Bommer 672-01

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Bommer 672-01 Combination Lock

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Bommer 672-01 Combination Lock
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Technical Support
Product Description:
bommer logo 672-01 Combination Lock
  • Replacement lock for Bommer horizontal series mailboxes
  • 3-digit, single dial type with spring latch and automatic throw-off.
  • For dormitories or other installations not serviced by the Postal Service
Questions and Answers
Q: Can you change this to a key lock instead of a combination dial
A: Which mail box unit are you working with?
Q: How to find or change the combination numbers
A: Recovering a lost combination or changing the combination for the Bommer 672-01 Combination Lock must be done with the door open and the procedure is detailed here:

Download File

Q: where can i find the screws for these?
A: I was able to obtain the following information from the manufacturer so when I asked to be given a description of these part numbers they were unable to oblige - given the fact that the manufacturer has discontinued this material in 2019 and has given notice that in 2021 by the end of the year they will cease operations I don't see how these part numbers are of much use:

  • 88150 is the screws we used to use 2 per lock
  • 88520 lock washer 2 ea. per lock
  • 62094 lock plate 1 ea. per lock
  • Q: Do you sell these locks and screws in bulk?
    A: We do not, just per piece.
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