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Eagle Manufacturing Company produces safety cans, safety cabinets, haz-mat storage and containment vessels, plastic drums, guards & protectors, and cigarette receptacles.

Safety cans include Type I style made of galvanized steel, polyethylene, or stainless steel. Type II safety cans are made to reduce the danger of explosion while dispensing flammable liquids. Other styles include metal and HDPE disposal cans, laboratory safety cans, high density poly oily waste cans, plunger and bench and daub cans, and a special purpose can for draining fluids from cars

Safety storage cabinets are manufactured to store flammable or acid-corrosive liquids, paint-ink, and pesticides. There are models meant to store safety cans and drum storage.

Haz-mat storage and containment products include overpack, salvage, and lab pack drums, workstations, drum storage, and drum products such as tray and drip pans, funnels and covers, and mobile platforms.

Guards and protectors include delineators, post sleeves, decorative post sleeves, barricades, column protectors, corner and wall protectors, curb stops, speed bumps, machine guards, bollard posts, and poly ramps and dockplates

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