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CLNK800 Series Cylindrycal Non Keyed Lock

Dorma CLNK800

CLNK800 Series Cylindrycal Non Keyed Lock

Manufacturer: Dorma
Price: $196.65
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DORMA’s CL800 Series heavy-duty cylindrical locksets provide exceptional security, enhanced aesthetics, and rugged dependability.

dorma These premium locks are built with a high performance cylindrical chassis for all applications where ANSI A156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1 products are required.

dorma To meet the aesthetic needs of your project, these versatile locks are available in a lever trim designs — choose between the LR, LC, and in special order LG lever designs or the KR and KB knob designs.

dorma Made in the USA.

CL800 Series Cylindrycal Locks
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Installation Instruction
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Technical Drawing
Recommended Applications
arrow Schools and Universities
arrow Hotels
arrow Apartments
arrow Hospitals and Nursing Homes
arrow Churches
arrow Municipal Buildings
arrow Airports
arrow Retail Complexes
arrow Offices
arrow Warehouses
• All DORMA 800 Series locks feature advanced design concepts for extreme reliability and are manufactured with the finest materials for exceptional durability.
• To ensure exceptionally smooth operation, the CL800 Series locks incorporate a cast stainless steel retractor combined with bronze roller bearings. This design provides both extremely high strength and an extended service life for the lock mechanism.
DORMA 800 Series locksets are easy to install in both wood and hollow metal doors with ANSI Standard A115 preparations for cylindrical locks.
• All CL800 Series locks are through-bolted for additional strength and reliability.
• All CL800 Series operating trims feature a specially designed freewheeling function to protect the lock from damage caused by excessive torque applied to the lever handles. When locked, the outside lever handle will move freely through a 60° arc without operating the latch bolt.
This free movement minimizes the opportunity for damage to the lock mechanism.
• All CL800 lever handle locks include a special, high strength spring and positive stop to eliminate unsightly sagging levers.
• LR, LC, and LG lever designs include a special breakaway function to maintain security when the lever handles are attacked.
Technical Details:
ANSI/BHMA A156.2 Series 4000, Grade 1
Highest grade level obtainable
UU.L. listed for UL 10B/10C and UBC 7.2 (1997)
U.L. and C.U.L. listed for use on 3-hour fire-rated doors and for all positive pressure applications
Exceptional mechanical warranty
Simple installation
Key-in-lever lock through-bolted
Provides added strength and security
Cast stainless steel latch retractor with bronze bearings
Provides superior strength and durability against lock-in or lock-out situations and exceptionally smooth operation
Lock chassis constructed of steel and stainless steel components
Provides superior strength, durability and corrosion resistance
Stainless steel latch bolt
Provides superior strength and wear resistance
Auxiliary deadlocking latch bolt
Prevents manipulation when door is closed (all keyed functions)
Dorma The DORMA CL800 is U.L. and C.U.L listed, three hour fire rated. Locksets with 1/2" throw latch bolts are listed for A label and lesser class single doors, 4'0" x 10'0" maximum.
Dorma Locks with 3/4" throw latch bolts are listed for A label and lesser class double doors, 4'0" x 10'0" per leaf maximum.
DormaThe DORMA CL800 and CK800 are certified to the requirements of ANSI A156.2 Series 4000 Grade 1. .
DormaThe CL800 meets A117.1 and ADA requirements for barrier-free accessibility
Dorma Manufactured in the USA.
Cylinders and Keying:
Dorma Unless otherwise specified, cylinders will be provided in DORMA standard keyway with two (2) nickel silver keys..
Dorma Optional patented key system available.
DormaRefer to separate DORMA Price List for full details and options such as master keying, retrofit cylinders and keyways, and small format interchangeable cores.
hammer Brass: 605 (Bright) or 606 (Satin).
hammer Bronze: 612 (Satin) or 613 (Dark Oxidized Satin).
hammer Chrome*: 626 (Satin).
hammer Stainless: 630 (Satin).
Hand Selector
Dummy Trim
One Side
dummy trim
• Used as pull or matching trim on pairs of doors.
Passage CL810
• Latch bolt operated by trim from either side.
Privacy CL840

• Latch bolt operated by trim from either side.
• Outside trim locked by push button inside.
• Outside trim unlocked by emergency release from outside
• Outside trim unlocked by inside trim.
• Outside trim unlocked by closing door.
• Inside trim always unlocked.

Entry CL853

• Deadlocking latch bolt operated by trim from either side except when outside trim locked by turn button inside.
• Key outside releases push button, unlocking outside trim,
except when inside button pushed and turned to keep outside trim locked.
• Operating inside trim releases push button, unlocking outside trim, except when inside button pushed and turned to keep outside trim locked.
• Inside button must be turned to unlock outside trim.
• Inside trim always operates latch bolt.

Classroom CL870
• Deadlocking latch bolt operated by trim from either side,except when outside trim locked from outside by key.
• When outside trim locked, latch bolt retracted by key outside.
• When outside trim is locked, latch bolt operated by inside trim.
Classroom Intruder CL877
classroom intruder
• Deadlocking latch bolt operated by trim from either side,
Intruder except when outside trim locked by key from either side.
• Inside trim always unlocked.
Storeroom CL880
• Deadlocking latch bolt retracted by key in outside trim.
• Deadlocking latch bolt operated by inside trim.
• Outside trim always inoperable.
The CL800 Series ANSI Grade 1 Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Locks are available in three lever trim designs
• CL800 locks feature a custom designed mechanism that allows locked outside lever to rotate through approximately 60° without damage. • Independent return springs hold levers in correct horizontal position.
weelchair ADA compliant levers feature solid, cast handles with return to within 1/2" (12 mm) of the door face. • Available Finishes:
Brass: 605 (Bright) or 606 (Satin).
Bronze: 612 (Satin) or 613 (Dark Oxidized).
Chrome: 625 (Bright) or 626 (Satin).
How to Order CL800/CK800 Series
Arhitectural Builders Supply sells the entire Dorma Lock Line . If you would like to order non-stock products please refer the chart below or call: 877-631-9411.
  Architectural Builders Supply product suggestions:  
CL800 Series Cylindrycal Keyed Lock
Heavy-duty cylindrical keyed locksets provide rugged dependability.
Price: $196.65
Falcon T-Series Cylindrical Lockset Non Keyed
Grade 1Extra Heavy-Duty Cylindrical Lever Locksets.
Price: $128.64
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