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Von Duprin Electric Strike 6210


Von Duprin Electric Strike 6210

Manufacturer: Von Duprin
Price: $601.62
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This item ships from MA.
Electric strike for use with mortise locks without deadbolt on single door, hollow metal frame applications and using ANSI prep at standard height. Strike pocket inserts are provided to accoummodate different manufacturers deadlocking trigger locations.
---Model 6210---
----Product Description & Features----
Electric Strikes provide remote release of a locked door. They allow the door to be opened without retracting the latchbolt. This occurs by the releasing of the electric strike lip (sometimes called keeper or gate). When the door closes the beveled latchbolt rides into the electric strike pocket.
Von Duprin is the leading manufacturer of premium, heavy duty electric strikes. Known for their reliability, durability and security 6000 Series strikes feature all stainless steel construction, are non-handed and available in 12V or 24V, DC or AC. Strikes are furnished fail secure (FSE) standard, with fail safe (FS) optional.
Resistance in Ohms ± 10% @ 70°F
Watt-seated @ 70°F
Amps-seated @ 70°F
Amps-inrush @ 70°F
Available Finishes
UL Listed
  • US32D
  • US10
  • US10B
  • US4
  • US3
  • US32
UL Listed Burglary. Resistant CVXY, ANSI E59371
All Stainless Steel Construction
Fail Safe
Dual Monitor Switches
Entry Buzzer
Accepts 3/4" (19mm) Throw Latchbolt
Six Finishes
Fail Secure
Horizontally Adjustable
Plug Connectors
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Questions and Answers
Q: Are the wires on a Von Duprin 6000 series electric strike polarized?
A: The wires on 6000 series electric strike solenoid are non polarized.
Q: Can 24 volts be run to a 12 volt 6000 series electric strike solenoid?
A: You can't run 24VDC into the 12VDC electric strike, over voltage such as this will cause the solenoid to heat up and damage the solenoid. You must change to a 24V solenoid, part number 050240 as seen here:

Click Here

Q: Why would an electric strike not stay locked when turned upside down?
A: The Von Duprin 6000 series electric strike has a 12 or 24VDC solenoid with plunger, spring and impact washer.

  • Make sure the solenoid spring and impact washer are not missing.
  • Measure the voltage at the solenoid and make sure 12/24VDC not AC voltage is provided to the solenoid.
  • Q: How hot do the 6000 electric strikes get?
    A: If the solenoid of the 6000 series electric strike is powered continuously with proper voltage at room temperature, the solenoid can reach 200-220 degree Fahrenheit.
    Q: Will the 6210 work with the Best 45H? If not is there another electric strike that is compatible.
    A: The 6210 electric strike was designed to replace mechanical strikes in existing openings when access control is desired.

    The Best 40H series lock is not listed on the 6210 electric strike template like the Best 30H series lock because the latchbolt and the deadlatch moved locations within the lockbody faceplate.

    In an existing application, the 6210 will not work with the 40H series lock because the centerline of the mechanical strike will be located 3/8" above the centerline of the lock body.

    In a pinch, in a new application, the 6210 electric strike will work if the centerline of the strike and the centerline of the 45H mortise lock body are located at the same centerline dimension from the finished floor.

    Also, in a new application, it would be best to use the 6211 electric strike in lieu of the 6210.

    Q: Are the Von Duprin 6000 series electric strikes rated for continuous duty?
    A: All of Von Duprin 6000 series electric strikes have continuous duty solenoids either 12 or 24VDC.
    Q: What questions should be asked to determine which Von Duprin 6000 series electric strike I have?
    A: Follow these questions to determine which Von Duprin electric strike model you have:

  • 1. What type of hardware is latching to the electric strike?
  • 2. Single or pair of doors?
  • 3. Door and frame material? Wood, aluminum or hollow metal?
  • 3. Rated or non-rated door opening?
  • 4. Is the strike fail safe or fail secure?
  • 5. What voltage are you using? 12VDC or 24VDC?
  • 6. Length and width of the faceplate?
  • 7. What is the height and width of the cutout required on the face of the frame or door?
  • 8. Do you have dual switches?
  • 9. Finish?

    See Catalog to identify specific model: Von Duprin Electrical Security Products and Accessories Catalog as seen here:

    Download File

  • Q: Is a rectifier needed to change AC to DC on Von Duprin 6000 series electric strikes?
    A: The strike will always be DC. By using a rectifiers you will be able to convert the AC waveform from a transformer to a DC waveform that will be acceptable by the 6000 series strikes.

    A 24v rectifier is the SO24 as seen here:

    Click Here

    A 12v rectifier is the SO12 as seen here:

    Click Here

    Q: Do we offer a weatherproof electric strike?
    A: No, due to the gate and backbox not being able to be sealed to keep water out of the electric strike a weather proof version is not available.
    (Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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