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Yale 1912/4 Traditional Hold Open Arm Surface Door Closer

Yale 1912/4

Yale 1912/4 Traditional Hold Open Arm Surface Door Closer

Manufacturer: Yale
Price: $833.18
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Yale 1912/4 Traditional Hold Open Arm Surface Door Closer

Installation Instructions Templates Product Brochure
Exit Device
One-Size Aluminum Housing
Closer is housed in special aluminum alloy shell selected for its ability to provide optimum performance. One
body size provides simplified templating and installation.

Adjustable Spring Power
Clock-type coil spring allows incremental adjustment of closer power to meet individual installation needs.
The closing force can be increased by at least 50% over the minimum closing force for each closer size. A
spanner wrench is provided with each closer for power adjustment.

Rack and Pinion Design
Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle.

Adjustable Closing Speed/Latch Speed
A dual-purpose regulating valve, hex-key operated, permits independent adjustment of both sweep and latch speed.

Adjustable Backcheck Cushioning
An independent regulating valve is provided for increasing or decreasing the strength of the backcheck
cushioning with a 1/8" (3mm) hex key.

Non-Hold Open Arms
Supplied standard with closer.

Adjustable Power Standard Installation Jamb Bracket

Provides a ±7-1/2% power adjustment by relocation of the forearm pin in the jamb bracket. Supplied
standard with all standard installation and corner bracket installation non-hold open closers.

Hold Open Arms
Permit door to be held open at any point between 90° and 180° by using different closer mounting locations.
Hold open arms are non-handed for standard arm and corner bracket installations. Hold open arms are
handed for parallel arm and rigid parallel arm installations.

Field Reversible
Closer spring can be reversed to accommodate the hand of the installation when arms are non-handed. To
save time and costs on the job site, it is recommended to order the closer for the proper hand of door. Delayed action closers are not reversible.

Adjustable Delayed Action Closing
Closer’s initial closing speed at the beginning of the closing cycle (from full open down to approximately 70°) is adjustable, allowing slow-moving traffic to pass through the opening before the closer begins its normal closing speed. For regular arm non-hold open closers only. Delayed action closers are handed. They are not available with backcheck cushioning.

This is the only pull-side application where a double
lever arm is used. It is the most power-efficient
application for a door closer. Sufficient frame, door
and/or ceiling clearance must be considered. Since
the arm assembly projects directly out from the
frame, this application may present an aesthetics
issue or be prone to vandalism.
Maximum Door Size
Wood or Metal
Inches (cm)
Interior 48"(122)
Exterior 36"(91)
Ceiling Clearance
Inches (mm)
Questions and Answers
Q: How do I know which one to buy? Right or Left??
A: The handing chart is at the bottom of the Yale 1912/4 Traditional Hold Open Arm Surface Door Closer page and can be reviewed here as well:

View Image

Q: I found you through a Google search and saw your video describing the rebuilding options for Yale door closers. Ours, as you may have already guessed, is not functioning properly. We can't seem to find this specific closer anywhere and would like to preserve the look, if possible. As you can (kind of) see in the pictures here

View Image

View Image

it is marked "Yale Scovill Made in USA". Apparently, my dad has taken it apart and tried to see how he could rebuild it, but it still allows the storm door to SLAM! every time. I'll likely have a look at it myself some time soon. Some of the mounting hardware doesn't appear to be original. Have you seen this type before? Can it be rebuilt? If so, would it, too, be $234.xx to rebuild?

A: This door closer while it could be rebuilt would cost far more money than it's worth to simply replace it We stock the door closer as seen here:

Click Here

We can ship it out for you today

Q: The manufacturer has discontinued the hold open arm on the series closer - can you make any suggestions?
A: Yale has completely discontinued the traditional series of closers but of course Norton still provides them and they are thoroughly identical with the exception of the name. The following answer will apply to my success using the Norton 78 series using a Yale forearm to build the required function.

I've contacted the manufacturer multiple times regarding I was told multiple times if there was no part that would work to convert from the regular arm to a hold open arm. In spite of this I went ahead and placed an order with Yale for their hold open forearm part number 400-113 as seen here:

Click Here

The factory was quite quick to tell me that the main arm was very specific to the traditional series which indeed it is there is no other main arm that will fit (this is accurate) on there however we don't need a man arm we need only the forearm or what yale calls the secondary arm assembly. The factory specifically told me that this forearm would not connect to the main arm though and my suspicion is that it would connect to just fine and I can tell you that I have proven it in house and it works perfectly, as if it was the original hold open forearm for the closer which I suspect that it is.

(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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