Locknetics 510-EIR

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Locknetics 510 EIR Power Supply with Emergency Interface Relay Module

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Locknetics 510 EIR Power Supply with Emergency Interface Relay Module
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Technical Support
Product Description:
510 Series Power Supply with Emergency Interface Relay Modules
  • Emergency Interface Relay Module
    • Plug-in relay allowing interfacing with fire or other emergency override systems.
    • Upon opening a closed dry contact from an override system, the EIR will cut power at designated output terminals on the power supply, and/or DCM card.
    • The EIR also provides SPDT dry contact outputs (rated 3 amp @ 30 VDC.)
  • INPUT POWER 120 VAC 60HZ 1.25 amp
    • 12 VDC Nominal (13.8 VDC)
    • 24 VDC Nominal (27.6 VDC)
    • Field Selectable
    • Filtered and Regulated
    • 3 amp max. @ 13.8 VDC
    • 2 amp max. @ 27.6 VDC
  • PRIMARY FUSE SIZE 1.25 amp, 5 x 20 mm
  • SECONDARY PROTECTION Output overload protected by the regulatory circuit
  • CHARGING CIRCUIT Built-in standard
  • ENCLOSURE 12"x12"x4" steel NEMA Grade 1 with conduit knockouts and hinged cover with lock down screws
  • COLOR/FINISH beige/baked enamel
  • WEIGHT (Power Supply) 11 lbs.
  • INPUT TERMINALS Barrier strip with (2) #6 screw terminals, protective cover (1) #10 ground screw
  • OUTPUT TERMINALS Barrier strip with (10) #6 screw terminals (Basic unit only)
  • DESCRIPTION OF OPERATIONS Output voltage is field selectable by slide switch. With line power applied, a green LED on the circuit board will be illuminated. This indicates constant power on the output terminals. When batteries are included power may be present on output terminals with the green LED illuminated and on line power present. When line power is present the built-in recharging circuit will keep the batteries charged.



PS900-Model PS900-Summary Legacy Supply (PS873)
PS902 2AMP @ 12/24VDC
1 option board connector
1 fire alarm connector
1 battery board plug
505 (1AMP @ 12/24VDC)
510 (@AMP @ 24VDC)
861 (2AMP @ 12VDC, 1AMP @ 24VDC)
PS904 4AMP @ 12/24VDC
2 option board connectors
1 battery board connector
510 (3AMP @ 12VDC)
873 (4AMP @ 12VDC, 2AMP @ 24VDC) - no inrush app's
SBB-3 (24VDC @ 3AMP)
PS906 6AMP @ 12/24VDC
3 option board connectors
1 battery board connector
515 (5AMP @ 24VDC)
SBB-5 (5AMP @ 24VDC)
515 (10AMP @ 12VDC) - no exact match
SBB-2- (10AMP @ 24VDC) - no exact match
PS914 12/24VDC @ 4AMP Hi Inrush
2 option board connectors
1 battery board connector
PS873 (2AMP @ 24VDC, 4AMP @ 12VDC) Hi Inrush


PS900- Model PS900-Summary Legacy supply (PS873)
900-2RS 2 zone control with sequencing 871-2 board
900-2Q 2 zone control for QEL 2Q board
900-4R 4 relay control, no timing or logic DCM, RCM
900-4RL(4TD,AO & SI) 4 relay control with logic - field programmable 4TD, SI, AO, DCM + TDM, RCM + TDM
900-8F 8 fused 4AMP max outputs NEW
900-8P 8 PTC 1.8AMP output NEW
900-BBK Battery backup w/ batteries 873-BB
900-FA Fire alarm FA, EIR


Option Board Von Duprin PS914 Schlage PS902, PS904, PS906
900-2RS Yes No
900-2Q Yes Yes
900-4R Yes Yes
900-4RL Yes Yes
900-8F Yes Yes
900-8P Yes Yes
900-BBK Yes Yes
900-FA Yes Yes

The newer PS900 option cards can NOT be used in the PS873 power supplies.
The PS873 option cards also can NOT be used in the newer PS900 series power supplies

Locknetics 510-EIR shown with optional DCM Dual Control Module
(hardware in the lower right-hand corner is aftermarket relay installation)

Questions and Answers
Q: We have 2 locknetics 510 EIR power supplies. I work for the Racine Youthful Offender Correctional Facility at Racine Wisconsin and we want to relocate the current two boxes to the other side of the wall where it can be accessed from an equipment room rather than having to go up in the attic to service these. I would like to incorporate these into one larger enclosure...please tell me what size of box would do.. I am thinking of a 18" x 18" x 6" hinged cover box... is that ok?
A: You are asking me the size of the metal enclosure that is the 510 ? This will seem an odd question, but if you already have them, and are going to relocate them, why not just measure them? What am I missing?
Q: well, the current size of the single boxes might be overkill and I want a box big enough to contain the guts of the power supplies. so essentially how big are the individual power supplies and will I be able to incorporate them inside of a proposed 18 inch x 18 inch x 6 inch enclosure. I propose in relocating these power supply guts in stages where I do not put ourselves with an undue outage.
A: I see - I would create a new enclosure but maintain the same margins all around the circuit boards - maintain the current margins is my answer.
Q: that would probably mean getting a box twice as wide as the single box; whereas I was hoping (theoretically 1.5 times the width of a single box)
A: I would not disagree -
Q: because of the difficulty in getting up to the ceiling to measure these boxes, I was hoping that you might be able to pull up the dimensions of a single box from your data base?
A: I see - now I understand you hang on I will get my tape stand by ...... OD of enclosure = 12-1/4 x 12-1/4 x 4"
Q: i see, I have a choice of getting a box twice the height or twice the width.. you would happen to have the actual width of the circuit cards themselves, please?
A: back plate 10" w x 11" h this has the board(s) and power supply attached to it
Q: I really appreciate what you have done for us, i think we have enough information to take it from there, thank you very much

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Q: I’m looking for more information about the locksets that come with the Locknetics 510 EIR Power Supply with Emergency Interface Relay Module specifically; if it comes with a standard lockset installed, and where to find keys for it if it does. Thank you, Garret K
A: Your question is asking whether or not the Locknetics 510 EIR Power Supply with Emergency Interface Relay Module includes the KLC (Key Lock Cover) option.

by default no - it does not but you can order this lock power supply with the keyed lock cover by ordering the Locknetics 510 EIR KLC Power Supply with Emergency Interface Relay Module with key lock cover as seen here:

Click Here

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