union City, GA

Thank you for the expedient and accurate delivery. Received it before lunch, have installed the hardware, and is going out on a roof tomorrow. Should be a happy customer soon. Have a great day!"
- Larry T. Palm City, FL

"Hi Cory,
Thank you for reaching out. Foremost may I say that your company's professionalism and after sale care is exemplary. As a victim of a scam recently where we never received a product and was lied to repeatedly, your company's service, integrity and professionalism is very much appreciated..."
- Diana B. Kaneohe, HI

"Thank you Richard,
You are a tireless sales person for your company – a quality that I respect very much..."
- Martin F. Erie, PA

"The service was great and the product perfect for my needs! Greatly appreciated!" - Jeff L. San Rafael, CA

"Hey Johnny,
You rock. This was my way of finding out that the receiving guy quit and they didn't have anyone replace him for over a week."
- Helen P. Union City, GA

You are amazing. I would be happy to write to your manager to let them know how enjoyable it has been to work with you. You really stepped up especially when the incorrect finish was shipped."
- Michael K. Braselton, GA

"Just found your channel when searching for Folger Adams electric solenoid video. You're putting out very good and helpful content that is better than all of the manufacturer's even put out for their own products!" - Hascet YouTube

"These videos are so helpful sir! I like to leave it streaming while I listen and glance over when I want to see what you explaining on a particular product when I can’t be with my eyes on the screen 100% of the time. Great upload once again." - Romulo E. YouTube subscriber

"Faxed the quote and the payment agreement. I can not thank you enough for helping us with this process. You have been a lifesaver. Thank you!" - Todd W. Eagleville, CO

"Hi Anna,
Nice talking with you! Thank you so much for all the help! What a small world... your dad is AWESOME!! I've talked to him a lot over the past 4-5 years!
Have a great rest of your WARM day!:) Thank you,"
- Kris C. Soldotna, AK

"John, good to hear from you. I appreciate the notice, we've always dealt with Rich and he's always been as helpful as possible. We count on ABS to get us the hardware we need and when we need it and appreciate the relationship we've formed. As you know, in our business, a lot of the times we are re-inventing the wheel or saving the day with some hardware or whatever it may be, but it's ALWAYS needed in a pinch and ABS almost always comes thru for us! I'll be sure to send rapid quotes your direction in the future." - Aric K. Palatine, IL

"On my Ultra Hardware 60857, my top portion was mounted on the wall too low, and wasn't allowing the door to float upward, so it felt too snug and I wasn't sure why. Your video helped me fix it right away. Thanks!!" - Heidi S. YouTube

"Yes, we did receive the spade bits today. Everything came in perfectly and much quicker than expected. Cory was great help in getting the product we needed and processing our order. Thank you," - Vianney S. South Tucson, AZ

This client made it a point to tell me more than once that he went with our company because of your knowledge and YouTube videos. He said that you have helped him fix many things around his home and even more so, helped him identify all of the parts he needed with your expertise. He wanted you to know that he has been an Amazon shopper for quite some time but anything that he can get from you, he does. That is awesome!"
- Jamie T. Memphis, TN

"Your videos are valuable. They certainly help your business. I know I have made my decision twice now due to that information and guidance. Thank you," - Marcus H. Dalton, GA

"Thank you, Rich! You've been terrific!!!!" - Alan B. Deerfield, IL

"Hello Richard,
That may be the most helpful information that anyone has given me in my quest. Thank you very much. Have a great day,"
- Tam D. Yakima, WA

"Thanks Rich. I LOVE YOUR COMPANY." - Michael S. London, UK

we have a wrong sill on the quote. It's 158, not 171. Please double-check and replace it. And thank you for the outstanding customer service!"
- Christina S. San Diego, CA 92109

"Phenomenal! Turns out, those are the exact dimensions I needed. Granted, it's only one tiny door holder, that I just ordered from your company... but that level of customer service will keep me coming back for more. Thank you! Happy 4th!" - Tyson B. Scottsdale, AZ

"Thanks Jessica,
you were great to work with. Please share this with your boss. I used to manage a customer service group and you are a person who gets the job done. Nice work."
- Barbara K. Ludington, MI

"Ah, thank you. Always great to speak to an expert! I should have someone around tomorrow to help with taking the door down." - Kelly M. New York, NY

Thank you for checking with me regarding satisfaction for my order. When it comes to items that you supply, I will look to you first. The sales person was very helpful when I order the hinges, I did miss that these would have to be ordered from Hager, but when I inquired about the hinges not arriving, your company was prompt with getting back to me. I have one side installed, the door we use all the time. This swing is much better now."
Lee K. Schenectady, NY

"Absolutely! I am sure we will be in need of your services in the future since we have several buildings and several types of closers. You have been very accommodating and helpful. I shall definitely contact you again for all of our parts needs. I will call after emailing you in the future so we can streamline our needs efficiently. Thank you! Regards," - Mark S. San Antonio, TX

"Thanks Corey,
It was a pleasure working with you and I will absolutely use you again. Have a nice evening. "
- Chris L. Oak Park, IL

"Thank you for digging into this for us. In 20 minutes you found something that a couple guys in our engineering department spent a lot longer trying to find." - Helen P. Union City, GA

"You are the best!! That is why you are my go-to guys. Engineering was thinking we were going to have something custom made when they couldn't find anything. I ran it by them yesterday and they believe that will work for what we need. They are still in the drawing stages so this is the hardware they will spec for these and I will order them as soon as we are released to purchase hardware. Thank you so much for your help! If we can get them to follow this kind of process, hopefully it will make things easier from day one instead of scrambling to make some kind of hardware work later. Thanks!!" - Helen P. Union City, GA

"From client
To explain, I paid ABS in advance for these items. When they were shipped the first time from National Guard Products, they were bent in half by the time the UPS driver delivered them to me, so I refused delivery, the driver agreed, and UPS returned them to you, and supposedly opened up a claim for damaged goods. Because I never received replacements, I contacted ABS, and ABS initiated another order to replace the parts, which NGP eventually shipped to me. This time the box was reinforced with stiffeners (as it should have been the first time), and the items arrived in good shape.
So from my viewpoint, I have paid for and received everything successfully, and the items have been installed. Any remaining payment issues are between ABS and NGP and UPS to settle. I believe that UPS should be responsible for paying to replace the items damaged in shipment, although NGP could have avoided this with better packaging the first time. Thanks.
And by the way, ABS was very helpful in all of this, so I don't have any problem with ABS, and would recommend them to anyone."
- Bob C. Clarksboro, NJ

"I certainly appreciate your candor regarding this situation and greatly appreciate the concern you obviously have for your customers. I'm always looking for support wherever it can be found, and look forward to furthering our partnership." - John K. Grants Pass, OR

"Wow, I am not kidding you. Your firm has the absolute best customer service. Kudos to you and your team. I work in Oak Park and live in Berwyn. I greatly appreciate any help we can get on these. I need to double thermal break because it is supposed to be under the door per our architect and the wide 8-3/8" threshold only makes that happen by having one of the thermal breaks closer to the edge than the middle. We need two of them at about 39", so I ordered the 48' ones. If you have a longer one that I can cut into two pieces then it would work as well. The main sticking points for us are the 8-3/8" width and trying to keep that thermal break closer to one side." - Chris L. Oak Park, IL

"Hi Richard,
Thanks again for all your help. Sorry to be so dumb on this. You are really great to take this time and I sincerely appreciate it."
- Barry E.

