Pemko 1842GV 24

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Pemko 1842GV 24 in. Gold Anodized Aluminum Commercial Threshold Stop Strip

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Pemko 1842GV 24 in. Gold Anodized Aluminum Commercial Threshold Stop Strip
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Product Description:

pemko logoPemko 1842GV 24" Gold Anodized Aluminum Commercial Threshold Stop Strip

  • Length: 24"
  • Gold Anodized Aluminum with vinyl insert.
  • Applied to saddle thresholds or floor plates.
  • Used to provide a door stop and seal at the bottom of the door.
  • Used to create a custom panic threshold for use with an exit rod device.
  • Supplied predrilled.
  • With #10-24 Phillips.
  • Flat head machine screws of appropriate length.
  • Air Infiltration Tested.
  • Barrier-Free.
  • Fire Rated - UL10C - Positive Pressure.
  • Underwriters Laboratory 4L10.

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