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Medium C730 Commercial Duty Size 3 Door Closer


Medium C730 Commercial Duty Size 3 Door Closer

Manufacturer: Cal-Royal
Price: $74.19
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Standard - ships in 3 business days with $82.50 minimum purchase of Cal-Royal products or 15 business days for smaller orders.

Cal-Royal has a minimum order requirement. Orders smaller than the required minimum have a longer lead time as we need to consolidate onto a "stock" order. If you need a faster lead time, simply exceed the minimum order amount.

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More from Cal-Royal
This item ships from CA.
700 Series Dual Valve Sized Back Check Door Closer Grade 2 (Optional Back Check) (Optinal Cover) 5 year warranty
Dual valve, closing and latching speed controlled by two separate regulating valves.
Universal application, non handed, designed for all standard installations.
Reinforced type adjustable tube arm.
Rack and pinion operation contained in a high tensile precision cast aluminum housing for the highest quality.
High quality hydraulic fluid for high lubricity and constant lubrication.
The streamlined design permits installation on most commercial and residential applications without adaptors.
Power adjustment bracket on regular arms. (15% adjustment, ±7-1/2%)
Optional back check (730P-BC, 740P-BC, 750P-BC), controlled by separate regulating valve.
Slim cover (2"W x 3-1/8"H x 10-3/4"L) optional fits all sizes, COV/700.
Flat drop bracket.
Available in Alum, Duro, and Gold
Hold open arms (optional) are adjustable for holding from 90° to 180°, 701/702.
700 Series Door Closer Stock Finishes & Installation Instructions
Aluminum Finish
Duronodic Finish
Gold Finish
FACTORY TESTED: To meet or exceed ANSI Standard 156.4 Grade 2
Installation Instructions
Closer Adjustment instruction sheet
Regular Arm (Pull Side) Mounting Instruction Sheet
Parallel Arm (Push Side) Mounting Instruction Sheet
Top Jamb (Push Side) Mounting Instruction Sheet

This door closer is used on light to medium usage interior and exterior inswing doors up to 3/0 wide.
All Cal-Royal 700 series door closers are available is polished brass US3 and polished chrome US26 plates finishes with lead time. Add $65.00 each which includes the arm, cover, parallel bracket and screws. But this closer must be ordered by calling customer service.
This door closer does not include the parallel arm bracket required for push side applications where the door closer body is mounted on the door. Please be sure to order the #C705 bracket for applications as described above.
This door closer comes packaged with both wood and machine screws and does not include "sex" or thru bolts. These sex bolts, as they are commonly referred to, are necessary (and sometimes required) for mounting the closer body onto a door which is either not reinforced or properly blocked for a door closer.
For instance the proper method of attaching a door closer to a metal door would be to "drill & tap" the door and frame and then attach the door closer using machine screws. Sex bolts are necessary when the door has not been reinforced for a door closer because the face sheet of the steel door is simply not thick enough to "hold" the screws.
Additionally on wood doors it is not possible to attach the door closer to the door using screws when you are dealing with hollow core or fire rated mineral core doors. In the case on fire rated mineral core doors it is to be considered required to use sex bolts when installing the door closer.
Please note this closer is not handicap compliant nor intended for high usage or abusive applications. For these applications please consider viewing the related item as shown below.
Door Handing Chart
Handing Chart


Model & Size Technical Drawing
2 3 4 4
A. Length of Closer Body 8-7/8" 8-7/8" 9-3/4" 9-3/4"
B. Horizontal Mounting Holes 8-3/16" 8-3/16" 9-1/16" 9-1/16"
C. Vertical Mounting Holes 3/4" 3/4" 3/4" 3/4"
D. Height of Closer Body 1-3/4" 1-3/4" 1-3/4" 1-3/4"
E. Projection from Door 2-7/8" 2-7/8" 2-7/8" 2-7/8"
Recommended Closer Sizes for Interior & Exterior Doors:


Model No. Door Weight (pounds)
Model No.

Type of Door

Maximum Size of Door

Maximum Size of Door
Regular All Models Hold Open Interior
Interior Exterior
730P 88-143 730PH
Light exterior doors and interior doors of wood or metal
3'0" 3'6" 2'6" Exterior 2'6" Interior 3'0"
Cross Reference:
700 1050 1600 50 600 9500-60 500 100 2800
The data on this chart represents our judgment of which are most similar. Since no product is exactly alike the information has been obtained from trade sources. It is not guaranteed nor represented that any specific product exactly equals any other product. Door closer body size my be different.
For extremely abusize applications, please consider the LCN door closer as shown below.
  Architectural Builders Supply product suggestions:  
Cal Royal #300PBFDACOV Door Closer Barrier Free Multi Size Adjustable
Universal Model Door Closer offering versatility and precision engineering
Price: $130.73
Heavy Duty CCR4041AL Handicap Multi Sized Door Closer
Door closer is intended for heavy duty interior and exterior applications
Price: $242.14
Medium C730BC Commercial Duty Size 3 Back Check Door Closer
Commercial size #3 closer with back check for standard duty exterior doors
Price: $82.81
Parallel C705AL Arm Bracket for 700 series Cal-Royal Closer
Cal-Royal parallel arm for commercial door closer
Price: $10.43
Throughbolts C970 (sex bolts) - Pack of 4
4 female sex bolts for use in thru-bolting of door closer
Price: $7.26
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