"That makes sense. Thank you for hopping on it so quickly, as always. It sounds redundant since you always take care of us so quickly but I want you to know that it is never not noticed.?? You rock!!" - Helen P. Union City, GA

"You rock, let me know about the leading time." - Trevor C. Redwood City, CA

"Richard you are awesome! Thank you for the response. I will get back to you with a quantity of the parts." -
Anthony J. Raeford, NC

"Thanks for the prompt service! Always a pleasure." - Paul G. Little Rock, AR

Thank you for looking into this. For the specific door we need this rim cylinder for, we can go with the 5-pin cylinder. We do want to keep with the satin bronze finish here. In other doors the 6th pin is more important than here.
I must say that your attention to detail is most welcome. Thank you again."
- Jim E. Camp Hill, PA

"Thanks, Richard – It’s refreshing to speak to someone who knows his business.
Do you sell the Soss #218 in satin chrome concealed hinges as well? Thanks,"
- David P. Ayer, MA

"Rich, you may not recall me, but you took a call on a weekend back in March and helped me figure out which Bommer spring pivot to buy to replace a broken Stanley one which I think had been in our house since 1977 when it was built. You also helped me figure out the tolerances to make sure the new part would work smoothly. It took me a while to get around to the project, but I finally got to it yesterday. Finished work attached. I wanted to thank you for your help. It’s nice to buy from someone who cares about the product and is so generous with their time. I wish I had more I needed to buy from you.
One question — I neglected to cut in the 1-1/2" groove (1/2" wide, 1/8" deep) because I didn’t appreciate its importance until I went back and saw your video again. How critical is that groove? The door seems to operate fine without it. Is it just to that pin that slides doesn’t rub on the wood? Or does that pin somehow protrude above the top surface of the mechanism at some point, maybe when the door is in hold open?
Anyway, thanks again for your help!"
- Eric L. Milwaukee, WI

Thank you for the follow-up and reply. Much appreciated. And great customer service that is rarely seen these days.................."
- Larry B. Milton, GA

"Thank you so much for your prompt response and order confirmation. You're an absolute gem, Richard!"
- Abigail P. Loves Park, IL

"Thank you for the update. Let's just cancel the order. I appreciate how easy it's been to work with you all.
I'll definitely keep you in mind for future orders."
- Ed S. Tulsa, OK

"Hi Richard,
I had all of our staff looking and we found some from a different supplier. Thank you for the follow up.
I appreciate the great customer service."
- Travis F. Grand Forks, ND

"Thank you!!
I want to reiterate how much I appreciate your help and you jumping through the hoops on this one with me. I know I can always come to you guys when I need special help (as well as just the regular orders) and you keep my sanity quite a bit more in tact than it would be if I was trying to figure this stuff out on my own.
I hope you have a fantastic Friday and a great weekend! Have a great day!"
- Helen P. Union City, GA

I just wanted to give you a shoutout for your AWESOME YouTube channel. I’ve been fascinated by architectural hardware since before my time in the Interior design program at FSU. Your videos have been extremely helpful and practical for a few projects I’ve worked on, including at my church, where we are upgrading the older buildings on our property to a Corbin Russwin master key system (to match main building, which was built in 1998 with the old Grade one CR levers). We are using primarily Schlage ND levers, and some AL for lesser used doors, and Ilco cylinders to work with our master keying. We have a few Kaba keypad lever locks which I’ve installed as well. What’s particularly funny is that I believe you were the supplier that one of our sister churches used a few years back (Vanderbilt Presbyterian of Naples). Anyway, keep up the good work, and I’ll keep learning new things about this great industry!"
- Matt from Melbourne

"Thank you, Heather. We agree and accept the terms. You went above and beyond!" - William O. New Rochelle, NY

"Thank you Richard for coming through and making a difference." - Eran O. Little Neck, NY

"Thank you for that. I feel better living in a world with you in it and almost every day somehow it feels like you are making a difference. I am glad to have found you." - Eran O. Little Neck, NY

"You are exceptional, wish I knew you. Thanks," - Jeffrey W. Fayetteville, NY

"Hi Richard,
I just wanted to say thank you. The keys arrived today and I took them over to the church and tried a couple of them and they worked just wonderfully, better than the original. Again, thank you so much for your assistance in what the locals could not do around here."
- Peter M. Bridgton, ME

"Thanks for the proactive update. If it does ship in 4-6 weeks, that will about 4-6 weeks earlier than I expect it to! Given the situation, I'll take whatever I can get. But most of all, thank you for being proactive. That kind of attention to detail and service really sets y'all apart." - Danny M. Alpharetta, GA

I am over the moon with the results so much so that I have the other two closures from the building in my car ready to be packaged and mailed to you. I took pictures of the closure and send them to the Owner who was equally pleased. I am wondering do you come across other older parts such as light fixtures? I am looking for an end cap on a fluorescent light fixture - art deco style. This building had 4 original light fixtures. To have this part manufactured would be thousands of dollars so I am on a salvage hunt. Should I figure the other 2 closures to be the same price? Please let me know. Gratefully yours,"
- Nicolette K. New Rochelle, NY

Thanks for the video. I appreciate the exceptional customer service you and Johnny have provided. Have a nice weekend."
- Todd K. Burr Ridge, IL

I wanted to thank you for your time, effort and patience in getting this order together. Greatly appreciated. Have a wonderful evening,"
- Janice F. Madison, WI

"No Ron, but I Thank You for your help and concern. I'm waiting to hear back fro ProVia doors. Masonite Co. told me it looked like a ProVia door. I found a ProVia french door and measured the hinges. They were four inch ball bearing hinges like the door I have on the front of the house. I have not found any other company that uses 4" hinges in this area; most are 4-1/2" or larger. Again I wish to thank you. Your concern to customers and potential customers is an asset to the company." - Dan H.

"Hi Rich,
Thanks a bunch for the video and measurements, I greatly appreciate it! Looks like it will work perfectly for my vise, so I've gone ahead and put the order through - I'm having it shipped to the border for pickup so no need to bother with getting a Canadian shipping quote for me. Thanks again for the exemplary customer service!"
- Trevor

"Hi Rich,
I keep forgetting to send you an email! Last year I actually completed this project and the hinges work *great*! Here's an imgur album I made for it: https://imgur.com/a/j2mschd
I may end up posting to /r/DIY on reddit, but for now, too lazy :-)
Anyway, wanted to say thanks for encouraging me to do it! And I learned a *TON* about working with metal and welding and such (I've since added a bunch of metal working tools to my workshop: a Lincoln Electric stick welder, a HF bandsaw, a 7x14 mini lathe, sandblasting cabinet, floor drill press, to name a few). Cheers! :-)"

- Jason S. Leander, TX

"Dear Mr. Howard,
I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you very much for all of your help on our projects. Your dedication to detail and superior hardware expertise is very much appreciated. We look forward to working with you again on future projects. Best regards,"
- Rick S. Springfield, IL

"Thank you, you did a great job. We are working on sending it to our customer for review. We don't know how long it would take before we know if we won the contract. In the event of an award, the award will be made to the offer or which, in [removed] opinion, submits the best overall offer." - Kent M. Norfolk, VA

"Hey Richard,
Just wanted to say your videos rule and I love how much work you put into your YouTube channel. I am a commercial door supplier and constantly find myself learning a lot from them. Keep it up!"
- Ryan D. YouTube subscriber

