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HPC-KEKAB-T40X Two-Tag KeKab® (40 Capacity)

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HPC-KEKAB-T40X Two-Tag KeKab® (40 Capacity)
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hpc logo HPC-KEKAB-T40X Two-Tag KeKab® (40 Capacity)

HPC's Two-Tag security key control system is designed to control and provide security for 30 to 500 keys. The Two-Tag System enables you to loan a key, while keeping a copy in the cabinet for emergency use. The Two-Tag KeKab® is designed to be mounted on a wall, near a desk or a work station.
    Each HPC KeKab® II security control system includes:
  • Red Plastic Octagonal Permanent Key Tags with a self-locking key holder. This key tag is designed to hold the original key and remain in the KeKab®.
  • The tags are numbered for easy identification.
  • White Plastic Cloverleaf Loaner Key Tags that are used to hold duplicates of the permanent key. The tags are numbered for easy identification.
  • Key Organization Sleeves that are for the collection of keys. These sleeves are pre-printed with room for pertinent information.
  • Key Receipt Slips that are designed to keep a record of keys loaned out. Personnel must fill out slips in order to obtain a key. The slip is then hung on the appropriate hook in the KeKab® in place of the loaned key.
  • Brass Receipt Holder for optional use of holding key receipt slip on hook. (Complies with governmental regulations.)
  • Cross Reference Binder that contains three referencing methods for a detailed record of all keys. Includes complete key loan record, cross reference sheets and detailed instruction sheet.
  • It comes with a 3/8 inch key retaining 5-wafer cam lock or a high security 7-pin tubular lock with popout T-Handle.
  • Unique powder coat textured painting process that provides an attractive and very durable finish on all KeKab® units. The neutral sand color allows them to be hung anywhere.
  • Heavy Gauge Steel Construction with piano hinged doors and key panels provide a sturdy location to secure your keys.
The white Loaner Tags hold duplicate keys to be issued to the personnel in your facility Keep track of who has which keys with the 3-way cross-reference binder The red Permanent Tag holds the original key, and is removed only to make new duplicate keys

Capacity: 40 keys
Dimensions: 17" x 13" x 3.25" (432 x 330 x 83mm)
Weight: 12 lb (5.4 kg)
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