Napco FW2S

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Napco FW2S Firewolf Advanced Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/Built-in Alarm Sounder - 2 Wire

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Napco FW2S Firewolf Advanced Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/Built-in Alarm Sounder - 2 Wire
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Technical Support
Product Description:
Napco FW2S Firewolf Advanced Photoelectric Smoke Detector w/Built-in Alarm Sounder - 2 Wire

Standard Features:
  • Built-in 85db Alarm Sounder
  • 2-Wire Conventional Smoke Detector
  • Highly stable operation, RF / Transient protection
  • Two built-in power / sensitivity supervision / alarm LEDs
  • Non-directional smoke chamber
  • Built-in magnetic Go / No-Go detector test feature
  • Automatic Sensitivity window verification function meets outlined requirements in NFPA 72 Chapter 7, Inspection, Testing and Maintenance

Questions and Answers
Q: how to wire
A: The Wiring Diagram is on page 2 here:

Download File

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Q: is the sounder temporal 3?
A: Yes, the sounder is temporal 3
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