Hager 193S 6x24

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Hager 193S 6" x 24" Kick Plate

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Hager 193S 6" x 24" Kick Plate
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5 - US28: Satin Anodized Aluminum,Counter Sunk Holes
1 - US3: Bright Brass,Counter Sunk Holes
3 - US32D: Satin Stainless Steel,Counter Sunk Holes
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Technical Support
Product Description:
Hager 193S 6" x 24" Armor Plate - 3 Beveled Edges
  • Gauge: .050
  • Style: 3 beveled edges
  • Metal door protection plate
  • #6 x 5/8" Phillips Oval Head undercut, Stainless Steel Sheet Metal Screws for counter sunk plates
  • Truss Head Stainless Steel Screws for non-counter sunk plates, to match plated finish
  • Only available from the manufacturer in multiples of two.
  • Priced as Each.

Questions and Answers
Q: Does this plate come with predrilled holes nd screws?
A: Indeed yes the standard way that a Hager 193S 6" x 24" Kick Plate will arrive from the factory will be drilled for holes and will include #6 x 5/8" Phillips Oval Head undercut Sheet Metal Screws
Q: can I use it on a wood door or do you have one for a wooded door
A: The Hager 193S 6" x 24" Kick Plate would be perfectly suited for installation onto a wood door.
Q: can I order this with no holes?
A: Indeed yes - you can certainly order the Hager 193S 6" x 24" Kick Plate without holes - simply indicate that in the comment field when ordering that you would like it to be supplied without holes but do indicate if you want it supplied with standard fasteners which they can provide should you like to have those included.
Q: any custom cut sizes?
A: Sure thing - The entire line of Hager flat goods can be special ordered in practically any size requested. Reach out to our sales department to place your order.
Q: can I get in a 4 inch width and how much is it
A: I imagine that you are indicating 4" tall (not wide - unless you are mounting this as a push plate) and the answer is yes you can which is the Hager 193S 4" x 24" Mop Plate as seen here:

Click Here

You may notice that this item is called a mop plate and not a kick plate because the cut off where the definition falls is when something is smaller than 6 inch it becomes a mop plate - there is no difference in the plate whatsoever except the term that we used to define however it should be pointed out that kick plates are generally mounted on the push side of the door and a mop plate is generally mentioned when installing a small plate on the pool side of the door - there's no reason to get concerned over the nuances of the nomenclature - suffice it to say this is the place that you require.

Q: Ok for use outdoors?
A: Kickplates are most typically installed in exterior applications especially when it is a residential application. You're asking if it is okay to use outdoors - I imagine you are referring to the inherent characteristic of the base material to resist fatigue with exposure to the elements - everything will fatigue and fail ultimately with exposure to the elements but if you're looking for the most durable material I would suggest that you order the US32D satin stainless steel has that is the most durable base material and finish of all possible options.
Q: Will this fit on a 24" door? Or do I need to order it a little narrower. It is and exterior door that i am using this more for protection form water splash than for kicking so I would like it to cover as much as possible.
A: A 24-inch plate may fit on a 24 inch wide door however - The general rule of thumb that if you're mounting it on the push side of the door you would order it 2” less than the door width and if mounting it on the pull side of the door you would order it 1-1/2” less than than the door width.

Please contact our sales department at the link as seen here for assistance with ordering special size kick plates:

Click Here

Q: How can I see the kickplate online?
A: Heres a video of me showing a typical kick plate:

Click Here

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