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Adams Rite 4605 Transformer (12VAC, 30VA-24VAC, 40VA)
Product Review Video of Adams Rite 4605
Adams Rite 4605
Adams Rite Transformer (12VAC, 30VA-24VAC, 40VA) 4605 . Converts 120 to 12VAC/24VAC
Adams Rite
Price: $65.49
Adams Rite 4606 Transformer
Adams Rite 4606
Adams Rite transformer converts 120VAC current to 24VAC
Adams Rite
Price: $69.16
Aiphone PT-1210N Plug-in Transformer
Aiphone PT-1210N
Aiphone PT-1210N plug-in transformer, 12V AC 110V AC input.
Price: $22.56
Aiphone PT-1211C Plug-in Transformer
Product Review Video of Aiphone PT-1211C
Aiphone PT-1211C
Aiphone PT-1211C plug-in transformer, 15V AC 110V input.
Price: $15.51
Alarm Lock 221 24V Plug-in Transformer
Alarm Lock 221
Alarm Lock plug-in transformer.
Alarm Lock
Price: $41.69
Alarm Lock 222 Transformer
Alarm Lock 222
Alarm Lock wire-in transformer.
Alarm Lock
Price: $41.69
Alarm Lock 241Transformer
Alarm Lock 241
Alarm Lock plug-in transformer.
Alarm Lock
Price: $41.69
Alarmsaf T-12V10A Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-12V10A
Open frame transformer, 120vac At 2.5a/15 Vac At 280va .
Price: $176.59
Alarmsaf T-12V20A Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-12V20A
Open frame transformer, 120 Vac 14.5vac At 450va .
Price: $249.55
Alarmsaf T-12V3 Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-12V3
Open frame transformer, 120vac - .5a 16.5vac - 3a/50va .
Price: $87.02
Alarmsaf T-12V5A Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-12V5A
Open frame transformer, 120vac - 1.25a 16vac - 9a/144a .
Price: $151.61
Alarmsaf T-16V15 Plug-in Transformer
Alarmsaf T-16V15
Plug-in transformer, 120 Vac 16 Vac At 15va.
Price: $19.32
Alarmsaf T-16V50 Plug-in Transformer
Product Review Video of Alarmsaf T-16V50
Alarmsaf T-16V50
Plug-in transformer, 120vac - .5a 16.5vac - 3a/50va.
Price: $59.79
Alarmsaf T-24V10A Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-24V10A
Open frame transformer, 120vac - 4a 26vac - 15a/390va .
Price: $197.85
Alarmsaf T-24V20A Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-24V20A
Open frame transformer, 120 Vac26 Vac At 650va .
Price: $289.21
Alarmsaf T-24V3 Open-Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-24V3
Open frame transformer, 120vac - .8a 28vac - 3a/85va .
Price: $100.17
Alarmsaf T-24V40 Plug-in Transformer
Alarmsaf T-24V40
Plug-in transformer, 120vac - .5a 24vac - 1.6a/40va .
Price: $28.17
Alarmsaf T-24V4A Open Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-24V4A
Open frame transformer 120 Vac 24vac At 96va .
Price: $135.52
Alarmsaf T-24V5A Open Frame Transformer
Alarmsaf T-24V5A
Open frame transformer 120vac - 2.5a 29vac-7.5a/218va .
Price: $177.91
Altronix T12100 Open Frame Transformer
Product Review Video of Altronix T12100
Altronix T12100
Altronix T12100 open frame transformer, converts 115VAC 50/60Hz to 120VAC .
Price: $57.47
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