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Bommer F87464

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Bommer F87464 Replacement Hinge Tension Pin

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Bommer F87464 Replacement Hinge Tension Pin
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Technical Support
Product Description:

bommer logo F87464 Tension Pin for LB4300 Series, LB1002 & LB1007 Type Hinges

  • Sold as Each. Some hinges require one Pin and others requite two Pins. Be sure to order the proper quantity needed as these Tension Pins are sold as each pin.
  • Tension Pin for LB4300 Series, LB1002 & LB1007 Type Hinges
  • For use with Bommer lube bearing hinges
  • Retainer Pins are the same as Tension Pins. AKA: Stop Pins
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Tension Pins

Product Product
Description Video
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F87464 Tension Pin for LB4300 Series, LB1002 & LB1007 Type Hinges F87464 Bommer F0910
F87464-0910 Tension Pins (2) & Lever (1) in Polybag for LB4300 Series, LB1002 & LB1007 Type Hinges F87464-0910 Bommer F0910

Questions and Answers
Q: How do you adjust the tension on LB4300,any special tools needed?
A: A Tension Rod is the only special tool required to work with the Bommer F87464 Tension Pin.

The correct Tension Rod for use with the Bommer LB4300 Series is the Bommer F0910 which can be reviewed here:

Click Here

The directions as to set the tension on a Bommer Spring Hinge can be reviewed here:

Click Here

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Q: Could you kindly advise what the diameter is for this pin? Trying to see if this will work for a Hager 1752 3.5" hinge...
A: The diameter of the Bommer F87464 Replacement Hinge Tension Pin is .083"
A: The length of the Bommer F87464 Replacement Hinge Tension Pin = .626"
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