"I appreciate all of your help and recommendations. I have purchased from the link and now waiting on the delivery so I can enjoy locking and unlocking my sliding door from the outside. Thank you for your assistance," - Jonathan L. Burbank, CA

Thank you for your help in correcting this order. Your customer service is second to none!"
- Christy W. El Paso, TX

The lock arrived. I installed it and it works like a charm. Thank you for your help.
Happy New Year!"
- Jim S. Alamo, CA

"Love your YouTube videos by the way! Looks like you dedicated a lot of time doing those. Thanks," -
Nathan S. Northlake, TX

"Hi Rich,
I think the weatherstrip is perfect. Thanks for your help. In today's internet world, who goes above and beyond with their sales as you do? No one. I will pass your company info to others I know. Thanks,"
- Greg C. Santa Rosa Valley, CA

"Hi Johnny,
Thank you for following up. I sincerely appreciate the response your firm provided in replying to my request. In this case, the quote your firm provided was an alternate seal vs than the manufacturer I had specified system (due to a lack of response from the manufacturer). In my case, since I am working to accommodate existing conditions for a retrofit, the door seal needed to match exactly with the existing frame and seal. Due to the complexity of matching the existing, I decided to replace the entire frame and utilize a standard seal assembly.
Thanks again for following up. Great customer service. Best wishes to you for the holidays. Regards,"
- Larry L. King County, WA

"Thank you Jamie! We greatly appreciate it. I hope this will work for what we need. You guys are the best!"
- Helen P. Union City, GA

"I knew I was right about you Richard. Thanks for your hard work, I'll get with my customer and get back to you." -
Darold H. Little Rock, AK

"Hi Richard,
Thank you for your stellar work. The lock is exactly what we are looking for. As far as ordering our bunch, I’m budgeted out till the new year. Then we will order at least 100. Happy holidays,"
- Nicholas D. Richmond, CA

Just thought I'd let you know I decided to order the BM8X8CH shower door handle set from you because of the informative video on the product. I wanted a handle that was of decent quality that wouldn't break the bank and I think this will fill the bill nicely. Seems to be a well thought out item - especially the angled set screw location.
I was going to buy from another online vendor and would've saved a few dollars, but the video changed my mind. Well done."
- Lee S. Wichita Falls, TX

Wow you guys are good. I appreciate that. What other magic tricks do you have up your sleeve."
- Blake W. San Francisco, CA

Thanks so much for your help. We had those type of clamps and didn't realize the glass company didn't drill the holes in the glass. No wonder the clamps didn't work. About an inch space between the wall and glass. We ordered a track for the wall and will get it later this week. Thank you so much for all your help. Your company has a great employee who is pleasant, hard working, doesn't give up and follows through. You deserve a raise! Happy customer,"
- Jackie W.

"Hi Cory,
Just writing to be sure I thanked you for your help on the Bommer hinges, solved my problem. Thanks,"
- Jay P. Phoenix, AZ

"I need a replacement spring for our front door Segal lock. Googled and found @absupply carries three different ones. Used live chat to ask which one I needed and THEY DISMANTLED A LOCK to make sure they steered me to the right one. I have happily given them my money. " - Mike C. from Twitter (Transcripts)

"Perfect. Thanks a million! You guys are miracle workers, I swear." - Helen P. Union City, GA

"This is amazing news. Thank you so much for your excellent customer service and getting this ready by the date I needed it. I look forward to doing more work with you in future! Again, I can't thank you enough." - Collin B. Rancho Cucamonga, CA

"Hello Richard,
I never had the chance to personally reply to this email, but I was using the search engine on the email to find something and saw this. I wanted to congratulate you on your hands on method. From customer service, to the many videos of yours that I’ve watched on youtube, I can see the level of care and determination when it comes to this field. I recently placed an order and look forward to purchasing more parts from you in the future. Thank you,"

- Roberto G. Puerto Rico

"Thank you for getting back to me and your company's help. I will order all items needed in the Quote and keep you all in mind for the future. I will put your company's name out in there in the fleet so they will know where to find these particular items for extinguishers. Thanks again and have a good day." - Jerry L. US Navy

"Sounds good! You have been great through this. Thanks," - Chris R. New Cumberland, WV

"Jaime: No worry, you guys have been very helpful with my order. Provided suggestions, follow ups... really first class service. Thank you!" - Anthony T. Hayward, CA

"Hi Johnny,
If awarded this project, I will most likely buy this hardware through your company. I recently just used ABSupply.net for the first time on another project and was very impressed with how easy ordering and shipment went. I received all hardware in a timely fashion and received updates on my order frequently. I will keep you updated with this quote as more information becomes available. Thank you,"
- Bobby B. Elysburg, PA

"This was turned into an order. Order/Invoice 13081 and am waiting for its arrival. Everyone at ABS is always helpful and a pleasure to do business with. Thank you so much. " - Johnny H. Crestview, FL

"THANK YOU SO MUCH, MISS JAMIE! You are a Godsend!" - Rubén G. San Antonio, TX

"You guys are the best service, no really, I mean that. Richard Howard... Amazingly helpful and fast. Nothing else to be done on your end. Now its up to me to work it out. Thank you." - Warren L. Mill Valley, CA

"Hi Johnny,
I have to say I have had nothing but excellent service through your company, and I thank you! I am just waiting to hear back from our customer who had requested a quote on these items. Thank you,"
- Tracy S. Manitoba, Canada

Thank you for your follow up. I was in search of a supplier/manufacturer who could produce the door, as the supplier who bid on the project wasn’t able to produce it per the drawings – turns out they can just at a price they didn’t like. Ultimately though, they will stay in contract and pay the price. Thank you for your help and great customer service. I will keep your info for future reference. Thanks again,"
- Rochelle H. Louisville, KY

"Hi Richard,
Picked up the package today and I am very pleased. It has been a pleasure to deal with you. Perhaps I will contact you again if you can provide what I need. Thanks again, "
- Baker J. Pincher Creek, AB

You do this type stuff very well. Just for your info, if you ever wondered what the flat disc is in the tailpiece pack, it is to slip over the tailpiece and rest against the screw cap to space the cylinder forward in the knob/lever when needed to take out the excess play.
I enjoyed and appreciate the length of trouble you have gone through to answer this question for everyone, including me. Thank you so much for your diligence.
Have a good one. Let me know if you ever need me to send you anything."
- Thomas P. Charlotte, NC

"Thank you very much. Especially for your responsiveness!" - Jamie O. Astoria, NY

"Awesome experience at ABsupply. Made two phone calls and got the exact replacement lockset that I needed for my 32 year old boat door!!! It fit perfectly like the old one and works like a charm!!!" - Doug M. Bransford, CT

"Thank You Richard for the good service." - Thomas F. Greendale, WI

"THANK YOU for the EXCELLENT service. As a business owner/operator it is greatly appreciated and helpful." - Rick H. Greenville, SC

Thanks for the hinges, they were perfect fit!!! When I took the hinges off, the stamp of the brand was on the inside. They are stamped "Roman". Gosh it was so darn easy I can't believe it. Thanks for all your help, you were excellent in picking these for me. Hugs and blessings,"
- Larry Z. Cheraw, SC

"Thank you Jessica for all of your help regarding this order. You really went above and beyond to make sure that we got everything we needed and we finally did. We are completely satisfied with you and your company and will make sure we order again in the future from you. Truly appreciate the extra effort you took to make sure we were satisfied customers and we will not forget it anytime soon. Thanks again and have a great 4th." - Danielle B. Hicksville, NY

