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VON DUPRIN PS914-2RS Power Supply, 2-Zone Control


VON DUPRIN PS914-2RS Power Supply, 2-Zone Control

Manufacturer: Von Duprin
Price: $734.15
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This item ships from MA.
Von Duprin logo align= VON DUPRIN PS914-2RS Power Supply, 2-Zone Control
  • Power Supply
  • 2-Zone Control
  • PS873-2 Replacement
  • Use for: Door Closers > Automatic Door Openers > Parts > Von Duprin > Power Supply, 2-Zone Control


Questions and Answers
Q: AC is fuse blowing on a PS914 when AC power is applied.
A: If AC fuse blowing on a PS914 power supply then the mother board is defective. You need to replace the power supply with a new one.
Q: Are the PS914 and PS873 option boards interchangeable?
A: The optional boards for PS914 and PS 873 are not interchangeable.
Q: How many EL devices can be operated from the PS 914?
A: You can operate two EL devices with PS914-2RS, up to four with PS914-4RL and up to eight with PS914-4RL-4RL with limited distance from power supply to the EL devices.
Q: How many Chexit devices will the PS 914 operate?
A: Chexit devices shipped after 8-24-2015 with motor driven:

  • You can power up to four Chexit devices per PS914 power supply.
  • 0-200' run wire, use #18 gauge.
  • 0-500' run wire, use # 14 gauge.

    Chexit devices shipped prior to 8-24-2015 with solenoid driven:

  • You can power up to four Chexit devices per PS914 power supply on low traffic doors.
  • 0-100' run wire, use #14 gauge.
  • 0-200' run wire, use #12 gauge.
  • Q: Can 240 VAC be applied to the PS900 power supply?
    A: The standard PS900 series power supplies can be powered with 120-240 VAC.
    Q: What would make the PS914-2RS cycle on and off?
    A: Followings could cause the PS914-2RS power supply to cycle on and off:
  • Wrong gauge wire or run distance from power supply to the EL device. Click HERE for wiring requirements.
  • Over load to the DC output.
  • Defective potted module.
  • Defective EL solenoid.
  • Q: Is the the PS914 EL wiring adapter needed for Von Duprin Chexit device?
    A: The EL Wiring Adapter is not needed for a CX device.
    Q: My PS914 has power but my 2RS card is not working?
    A: The following could cause the 900-2RS board not to operate:

  • If 900-2RS board is not plugged into the PS914 mother board.
  • If PS914 power supply is selected for 12VDC instead of 24VDC.
  • If control contact such as card reader is not providing closure contact between SC and I1 or SC and I2, the outputs will not provide voltage to the electric exit device.
  • Defective 900-2RS board.
  • Q: Does the PS914-2RS x EL device have time delay?
    A: The PS914 x 900-2RS option board doesn't have time delay. If time delay is required specify PS914 x 900-4RL. 900-4RL provides up to 75 seconds, 5 second increment unlock time.
    Q: Are the batteries for the PS 914 BBK the same as the ones from the 873 BB?
    A: The battery for the PS873 and PS914 are the same, 7AH sealed Lead Acid battery.
    Q: Can Battery Backup (BB) be added to a PS900 series power supply in the field?
    A: Battery backup can be added to the PS900 series power supplies. Order the 900-BBK as seen here:

    Click Here

    to get the battery backup board and batteries for field installation.

    Q: Why would the horn sound when the solenoid tries to engage on a Von Duprin Chexit device?
    A: Make sure the proper power supply (PS873 or PS914) and proper gauge and run wire is used for Chexit devices shipped prior to 8-24-2015 with solenoid driven.
    Q: What do I need to use a fire alarm board with a PS914?
    A: The Basic PS914 power supply will not accept a 900-FA fire alarm board.

  • 900-8F option board is required with PS914 power supply to accept 900-FA fire alarm board (900-8F is an adaptor board for 900-FA).
  • 900-FA fire alarm board plugs into 900-8F option board.
  • 900-8F option board plugs into PS914 power supply.
  • Q: What size wire and run is recommended when using a PS914-2RS?
    A: For Product Shipped Prior to August 2012 using the old (black) potted module:

  • 0-100 ft 14 gauge wire
  • 0-200 ft 12 gauge wire

    For Product Shipped After August 2012 using the new PWM (clear):

    1. For EL 98/99 or 33A/35A Rim Devices:

  • 0-500 ft 12 Gauge Wire
  • 0-300 ft 14 Gauge Wire
  • 0-200 ft 16 Gauge Wire

    2. For all other 98/99 or 33A/35A device types:

  • 0-250 ft 12 Gauge Wire
  • 0-150 ft 14 Gauge Wire
  • 0-100 ft 16 Gauge Wire
  • Q: What is the warranty on a power supply?
    A: The warranty on the PS900 Schlage Electronics Power Supplies is 12 months from date of manufacture. The warranty is only valid for a true manufacturing defect in the power supply. Any customer damage to the power supply will void the warranty.
    Q: How many times can an EL device be operated when using a PS914-2RS with battery backup?
    A: The Von Duprin PS914-2RS retracts the EL or QEL device approximately 200 times with five second hold time after each pull.
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