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Blumcraft of Pittsburgh, an icon in the architectural metal and glass industry, continues to exhibit elegance in design and craftsmanship. For over 95 years our family owned and operated business has maintained a highly skilled work force assuring the quality expected by architects around the world.

Beginning with the finest base materials, then adding hand and mechanical skills as well as expert finishing to the mix, Blumcraft's tempered glass doors, hardware, handrails, and display doors are an expression of excellence. Recognized by architects, contractors, and installers in the building trade, we take pride in every product that is shipped to our customers.

Blumcraft strives to assist architects by publishing easily accessible catalogues in Sweets Files and has an online section within Sweets website. Our staff when requested will review preliminary architectural sketches or drawings and offer to write specifications. Providing service to architects is key to a partnership of success.

Blumcraft has one location concentrated in the Oakland/Shadyside area of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Our facility includes a manufacturing sector, finishing and anodizing plant, assembly areas, office and engineering departments, all intended to efficiently manage the flow of materials to our customers.

Our staff has years of experience and extensive product knowledge to quickly answer questions, provide assistance or quotations, enter orders, and furnish scheduling information.

Company History. Blumcraft's founder Hyman Blum, a young artisan from Latvia immigrated to America in 1908. He was a highly skilled craftsman whose forte was hand-forged decorative wrought iron railings, gates, lighting fixtures, and ornamental hardware. Architects and customers alike immediately recognized his creativity with metals. It was this creativity that sparked the growth of The Hyman Blum Company into Blumcraft of Pittsburgh. Three sons, Max, Louis, and Harry, joined the firm in 1928-31. At this time aluminum was introduced as a new element in architectural metals. The Blum family worked with the Aluminum Company of America experimenting with various aluminum alloys that could produce viable decorative forgings. After the war when metals could again be used for decorative purposes, Blumcraft developed a fresh concept - combining beauty with adjustability - revolutionizing the installation of railing systems. Later wood and glass were combined with aluminum, bronze, brass and stainless steel, enhancing the appearance of decorative railings helping to establish new trends in architecture. Following working relationships with PPG Industries and Libbey Owens Ford, Blumcraft launched new product lines, including tempered glass doors and attractive operating hardware. Exciting and innovative looking panic devices and deadbolt hardware established another higher level of architectural design acceptance. Today we continue to blend beauty and functionality into metal and glass products in keeping with the changing trends in architecture, maintaining a leadership role in the industry.

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