"Hi Rich,
Thank you for your email. I apologize for the delay in responding to you. Things here have been kind of crazy. We did receive our order and the two covers have been installed. These are exactly what we were looking for. I plan to follow-up with an order for 7 more to cover the remaining fire alarms at church.
We will certainly keep Architectural Builders Supply in mind for our future needs. Regards,"
- Dale M. Trustee, Perinton Community Church

Just received my part today... WOW that was fast. Thanks so much for your support, prompt service and fast shipment. We will be ordering from ABS again. Have great Day!"
- Paul G. @ Arkansas Childrens Hospital

"Hi Rich,
The key blanks arrived on St. Croix the next day. Everything looks great. Thanks so much for your help and awesome service. Best regards,"
- Wendel F. Christainstead VI

"Gosh Cory ... I haven't heard anything back showing that I was awarded the bid ... I know that the fiscal year for California ends on 06/30/19 ... they may have decided to wait until the new fiscal year begins on 07/01/19 ... either way ... you have been a tremendous help with all this back and forth! If I am awarded the bid after the 1st of July ... I will let you know!" - Patty B. Arroyo Grande, CA

The door has been installed and is working properly. Thanks for your attention to detail and your effort."

- Brian W. Albuquerque, NM

"Just to give you some feedback on this order. The parts worked exceedingly well in our effort to rehab the roof hatch. We had to make some new holes to attach the pieces, and that was very straight forward. Thank you very much for your help!" - Arnold T. Newton, MA

Thank you SO much for your help with this small order. I am very grateful for your kindness in setting this up for us to pick up the part. You went way beyond being helpful. :) Have a good evening. Sincerely,"

- Dale K. South Barrington, IL

"Heather - thank you sooooo much. I wasted so much time actually going to places around me looking for that plate ??! I did a google search finally and found you guys - so I really appreciate you taking the time to ensure I get it delivered quickly and at an affordable cost. I won't hesitate to recommend your company to anyone looking for the products you have available. Thank you again! ???? Be safe," - Jean W. Philadelphia PA

"Great Richard! I’m so glad I asked and am thankful you had me send a photo. Fantastic customer service like yours will for sure make me come back. Thank you for your time and solving my problem!" - Danielle P. Ada MI

"Hi Richard,
THANK YOU SO MUCH! I just placed an order with one of your colleagues by telephone, since you were not available. Funny, your colleague used to sell fire department apparatus to the Fire Dept. that my husband just retired from. Small world! Again, your diligence means all the world to me. Have a great day."
- Renee E. Redlands CA

"Got it installed and it fit perfectly. Thank you so much for your prompt attention to detail." - Ricky R. Boaz AL

"Good morning Rich,
That was literally one of the most thorough responses to a question that I have ever received. That definitely answers my question. Thanks for your expertise and professionalism. Regards,"
- Jerome S. King Fence
Inglewood CA

"Thank you!! Great videos btw. Very informative." - Andrew R. Tower PM

"Thanks for your follow up Richard. I have informed David Cundari @ Accurate of your helpfulness and professionalism. I would be glad to inform the folks @ ABSupply the same. Thanks again." - David R. University of Wisconsin @ Madison

"Hi Jessica,
Thank you for getting back to me on this. I understand that things like this can happen ( I've had a heck of a time finding this part!... and it's not an order that will change anyone's bottom line!). Anyway, I'd like to pursue the Zero product from Legacy in the interest of time. Please let me know the exact cost I'll be looking at, and let me know what I need to do to get things expedited. Your attention to my little order has gone a long way to impress me with your company and your quality of service. Sincerely,"
- Ray K. Elyria OH

"Jessica, you are great!!. Thank you very much," - Christy E. Hainesport Board of Education

"Everything was great! Thank you so much for the super fast shipping! Your check will go out on January 29th!" - Christy E. Hainesport Board of Education

"Thanks for your help. The order is going through our purchasing dept. I keep my fingers crossed! Thanks again for your professional service. Still laughing about the "Welcome back Kotter" - David R. U of W Madison

"Yes, the package arrived yesterday afternoon. Everything appears to be in order and the part is exactly what I needed. Thank you for the follow-up and thank you for taking the time to source this for me!" - Joel I. Coral Springs FL

"It is really nice to talk with someone who seems to truly know the door business. Thanks and look forward to doing more business." - Gordy D. Catamount East Dev. Co.

"Yes, I did in fact receive it and it was exactly as described. Your customer service is over and above what I could expect. You have gained a customer life. Thanks again," - Malik R. Upper Marlboro MD

I think we're good as of now. There may be another question or two down the road. I personally am impressed with your knowledge of our problem and have passed on my confidence in AB Supply. Thanks again,"
- Jim B.

"Hello Richard,
As I was purging emails, I realized I failed to respond to yours. I apologize. We did receive the correct piece, quite some time ago. My husband has successfully installed the push/pull handle. It looks beautiful and functions fabulously! I appreciate all of the personalized help you provided to help create our dream design.:) Hope you had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!"
- Lindsay K. Ocala FL

Cory helped me out on the chat feature, and was a phenomenal help. Truly a wonderful experience and I hope they are recognized for their excellent work. Thank you,"
- Michael Weiland Mission City Construction

"The installation went well yesterday and the customer is pleased with the door bottom. Moreover, it was the first night in months that they did not have air leaking under the front door. I will bookmark you as a vendor if I have future needs. Thank you for the close customer service." - Robert S. Raleigh NC

Working with you has been the best experience and your attention to follow up is admirable. I did not win the bid but I will be using you and hopefully I haven’t been too much trouble to work with. Thank you again. Best regards,"
- Eddie C. Elk Grove Village IL

"Good Morning Richard,
Yes, everything has arrived - thanks for all your help. I’ve already added AB Supply to our Vendor List and plan on utilizing your services frequently in the future. Thanks again,"
- Peter W. Charlotte NC

"Hi Ron,
All is well on this end. I appreciate all of your help with Adams Rite. I'm very pleased with your company, you, and my order. You'll always be my first choice when I order locks. Thanks!"
- Randy H. Mount Sinai NY

Thank you for checking in, I just confirmed we are going to try a different route this time. I appreciate your help and will keep your contact information as we have several of this style of door and the service was professional."
Kirk N. Amarillo TX

"Installing tomorrow. Thanks, you are great." - Ray A. Edgartown MA

They changed their minds & went with regular cylinders in an 'E' keyway which I already had on hand. I thank you for the quote & will contact you on future orders. Service as always was exceptional."
- Rich B. San Francisco CA

"Looks great, I just opened the box. Going to work perfect. Had to redo my door as it was too heavy and kept breaking hinges. Redoing door back plate to aluminum now which will fix the issue. Thanks for your help in finding the right solution. " - Mark W. Dallas TX

"Richard is awesome." - Keri J. Sanford FL

"Thank you Rich. Appreciate your follow-up, you guys have been very responsive and that is truly hard to find when buying online. Thanks again and have a great day." - Ron D. Irvine CA

"Thanks for everything, it fit perfectly. Great company, great service." - Mohan V. Somerville MA

"Will do. Thank you very much for your help with this issue. If we need any other parts for the building in the future I will surely reach out.
Also, we present the largest street festival in NYC and it is tomorrow. It is one time every year. If you are ever in NYC at the end of September, please come to visit our event
www.atlanticave.org. Kind regards," - Tammy B. @ AALDC New York NY

"Thanks for the info. I have 2 fire trucks that are getting ready to go into no longer in service full retirement that have Badgers on them. I will be getting one of those. I know what manufacturer not to buy though. You guys have been a great help, thanks.
I will definitely keep you guys in mind when we decide to get new extinguishers."
- Jerry C.

