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We are a family-owned and operated business that is able to keep a clear vision without interference from outside investors. For more than 35 years, we have been listening to our customers. We know what they want, and we are committed to providing it to them. MiTek is the parent company of 13 specialized audio companies sold in over 80 different countries worldwide, and we are recognized around the world as a market leader. MiTek Corporation's experience in designing, manufacturing, and selling high performance mobile, residential, marine, and commercial audio has created some of the best equipment on the market.
Our Partners are passionate about what they do, our business is simple, and our commitment is unparalleled. Dedication to excellence is what allows us to deliver high quality products that continually exceed our customers' expectations. MiTek is committed to being the easiest company to do business with and consistent in our business practices. We have forged strong bonds with the finest retailers around the world. MiTek Family relationships extend to the people who sell our products and to the people that use them.

Top selling products for Mitek Corporation
Mitek ATS-32412 24Ru, Cab Wll, 4.5Rs, 19W, Inc Sfd, 12"
Mitek ATS-32412
24Ru, Cab Wll, 4.5Rs, 19W, Inc Sfd, 12"
Mitek Corporation
Price: $1,266.99
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