Rixson 104020

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Rixson 104020 Floor Plate with Screws

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Rixson 104020 Floor Plate with Screws
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Product Description:
Rixson Specialty Closers Parts
104020 Floor Plate with Screws


These specialty closers are designed for interior doors that have lower usage (10-500 cycles a day). They are perfect for high-end residential or interior office spaces. They are unique0 in performance and design. With case depths of 3 inches or less, they are ideal for thin slab applications. In both the UNI and DUO, instructions are included for wood floor installations.
The Dwarf or Gate Closer 350 Series is side mounted for gates that are off the floor 6 inches or more. Used in thousands of courtrooms all over the world, this closer has withstood the tests of time.These closers are the oldest in the Rixson® line. Their performances have endured almost a century of life and continue to be viable solutions for interior doors that just don't need the more robust units or their accompanying higher prices. When design is job one, check out these alternative closers.

Duo-Chek® Closers

Concealed Floor Closer for single or double acting center hung doors shall be Rixson Duo-Chek Series and shall have:
• Steel cement case with 3-1/16" depth designed to be mounted in concrete slab or wood floor construction
• Closer mechanism to allow 105° door swing in both directions
• Independent closing speed valve for each direction of door swing
• Built in hold open mechanism at 90° for either direction of door swing or both directions
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