Dorma CPA440

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CPA440 Dorma Pivot Set

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CPA440 Dorma Pivot Set
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Technical Support
Product Description:
Dorma Pivot Set
CPA44O Center Hung Pivot Set, Single or Double Acting
  • aluminum doors
  • Max. door width: 4'- 0"
  • Max. door weight:: 440 LB
  • DORMA pivots support door weight effectively in a variety of applications. Like all DORMA products, our pivots are available in an array of finishes to enhance and complement surrounding decor.
  • DORMA’s LM Series of pivots using brass and steel are designed for long life and trouble-free operation. Each pivot and pivot set meets DORMA’s exacting specifications for support of rated and non-rated high-traffic interior and exterior openings, extra-heavy doors, or lead-lined doors.
  • Pivots for 20 minute and 3 hour fire-rated doors comply with applicable codes.DORMA pivots span a wide variety of styles and applications that can interface with other DORMA products on wood, aluminum, or hollow metal doors and frames.
  • They can also be used on doors of special design such as paneled doors, and doors of unusual weight, thickness, or material.
  • Pivots and pivot sets, durable and long lasting, accommodate doors weighing up to 1000 lb.
  • Pivot sets are available for center hung, 3/4" offset, and 1-1/2" offset.
  • Components are offered for center hung, 3/4" offset, 1-1/2" offset, and pocket pivot applications.
  • Floor bearings with numerous spindle heights are available to accommodate an array of bottom door clearances.
  • Floor bearings are surface applied or grouted into the floor, depending on which pivot set/floor bearing is used.
  • Heavy-duty versions are available for doors up to 1000 lb.
  • Center hung pivots and pivot sets can be singleacting (must use an applied stop) or double-acting.
Technical Instruction

For aluminum doors up to 4'-0" wide and weighing up to 440 lb.

1. No. 8062 Top Pivot
2. No. 7422 Bottom Arm
3. No. 7471K Floor Bearing

  • The DORMA LM Series is listed by U.L. and C.U.L. under their continuing reinspection programs.
  • The LM Series is certified to the requirements of ANSI A156.4.
  • DORMA’s LM Pivot Series produced from brass or steel for interior and exterior non-rated and fire-rated doors.
  • Top pivots and bottom arms will be center hung, 3/4" or 1-1/2" offset.
  • Intermediate pivots will be 3/4" or 1-1/2" offset. Side jamb bottom pivot will be 3/4" offset.
  • Top and intermediate pivots will be full mortise configurations.
  • Bottom arms and side jamb pivot will be mortised.
  • Pivots can be substituted within a pivot set, assuming the offset is the same.
  • Offset 3/4" and 1-1/2" top pivots are available for doors that are inset 1/8" from the frame face while standard intermediate and bottom arms are templated accordingly.
  • Center hung pivots will accommodate double-acting and single-acting doors.
  • Center hung single-acting will use an applied stop.
  • Pocket pivots will accommodate doors opening 90º that must be flush with an adjacent wall.
  • All pivots and pivot sets will incorporate needle bearings and lubricated hardened steel pivot pins treated to prevent corrosion.
  • All pivots and pivot sets will be available in a variety of finishes.

Plated Finishes:

  • Primed for Painting: 600.
  • Brass: 605 (Bright) or 606 (Satin).
  • Bronze: 611 (Bright), 612 (Satin), or 613 (Oxidized Satin Oil Rubbed).
  • Nickel: 618 (Bright) or 619 (Satin).
  • Chrome: 625 (Bright) or 626 (Satin).

Sprayed Finishes:

  • Aluminum: 689.
  • Bronze: 691 (Dull), 690 (Statuary), or 695 (Dark Duranodic).
  • Gold: 696.
  • Black: 693.

Optional Special Color Sprayed Finishes:

  • Specify code number or submit 3 color chip samples.


  • 5 Years.
ANSI Conversion Chart
ANSI Number
ANSI Requirement/Function
DORMA Pivot Sets
DORMA Pivots
CO7011 Center Pivoted, 1000 lb Door max. CP1000
CO7021 Center Pivoted, 250 lb Door max. CP660
CO7032 Center Pivoted, 150 lb Door max. CP440, CPA440
CO7121 Offset Pivoted, 250 lb Door max. OPH750, OP1550
CO7131 Offset Pivoted, Side Jamb Bottom Pivot, 250 lb Door max OPJ350
CO7162 Offset Pivoted, 150 lb Door max. OP440, OPL440, OP15200
CO7172 Offset Pivoted, Side Jamb Bottom Pivot, 150 lb Door max. OPJ350
CO7202 Offset Pivoted, Labeled Fire Doors, 150 lb Door max. OPF440, OPLF440, OPF15200
CO7311 Offset Pivoted, Lead-Lined Intermediate Pivot 75240
CO7321 Offset Pivoted, Intermediate Pivot 75220, 15220
CO7371 Offset Pivoted, Intermediate Pivot, Labeled Fire Doors 75233, 15233
CO7382 Offset Pivoted, Full Mortise Intermediate Pivot (light-duty) 75210
Technical Details

  • Pivots standard design includes needle bearings with hardened pins for durability and long life.
  • 3/4" and 1-1/2" offset versions available for flush and 1/8" inset door and frame conditions. Flush versions are standard.
  • Pivot sets are available for non-rated, 20 minute rated, and up to 3 hour fire-rated application.
  • Intermediate pivots are recommended with offset pivot sets.
  • Pivot sets available for lead-lined doors weighing up to 800 lb. Can also be used on non lead-lined doors.
  • Lead-lined door pivots available for varying door thicknesses. The hole pattern in the pivots is staggered to straddle the lead in the center of the door.
  • Pocket pivots available for 90º pocket door applications that require the door to be flush with an adjacent wall.
  • Pivots and pivot sets furnished standard with all machine screws. Half or all wood screw options available.
Center Hung - Single or Double Acting
3/4" Offset Hung - Single Acting
1 - 1/2" Offset Hung - Single Acting
90º Pocket Pivot Hung
Pivot Set Selection Chart
Pivot Set
Maximum Door Width
Maximum Door Weight
Fire Rated
Center Hung Double-Acting
Offset Hung Single-Acting
OP440 3/4" offset standard
4' - 0"
440 lb
OPF440 3/4" offset, up to 3 hour fire rated
4' - 0"
440 lb
OPJ350 3/4" offset side jamb
4' - 0"
350 lb
OPH750 3/4" offset heavy-duty
4' - 0"
750 lb
3/4" offset heavy-duty , up to 3 hour fire rated
4' - 0"
750 lb
OPL440 3/4" offset lead-lined
4' - 0"
440 lb
OPL800 3/4" offset lead-lined
4' - 0"
800 lb
OP15200 1-1/2" Offset
3' - 6"
200 lb
OP15500 1-1/2" offset heavy-duty
4' - 0"
500 lb
OPF15200 1-1/2 offset, up to 3 hour fire rated
3' - 6"
200 lb
OPF15500 1-1/2" offset heavy-duty, up to 3 hour fire rated
4' - 0"
500 lb
CP440 Center Hung, Wood or Steel door
4' - 0"
440 lb
CPA440 center hung, aluminum door
4' - 0"
440 lb
CP660 center hung medium -duty, wood or steel door
4' - 0"
660 lb
CP1000 center hung heav -duty , wood or steel door
6' - 0"
1000 lb
Questions and Answers
Q: Does the CPA 440 have a 90 degree hold open stop as part of it's function ?
A: No - the CPA440 is neither self centering nor hold open. Do accomplish this you would need to order a overhead concealed or floor type door closer.
(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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