Globe Tech G165J

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Globe Tech G165J Model J Fusible Link - 165°F

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Globe Tech G165J Model J Fusible Link - 165°F
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Technical Support
Product Description:
G165J Model J Fusible Link - 165°F

Standard Features:
  • Heat activated
  • Made with brass components to resist corrosion
  • High-strength, symmetrical shape with a load range of 3–10 lbs
  • 165 Degree F
  • Model J

Questions and Answers
Q: What does this do
A: It is as fusible link: from Wikipedia: A mechanical fusible link is a device consisting of two strips of metal soldered together with a fusible alloy that is designed to melt at a specific temperature, thus allowing the two pieces to separate. Mechanical fusible links are utilized as the triggering device in fire sprinkler systems and mechanical automatic door release mechanisms that close fire doors in warehouses, etc. Some high-security safes also utilize fusible link-based relockers as a defense against torches and heat-producing tools. Mechanical fusible links come in a variety of designs and different temperature ratings.
Q: I'm asking because I turned on my heat at the house and it came out of my vent
A: humm - Im not an HVAC guy - but it a loose fusble link came out of your vent - I would have to say that is not a "good thing". Fusible links, in my business anyway, are used in fire suppression and life safety applications. I would be concerned and call an HVAC service company immediately.
Q: what are the dimensions hole to hole
A: The center to center dimension on the Globe Tech G165J Model J Fusible Link - 165°F is 15/16” as seen at the link to the manufacturer's product data page at the bottom of page 3 as seen here:

Q: I have a 165 link that has a 19 on it the ones i see all have a 15 on them
A: That is likely the year of manufacturer.
Q: Can and how do you test a model J fusible link?
A: What application in which are you using this fusible link?
Q: What size hole does this product come with. I was told it has 2 nsizes to offer, both 3/16" & 1/4"
A: The ID of the hole in the Globe Tech G165J Model J Fusible Link - 165°F is .187"
Q: is there a difference i have a globe 15 stamped
A: The 15 stamped on the link indicates it was manufactured in 2015. Our stock photo is for a 2006 fusible link, which is why the photo has an "06". All Globe fusible links will come stamped with the year of manufacture.

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