"We received it, awesome service, thanks!" - Vonny N. Montgomery AL

"Everything was great! I loved the customer service. I will definitely buy again. Thank you!" - Toni C. Oxford PA

"Yes, it arrived and it looks great. We will be installing in our customers door early in the next week. I appreciate all your help and knowledge. I certainly will continue business with you. We are a wholesale manufacture of high end wood flooring, molding, doors and architectural millwork. We value our business relationships with our vendors.
I was glad to find your company and expect to be doing a good bit of business with you. Thank You,"
- Dan R. Hanover PA

"Hi Cory,
I placed my order online a little while ago. Seemed like everything went smoothly. Please let me know when it ships so I can rest easy. Thanks so much again for all your help! You da Best, Fire Guy! Sincerely,"
- Nan S. Waipahu HI

Thank you again endlessly for your willingness and your responsiveness. This thing has just been a pain in my side. Turns out, it was the fact that I was using buttons that had lamps in them. I'm still not sure why. But, responding back to me so many times and then on the weekend! Thank you again! "
- Roger T.

"Thank you for being a stand up business person. You always follow up. " - Eric B.

"All good on this end now...
I sincerely thank you for your jumping in and responding so incredibly... thank you thank you thank you! "

- Dan M. Red Horse Pivot Door Co.

"Ms. Roxanne,
Got the order. Perfect. I so appreciate a company like yours, that still knows; IT IS PEOPLE, that make things work. "
- John M. Collierville TN

"Hi Heather,
This is exactly what I need. I tried to order online, but your ordering system didn't seem to like my password choices. What are the password rules?
Thank you very much for all of the time you spent helping me this morning, and the promptness with which you called me back, after calling others on my behalf! You were always very friendly and cheerful (and on a Monday morning!), while also remaining completely professional. Your superb, and extremely rare, attitude is the reason why I will become a loyal AB Supply customer, and tell everyone to look to your company first. Best wishes,"
- John S. Montgomery AL

"Your instructional videos are invaluable! I just wanted to send you a huge thank you!!" - Janice W. @ Allegion (exit device division)

"All is good I am very happy with the service! I will do business with you. Again thank you." - Phil F. Tampa FL

"Thanks Rich. He was able to figure it out for now. But I will keep in touch if I need any further help. You are sooo helpful. Thank you." - Michael A. New Windsor NY

"Dear friend, Richard,
I was just loathe to have to pay the freight to and from Panama along with duty, so-o-o-o-o-o I decided to give it a try one more time (if at first you don't succeed, use a bigger hammer). I actually got the dust cover off and with your more detailed instructions, I was able to get the job done. I will still write a glowing review for you. Thank you so very much for all your kindness."
- Diane Y. Architectural Designer Republic of Panama

"If I was a professional, who would purchase home construction products, I would definitely give you the opportunity to help me with my building needs. Thanks again." - Doug

You did a lot of research to locate an obscure 30-cent item - that I can’t live without - and I much appreciate that effort. As it happens a local locksmith I work with was able to order it for me and tells me to expect it in a few days. This is probably the first email I’ve ever sent to a vendor I “met” on the internet. That’s because you’re the first to bring a human touch to the impersonal buy & sell process, and I appreciate it very much. Sincerely,"

- Joe D. McLean VA

"Good Morning Richard,
We have quoted the table and now we wait to see if the except our proposal. We have also submitted the drawing of the hinge to the designer to make sure this is expectable to him, he spoke with Danny and mentioned doing a 'slide out' technique rather then a drop down... Thank you SO much for all of your assistance not just with this hinge but the YouTube videos we have watched :) Have a safe happy 4th of July. King Regards,"
- Adrienne H. & James C. Miami FL

Thanks for the response and great Customer Service, hard to find these days."
- Robert G. Washington

"Hey guys! Cory – Johnny – Richard
You rock – each of you! THANK YOU... so they arrived a little while ago, and my guy is already here to get them to the airport... in fact, they arrived while the FAA Inspectors were on project starting their inspection... so TIMING was perfect!
Much appreciated for all of your help... until the next time! Nicely executed!!"
- Marietta B. Chicago, Il.

"Hello Richard,
Products arrived, all correct and in good time. Thank you for the excellent service."
- Graeme A. New Zealand

"Dear Mr. Howard,
I just received DORMA bolts and now our doors are perfectly fixed!
Thank you so much for the awesome service!"
- Ai S. Japan

"I think you have stellar customer service, especially in this day and age and will continue to impress. I really
appreciate companies/people who have their s*** together. Had to be said. Thank you for the breath of fresh air."
Mark P. Palm Beach FL

Just wanted to say thank you for the ldh100 DM clip, you did a very good job explaining how it works and were to use this end cap. Thank you."
- Indiana State University

"Richard Howard,
Please see my contact information below. Again, it was great to speak to you. You are a wealth of information my friend! Thanks,"
- Dannie B.

"Awesome. I recently I’m experiencing a very hard time dealing with vendors. Everybody: are getting back to me in the few mean I have to call them back and wait sometimes few DAYS to get in touch and do the business. You did it professional, quick and easy. I appreciated Your service. Thank you. Best regards," - Wojtek W.

"We received the keys yesterday afternoon. They all work great! I very much appreciate your customer service, you quick turnaround, and the quality of the product. I'll be sending more business your way. Thank you!" - Texas A&M University

I received the door sweep today. Just in time for the next steps of my project. Thanks for handling this order and for your courtesy."
- Bob P.

"Hello Richard,
Attached is a picture of the circuit board within the maglock. Our technician has wired it directly, bypassing the relay board. Thank you for your honesty, time and providing the wiring information, you have our team’s appreciation. Best regards,"
- Anthony M.

"Thanks for the excellent customer service." - Recio Supply

"Yes, they arrived today. Beautiful... exactly what I was looking for. And, the finish matches other hardware that I have on the cabinets. Thanks, so much, for following through on this order. I couldn't be more pleased. Regards," - Walt D.

My order arrived 3/29, way ahead of expected delivery. Way to go Heather. Way to go ABS. Thanks!"
- Brian K.

"Thank you so much for your prompt service! The peep holes arrived over the weekend and are perfect.
Thanks again!"
- Kristina P.

"Thank YOU! I really appreciate all your help on this. You have been OUTSTANDING!" - Ashleigh D.

"Yes I just got off the phone with the owner. Nice guy I do think it all good. Would like to thank you for being a great business. Thank you again." - Capt. Red S.

"Thanks Heather and Richard. I really appreciate how much effort you went through to get everything I need for this menial order; it is a testament to your great customer service. I'll get back to your if my customer is still interested. Enjoy your day as well," - Ed B.

Your price was fine, your lead time was fine and your service is way above what I'm used to. I rarely have people follow up like this."
- Gary G.

"OUTSTANDING!!! Best describes your customer service. I could not ask for better. Your products are also excellent. Thank you," - Scheels Maintenance Manager GK, Grand Forks, ND.

