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Corbin Russwin 027-5PIN-10

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Corbin Russwin 027-5PIN-10 Key Blank

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Corbin Russwin 027-5PIN-10 Key Blank
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Technical Support
Product Description:
027-5PIN-10 Key Blank
  • 5-pin 027 Key Blank
  • X Class Bitting Br/
  • Multi Section Key
  • Passes 27,27a1,27a2
Questions and Answers
Q: Please provide us with price quotation for Qty50 ea Corbin Russwin Grand Master Blank Key for N Keyways 6Pin qty:50 delivered by DHL to Beirut Lebanon.
A: What part number?
Q: Dear Rich, The preference is for N14 . If not available kindly advise pricing for N1-13M-6pin-10. Best,
A: Yes. In Stock. [removed] net ea. Sold in box qty’s of 50 ea. Quoting: N14-6pin-10
Q: Dear Rich, Please confirm the following: - The quoted is Corbin Russwin Grand Master blank key which works on all the N keyways; i.e. from N1 to N14 - We need this item shipped to Beirut Lebanon directly, what is the shipping cost for this and when can we expect it if we send you the order tomorrow? Best Regards, Sana
A: click here:

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see the 241'st page of the document

I am confirming the description of the N14 matches the above mentioned data

I believe that the understanding you have of the N14 is actually opposite of reality the end 14 key blank works on nothing other than an N14 plug and an N14 plug works on nothing and will accept nothing other than a N14 key.

It is to find a Simplex which means that it stands alone.

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Q: Can you help identify this key blank as seen here:

View Image

View Image

A: My best guess is the 1011K2 as seen in section 2 page 55 of the Kaba Ilco key blank catalog as seen here:

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