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Locknetics 390+ High Security Electromagnetic Lock

Locknetics 390+

Locknetics 390+ High Security Electromagnetic Lock

Manufacturer: Locknetics
Price: $569.04
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This item ships from FL.
Magforce Plus 390+ Series: The High Security Solution
  • Ideal for high security applications.
  • 1650 pounds of direct holding force
  • Exceeds ANSI/BHMA A156.23 Grade 1 standards
  • UL listed as an auxiliary lock for a 3 hour fire rated opening and for burglary resistance.
  • For single, inswinging or outswinging, hollow metal, aluminum, and wood doors and frames as well as glass doors
  • Easily interfaces with electronic access control systems, automatic door operators and fire or other hazard sensing systems for egress and emergency egress.
  • Input voltage: 12 or 24 VCD (dual voltage, field selectable)
  • Current Draw: .75A @ 12 VCD or .38A @ 24 VCD
  • Overall size: 2-3/4" H x 10-1/2" L x 1-11/16" D
  • Fully Automatic Voltage Selection simplifies installation
  • Modular design employs a standardized circuit board with easy to install connectors, adjustable mounting brackets, integrated mounting screws, and slide-in architectural finish plates
  • The uniquely designed armature housing holds the armature in place, eliminating the noise and sagging possible with other armatures
  • The armature housing increases the overall reliability of the product and provides an aesthetically pleasing look over traditional armature mountings, blending into the surrounding environment more easily
  • The armature housing holds the magnets for the DSM option without having to mount an additional plate to the armature, ensuring quicker, more reliable installation
Product Brochure Cut Sheet Template Wiring Diagram Installation Template TJ Installation Template

Replacement Kit for Discontinued Locknetics 390+ Magnetic Lock Installation

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Locknetics 390+ High Security Electromagnetic Lock
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Questions and Answers
Q: I did locate an older 390+ cutsheet that states the MBS as magnetic bond sensor, ATD may be an anti-damper switch but with a typo, a DSM is a door status monitor, and there is no finish indicated. Also, the current catalog data lists a RCP and that value is unknown. I have requested from plant personnel exactly what is installed if indeed I can locate that info. I guess I will need to know what 390+ you may have on hand to see if they would fit our application. Again thanks.
A: Our inventory quantities are fluid so please reach out to us at the time of order so that we can make a specific commitment to you regarding inventory levels at that time.

Here is a link to the Locknetics catalog:

Click Here

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Q: Are the 390 Series electromagnetis locks fail safe or fail secure
A: They are fail safe.

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Q: How do you control the speed from the time the touchsense bar is touched to when the magnets releases the door
A: That would be done with a Time Delay or a delayed egress type arrangement. What is your exact application? Please send a narrative of what you have, where in the building it is located, how it currently works and how you want it to operate.

Is there a follow up question that we can perhaps attempt to answer? We take pride deep in our technical expertise, as we know it separates us from our competition, so don't hesitate to ask.

Please reply to this email or contact our sales department here:

Click Here

if we can assist you by answering further questions or with entering this order and please let us know if there is anything else we can help with.

Q: series 390-628-DSM replacement ?
A: We still have these in stock and can ship in a short amount of time.
Q: How can I get help for my Locknetics Products?
A: We are able to help you. We have much of the old locknetics line in stock and we endeavor so that if it shows up in the website as available to purchase that we actually have it still on the shelf.

A little bit of background on the Locknetics Company first:

Locknetics company supplied electro-magnetic locking devices, electronic smart locks, and electronic security components to access control dealers and lock smiths. Ingersoll-Rand acquired the Locknetics company in 2000. Locknetics products were incorporated into the Schlage product line, and re-branded as Schlage by 2007. The current product line is now part of the Schlage Electronics group of Allegion.

If we are unable to help you or if you did not find an answer for your specific product installation, support, or programming question, we provide these Allegion product support and assistance options:

Q: I have a Locknetics LOC390G+. I don't know what the G is for. I need a new mounting plate, is one available?
A: The G in the Locknetics 390G stands for "Gate" and is a specific Gate type variant of the Locknetics 390 and differs from the 390 in that the 390G+ Gate Lock is a weather resistant electromagnetic lock with 1500 lbs. of holding force. It is designed for use on all types of sliding and swinging gates. As a high security magnetic lock it can accommodate misalignment problems while supplying superior holding force. A 1/2? compression connector is provided for installation of 1/2? EMT conduit, insuring protection of hook-up wiring from weather and vandalism. Heavy duty plating resists corrosion of mating surfaces providing a low maintenance locking device.

As seen in the 190'th page of the Locketics full line catalog as seen here:

Download File

Regarding the mounting plate the 390G can from the factory with mounting plates to accommodate either a sliding or swinging application as seen in the installation instructions as seen here:

Download File

The 390G being long discontinued we now longer hve the lock nor the mounting plates available. I would suggest you contact our sales department prior to concluding it is nt available as it is worth a call into us as we "just might" have one in a parts box.

Q: i have seris 510 1 side of double doors is not locking what could be the problem
A: It is very likely the circuit board end of the electromagnetic lock that you have has failed. If this is a double unit and you are doing nothing other than locking and unlocking the magnetic lock, meaning you are not doing any other functions such as door status monitor or magnetic bond sensor monitoring you ought to be able to remove the healthy circuit board and in fact remove both of them and then wire them directly bypassing the circuit boards.

if this is a single magnetic lock and the above applies you can wire it directly as well.

if however you are doing any options beyond basic lock and unlock you will need to replace the circuit board provided it is available.

Q: Wiring direct to a magnet coil on 300 series Magforce lock
If using 12 VDC, use the following wire configuration. Tie Red and Black wires together and connect to positive. Tie Blue and Black wires together and connect to negative.

If using 24 VDC, use the following wire configuration. Tie Blue and Black wires together. Connect Red wire to positive and connect White wire to negative.

Q: how to reset keypad code
A: Which keypad do you have? Please reply with photos of the keypad please.
Q: Please see attached picture of our current key pads.

View Image

View Image

Thanks, Ashley T

A: Programming for this keypad can be reviewed here:

Click Here

Starting on page 16.

Q: Do the 390+ and 390DEL have the same footprint?
A: Yes, but the 390DEL is limited to push side of out swing door.
Q: Maglock Making a "Buzzing" Noise
A: AC-voltage or "noise" on a power line can cause hum. Ensure supply is filtered and regulated 12 or 24 volts DC only (not AC). Not a transformer. Also ensure hardware is properly secure eliminating the possible vibration of loose components.
(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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