"Hey Rich,
Attached are a couple of pictures of the latest project that I completed using one of your excellent louver cores.
Just to refresh your memory, I purchased two louver core units to use on the air intake vents in my house as part of the stone work project around my fireplace. The pic is of the first project and the second & third pics are of the latest project. The louver cores were a joy to work with thanks to the great craftsmanship of your guys. The louvers on both jobs fit perfectly. It made my job much easier. Thanks for making such a great product and enjoy the pictures.
- Dan P.

"Our lock is back in business thanks to your help. I greatly appreciate you taking the time to make this video during the holidays. I'll definitely remember Architectural Builders Supply. Thank you," - Katherine

"Sir, you excelled at your job and helped me locate the correct item. After your reply I was able to see that I did in deed have all the pieces of my hinge. I was also able to locate a bend in the metal plate attached to the door which had allowed the hinge to free itself during a particularly strong gust of wind. I sincerely appreciate your assistance! You were very understanding and I felt like you were on my side from the first phone call. You said "If you take the time to send the picture, I promise I will take the time to look." I really appreciated that. Thanks for helping this stressed-out, new homeowner fix the first thing to break on me. I sure hope my future issues are met equally excellent customer service reps!!! THANK YOU, RICHARD!!!!! Sincerely," - Kara E., First-time Homeowner

"Hi Richard,
Thank you SO much for taking the time to answer my questions. Your video, which was totally unexpected, and clear explanation really helped me out. I sincerely appreciate it. I'll be tackling the door this weekend. Fun times! Have a wonderful weekend and I look forward to watching more of your videos. Regards,"
- Daniela

"Hi Jessica,
I received the shipment, installed the product and it's perfect! Thank you so much! Happy Customer,"
- Jim

"Hello Mr. Howard:
I'm writing to express my appreciation and amazement. I contacted you August 28th about an LCN Mid Swing controller I wanted to have rebuilt. Later that day, per your instructions, I mailed it to the address supplied via USPS Express Mail which didn't have tracking. From there I crossed my fingers. Today I already received the repaired unit back. Wow!!! I immediately installed it, and now the third floor men's restroom in the Tech Ed 3 building is back to having a working automatic operator. My thanks and compliments to you and your repair staff. Sincerely,"
- Marcia J.

"Mr. Howard,
You all have been exceptional in your efforts on my behalf. I have thought about a bulb replacement, but the "T" attachment would have to be at the bottom of the bulb, and that wold be really weird. I am going to go back to your original web page and make sure that if I ever need anything that your company sells, I promise you I will buy from you. Outstanding effort! But I will have to figure this one out from here. Thank you and please tell Jessica thanx also."
- Paul S.

"Dear Mr. Howard,
Yes, I received the arms that I order. Everything is correct thank you. I will definitely order from you guys again. Thank you and have a great week-end."
- Jorge C.

"Thanks Rich,
I believe all is well with the order. However, once the Installers get to putting it all together may be another story. I will let you know if we need anything else. Thank You for all your help with this order. The Architect had no clue what they originally specified wasn't even close to what they needed. We will surely be working with you in the future."
- William H.

"The pricing you provided was awesome! The service was also great. I'm confident we will order from your company in the near future, it is just highly dependent on our clients needs. Will be in touch!" - Byron E.

"Order received and all set. Thank you for your great customer service. Looking forward to doing more business in the future. Regards," - Joe V.

"A million thanks, Rich. I ran the calibration procedure listed in the manual you sent me and the door opener works perfectly now. I never could have done it without your help. Best regards," - Brian W.

Let me begin by saying that you guys have been great in this whole process. I appreciate all the effort you guys have put forth to help me out with this. I would have never thought that it would have been this difficult or complicated to get additional keys made.
These locks were installed at least 15 to 20 years ago by an individual who was a locksmith on the side. My challenge now is to try and track him down and see if he can help me out with new keys. As of now, I would request that you please refund my credit card for the total amount that was charged to it. If the original locksmith cannot supply me with keys,
I will then have to go back to my board of directors and see which direction to go next.
Again, I thank you, Drew and anyone else that has assisted in the project. Thanks,"
- Mark E.

"Many thanks and may I compliment you and the fellow who helped me before. You both have been just so helpful! Thank you." - Michele C.

Above and beyond the call of duty. Sincerely,"
- Greg M.

"Wanted to thank everyone on your teams. The new threshold is perfect with the new ext. Thanks a million," - Howie N.

"The installation of the hatch shocks went well, thanks again for your fast and good service." - Carlitos J.

"Richard the consummate professional, it is a true pleasure doing business with you. I have other hardware needs that I hope you can help with." - Michael M.

"I told you, I would get you taken care of by The Best!
Rich Dear, You never let me down. Thank You Gentlemen. TGIF & Have a Great Weekend,"
- Bobbie J.

"You're a five star. Thanks." - Michelle T.

"Hi Rich,
Thanks for the follow up. We received the connector parts ordered and it looks like exactly what we needed.
Btw, I wanted to say that you have a great system in place at AB Supply. This was an obscure part that we spent months trying to find. You gave great service in checking out the picture that I sent to see if it was the right part. And the ordering, tracking, delivery and follow up on the order is first rate! Thanks,"
- Jackie W. Controller

Thanks for your help in getting this weather stripping. It arrived yesterday and I just installed it this morning. Looks great. It wasn't something we could have purchased from the local Lowes. Thanks again for your help and knowledge from the information and description I gave you. It was the exact material I needed."
- Bruce M.

I have used your company in the past and have been satisfied with your service. Will keep you informed."
- Gary B. AHC

"Thank you Rich! Your help made the process so much easier - especially your online product videos, which are EXCELLENT! We hope to see you in Hawaii some day (soon). Aloha," - Mark H.

"Wow thank you very much for the quick response. You guys are awesome!!" - Jonathan B.

"Your marketing and customer service are the best. I discovered your company when I 'YouTubed' "how to replace a shower door towel bar." I watched the video and saw your company name. I emailed you a couple of questions which were answered immediately. I placed the order and received my new towel bars way before I thought I would. Thanks for a great experience." - M. Dunne

"Thank you for the quick delivery of my order which I made on 2/5 and was delivered this afternoon by USPS. The towel bars fit perfectly and are already installed. I wish all repair was this easy. Grateful for you service," - John J.

"Thanks for checking! Everything arrived and is absolutely correct in every detail. Now I have to find time to install
all the weatherstripping to lower our heating bill. Were down to single digits at night. Again - I appreciate your excellent service."
- Jim H.

"Received replacement door today, Johnny did a great job..." - Lawrence B.

"Drew, I appreciate your assistance in getting these... trying to figure out what I was talking about and then getting
back with me so promptly – GREAT CUSTOMER SERVICE. I placed my order with Matthew. You are much
- Carolyn P.

"Thanks for the reply. We were able to change the battery (it was a new key light) but in the end it still did not work. Still I really appreciate people like you who help others!" - Colleen N.

"Hello Richard. This is a big give on your part, from my view. I must concede you're bigger man than I in this. I will do as you suggest, and wash it back with the acquired taste of humility. I can only nod and be grateful, and even impressed. Thank you once and again." - Eric M.

"Matthew - You're my hero. Nothing but this has gone right today. I thank you from the bottom of my heart. I'll never call anyone else for my hardware." - Marjorie K.

"Thank you very much for your follow up, I will have you on my vendor list for future needs. Regards." - Lilia C.

"Rich, All as expected, good and fast service. Thank you." - Zoltan K.

"Question: Not a question, a comment - the videos are very detailed and the reason I purchased from you instead of someone else. Thank you for making my job easier. I will be back." - Justin B.

"Thank you very much for all the assistance. I am a new locksmith and have plenty of work already. Just trying to get established. Your company is exactly what I am looking for and will continue to purchase all my locksmith needs from you." - David N.

"I was very happy with your prompt and professional response. I will use you guys going forward for any of this type of need. I had originally contacted another vendor for JL here in Florida. After waiting two and a half weeks and two follow up requests for the pricing I finally gave up and looked for someone else. That is when I found you. Thank you again." - Curt F.

"That is exactly what we need. Thank you for all of your help. You guys are great! Respectfully," - Rafael M.

"Impressive. Fast, Saturday reply. And spot on as to the application." - John C.

"Rich, thank you for the follow-up. Parts arrived and fit perfectly. 101% satisfaction." - Ben M.

"We received our order and the door stop tips fit perfectly. Thank you for providing great customer service." - Robert K.

"Great company! I purchased an extra accessory for a tool I purchased from them and instead of letting me keep a part I did not need they gave me the info I need and gave me a full refund. The entire experience was great and so was the customer service. Richard was the gentleman who reviewed my order and helped me. I will not look to any other tool company for my tool." - Jose J.

"I have a euro shower in need of new gaskets. ABSuppy was helpful and found the right part for me. The other web suppliers were not knowledgeable nor helpful." - Park D.

"Hi Richard,
Thanks so much for answering my questions. I just found my keys earlier today and no longer need to order a key blank. I really appreciate the assistance you've given me throughout this whole time. Best of luck with everything.
Best, "
- Rosita W.

"You have no idea how grateful I am for the information you have provided thus far. Thank you." - Bob M.

"Thanks for all of your help! I’ll blab to my friends how your support was a great example of how a distributor can help
somebody in the field these days. Of course, it didn't look so well for the manufacturer not to have the hole
tapped! "
- Bill S.

Can't thank you enough."
- Rob K.

"Hi Rich,
One of my employees pointed this video you made for the BAHCO BB0191 hinge.
First I want to say that I enjoyed this video very much and I also think that it serves as a great educational tool for folks
to see. I would like to personally thank You for your professional work regarding the video and I appreciate very much the A plus review you gave our company and products!
I would like to provide a link to your video on our website if that is OK with you? In the future if you do make any other videos on us or anything else in the industry It would be great if you could let us know so that we make a point of watching them. Thanks again!"
- Wayne R.

"Hi Rich & Johnny,
Just want to let you know that I received my replacement panel and for the most part it was in-tact; there was a bit
of a dent on one of the sides, but nothing, some needle-nose pliers couldn't take out. I wanted to thank you guys for
your help and support; you really get to see a company true merit when things go wrong and you guys handle it excellently."
- Sean D.

"Was trying to give your company feedback that the solid brass door drip I got was gorgeous! Great work at the mill in terms of accuracy of extrusion and quality of polishing. Rare to find a product like this nowadays. Please note the enclosed photos of our mahogany front door which include the solid polished brass drip we got from your company. The other solid brass door hardware are made by Baldwin. Thanks," - Bruce R.

"Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!! I can use this to measure the existing panic bar. You have been a great help, Rich! Have a good evening." - Scott W.

"I just wanted to thank you for your fast shipping of my order.
Thank you very much!"
- Leonard C.

"Dear Rich,
Thank you for made everything going well. Keep in touch and wish to do other business with you soon.​"
- Airly N.

Got the replacement door bottom; it was easy to install and is working out great.
Thanks again for straightening things out; very happy customer. Will let neighbors know where I purchased it.
- John

"Regarding my order for the Dorbin 102B Polished Brass Drip Cap, would like to give your company feedback that the one I got was gorgeous! Great work at the mill in terms of accuracy of extrusion and quality of polishing. Rare to find a product like this nowadays. Thanks!" - Bruce

"Hey Rich,
Thanks for all the help and I also wanted to say your website is great all the information, dimensional drawings, and also the videos of a ton of products that you do! It's getting harder and harder to find this info when looking for things so keep up the good work!"
- Ben G.

"Hi Richard,
I had the handle I ordered from you installed, and it is PERFECT! Thank you for all your assistance in helping me find the right handle."
- Alexandra S.

"Thank you very much for great service. I'll consider your company for our future orders." - Teresa Sz.

"Hello Richard,
I wanted to thank you for all your help, the louver matched and fit perfectly! I look forward to ordering from you again on the next one. Thanks again!"
- Jeremy W.

"I just wanted to let someone know, I found Richard’s videos on YouTube EXTREMELY helpful in learning about the different products used with our Hollow Metal doors and frames. The wealth of knowledge he’s left on YouTube is amazing and ACCURATE!!! I’m so glad someone took the time to cover all these different products in such detail.
Thank you so much!"
- David L.

"Thanks for great customer service, I won't forget!" - Beverly D.

"Wow, that was impressive. Thanks Rich. My order has been processed." - Berk P.

"Thank you for your quick response and help! Really appreciate it!" - Rick D.

"Wow! Thank you very much! I really appreciate all of the effort that you have gone to to make this work out for me." - Matthew D.

"Thanks so much for the update, Johnny. I mostly wanted to confirm this was still available to be fabricated. I will expect the item by end of July. I really appreciate the excellent customer service." - Dan S.

"I can't thank you enough for the detailed explanation and your advice. Truly great customer service. When I'm ready to place my order I will certainly do so with your company. Best" - Trey B.

Thanks for expediting my order. It arrived today, just in time for installation this weekend. I sure enjoyed working with you. Thanks."
- Bob P.

I just wanted to say thanks for shipping so fast on an item I ordered yesterday!
I really appreciate the product and the service!"
- Kevin D.

"Thanks. You guys are on the ball! Great service!" - Dave P.

Product was exactly as described and was the best price I found. Shipping was fast and reasonably priced. I placed the order in the afternoon and it arrived 2 days later - much faster than I expected. Online support was helpful in pointing out that the 36" length was in stock and I could cut it myself rather than waiting for a custom 34" length to be cut. Excellent Service!"
- David G.

The door and all the additional hardware was perfect. The frame fit perfectly into the opening. Everything was perfect. Whoever the salesman was that helped me with this order did an excellent job. Really made the install go smoothly."
- Kevin M.

You guys have amazing customer service and follow up. I wish my company did as well in this area.

The reason that I did not complete my purchase is that there was some confusion on which key would work in the keyway of the cylinders that I was about to buy. I posted a question about it and someone from customer service is researching it for me. Assuming it is compatible with the keyways we are currently using I will complete the purchase when I hear back from him.

I had an additional question that I received a very complete answer to as soon as I asked it. I am looking forward to doing business with your company."
- Fred R.

Thank you! Best service ever, much appreciated!"
- Sophie L.

"Thank you, Mr Howard, for your honest business practices. I've ordered that color grout from two other companies and they sent me different colors without explaining that the one I wanted was out of stock." - David K.

"Hi Richard and warmest greetings from Australia,
Just a quick note to let you know that my order arrived safely here "down under" yesterday afternoon.
Thank you so much for your very kind and efficient service in helping me source this Hager product. Very much appreciated indeed. Kindest regards,"
- Chris H.

Most companies never follow up or follow through and this will definitely set your company apart from the others. I gave my recommendation of your company/product to my boss!"
- Brian H.

"Thank you for your time, I have completed my order. By the way your the only company that actually took the time to educate me on what I needed." - Tony P.

"Hi Richard,
It was a pleasure contacting your company. We also appreciate the quick delivery promise which you had made during our conversation. Looking forward in doing business with you. I would give 5 stars to you and your company!"
- Liza M.

Thank you. Each time I have called you I have been struck with you professionalism and expertise."
- David R.

"Thanks for the fine customer service. A rarity these days."
- Steven P.

It ended up working out very well. Thank you for working with me on it and helping me get a legitimate facility code with Schlage. I know it is a lot quicker and easier to process an order for an existing customer compared to spending three weeks with someone like me to get all the details sorted out before you actually get an order. I just wanted to say that I really do appreciate it."
- Connor W.

you may or may not remember this order, but I wanted to thank you for your help. The job was a success and we were able to get the work in place and it was a positive impression for our company with that client. You guys helped make that possible, and I never spoke to you afterwards but I really appreciate it. I am sure you get plenty of people that are upset and don’t understand, and few people that say thank you. So from myself and Combined Resources, thank you."
- Joshua T.

"Thank you very much for contacting me. Excellent customer service! I Even had a call answered by your representative Richard last night after hours and he was very helpful.
I was preparing a quote for a customer so I needed to total everything. I saved the order to my wish list on your site so that when I'm ready to place my order I can go right in. I am waiting for customer approval right now. Thanks again for your help and hopefully I will be placing my order soon. "
- Kristine H.

"Wow. Thanks so much Amy. I actually just needed to get that far to make sure I got the correct amount for shipping and tax so that my accounts payable could place the order.
Thank you for the excellent service."
- Rich M.

"Dear Johnny,
Thank you very much for your assistance in resolving this matter. I look forward to receiving the replacements without the bother of packing and shipping the damaged knobs.
This excellent customer service has certainly made me a lifelong customer of your company."
- Paula R.

Received my order and they are very very nice! They're perfect! My little sister will now be able to use my guest bathroom. Thanks for such quick service.
Again, thank you for the great service! If you get to North Carolina, near Camp Lejeune, you're welcome to visit and stay with me."
- John R.

"Thanks Richard.
I watched some of your videos last night. I don't think anyone knows more about doors than you. Your videos helped me connect the dots on things I never really understood about commercial doors and i thank you for making them very good job."
- Richard P.

"Thanks Richard!
You by far have the best customer service I have ever experienced."
- Carl P.

I just wanted to say thanks for my order, everything worked out well, the mending plates interchanged perfectly."
- Ken B.

"By the way, I'm a fan of your Youtube series. There's a huge lack of general knowledge in the finish hardware business. Seems every job I get I get doors spec'd with hardware that just does not work for the intended application. Good to see guys that care about what they're doing." - Scott R.

That's great. I've switched out all the hardware on this entry door from Polished Brass to Rustic Dark Bronze finish and just need these pieces to complete it. If these are avail in that type of finish that would be better, but oil rubbed would work. I will need to make this a custom order to fit the door sizes (its a double entry door). What do I need to do to get these ordered?
BTW - I really appreciate all your videos on youtube. They're very helpful!"
- Bob N.

"Thank you, awesome looking hinges!" - Richard M.

Doors fit perfectly!!"
- Jim R.

Material was delivered 30 mins ago. Thanks for doing what you said you were going to do! Helped me out a bunch!"
- Matthew W.

Just a note of thanks for the prompt and speedy fulfillment of our order. The part is already installed and works as expected. We especially appreciate your efforts to have this order delivered next day. In the past, "next day" with some companies meant "next week", but the cost was "next day" So, kudos to all of you and your company! Best wishes."
- Lothar K.

"Hi Rich,
I wanted to thank you for the great service. It's been a pleasure to deal with Architectural Builders Supply.
P.S. I installed the new, longer door stop this morning and it totally solves the problem of the door hitting the large picture frame on the wall. Thank you also for the unbeatable price."
- Dave S.

"Thank you very much for your service!
We are very satisfied even more that we'll be receiving our items today.
Again thank you for your collaboration."
- Fanny S.

"Thanks for letting me know!
You guys have been excellent to work with - I'll keep my eyes open for the delivery. No hurry on my side - just needed to know.
Thank you for fast reply."
- David W.

"Rich, I was very pleasantly surprised when UPS showed up Tuesday evening with my order. Thank you for getting the order delivered in a timely manner. It's nice to know that customer service is alive and well at your company. I called the customer and he is very happy that the installation will take place today. Once again I thank you for your prompt intervention and service." - Mike C.

"Amy, I appreciate the time and energy you and Richard put in to help me with this small order. To spent this amount of time on an order this small indicates you are dedicated employees and it is refreshing to see in the business world today. Having worked in Q.C. Eng. for Micro Switch Div. of Honeywell and spent a lot of time with customers for many years I have a greater appreciation for good customer service. Thank you." - Ralph B.

"My order arrived safe and sound yesterday. I deal with a lot of suppliers and needed to take a moment to tell you that your customer service is second to none in my experience. This was a simple order for some basic hardware- I can't even tell you why I am so impressed but I am. Richard was a pleasure to deal with on the phone and I felt that both he and your company deserved a pat on the back." - Jim F.

Countless ladder ascensions and measurements to make sure it was straight, centered, not too low and not to high. A template from the Deltana would have made things easier. So I measure exactly to make sure mortise is in exactly the right place. I drill, screw it in. I mark the hole and start to chisel the half circle out and there was a NAIL in the header. If I were a 32nt off, the common nail head would have been where the hole for the bolt goes. Who would think to look?
Thanks for you answers to my too many questions. Your company was excellent to deal with."
- Tony N.

You are the best! I cant tell you how much I value your efforts & going to bat to make this happen. I will definitely be coming to you for more materials in the future – but with much better planning. J
Thank you so much for jumping through these flaming hoops for us.
I / We sincerely appreciate it!!"
- Mike G.

"Richard, the door looks excellent! I expected a much more modest glass, but it looks much better than in the picture. The door is still waiting to be stained and installed. It is only then will we be able to appreciate its full splendor :-)
Thank you so much for impeccable execution! I will not need any entry doors in the near future, but will certainly recommend your business to other people!"
- Gene S.

"Thank you for my drip cap. It it perfect! The packaging was great and in tact when it arrived. Thank you again. " - Joyce S.

"Thank you for all of your time and effort. You are an asset to your company. Even though you were unable to provide me with the answer I hoped for- I still am left feeling like you did everything you could to help me. Please pass along my appreciation to your supervisors. Best wishes to you now and always. " - Nancy C.

"Hi Richard,
Just to say thanks! They are an almost perfect match to our original 150 year old bolts!"
- Alene S.

"Thank - you for the fast service. We received the closure today and installed it and works great. thanks again." - Arthur M.

"I want you to know that I searched the internet for a quality company. I found that your company was the lowest in cost due to free shipping. When your client is on a very tight budget it really helps. I also like the way you receive orders and process them ASAP. You have a great company and since I am an architect I will highly recommend you." - Bud D.

"Dear Richard,
Thanks so much for all your help. The door knobs and rosettes worked perfectly. I'll be ordering 38 more rosettes, 8 privacy knobs, 7 passage and 4 exterior keyed door knobs online."
- Caron C.

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