Cal-Royal BB-31

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Cal-Royal BB-31 4.5x4.5in Hinge-Full Mortise-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base

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Cal-Royal BB-31 4.5x4.5in Hinge-Full Mortise-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base
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68 - US26D - Satin Chrome,Standard Removable Pin
4 - US26D - Satin Chrome,Non-Removable Pin
3 - USP - Prime Coat,Non-Removable Pin
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Technical Support
Product Description:

4-1/2" x 4-1/2" Standard Weight Ball Bearing Steel Hinge

  • Hinge must be purchased in quantities of 3
  • ANSI A8112
  • Material: Steel
  • Gauge: .134
  • Five Knuckle
  • Two Ball Bearings
  • Number of Holes: 8
  • Screws
    • Machine: 1/2 x 12-24
    • Wood: 1-1/4 x 12
  • For standard weight doors receiving average frequency service.
  • Equipped with all machine screws and wood screws.
  • Note: Specifications of product in image may differ from product being sold. Read description carefully.
Optional Features-Call for Pricing and Availability
  • Decorative Tips
    • Ball Tip
    • Steeple Tip
  • Security Tips
    • Hospital Tip
  • Pin Options
    • Stainless Steel Pin
    • Brass Pin

Questions and Answers
Q: I have a door with set of Global Door Controls 4.5 in. x 4.5 in. Brushed Chrome Full Mortise Ball Bearing Hinges with Non-Removable Pin that I need to switch over to 4.5x 6 wide throw hinges (also NRP). The finish or even manufacturer isn't as important as the ability to have the same template for the screws. Do you have such a hinge? Thank you.
A: Yes - indeed we can help you with a white throw him that is four and a half inch tall, 6 inch wide and non-removable security pin hinge.

We can offer you the Cal-Royal WTHBB-456 4.5x6in Wide Throw Hinge-Full Mortise-Standard Weight-Ball Bearing-Steel Base As seen here:

Click Here

Is there a follow up question that we can perhaps attempt to answer? We take deep pride in our technical expertise which is based on several generations of one family with over 8 - decades of experience (something Amazon or eBay can not provide) as we know it separates us from our competition, so don't hesitate to ask.

Please reply to this email or contact our sales department here:

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Thank you for your consideration.

Q: The hinge you recommend doesn't have a non-removeable pin, as I specified in my first e-mail. Secondly, my main concern wasn't addressed at all; how can I tell if this hinge will have the same template as my original hinge, that is, have the screw holes line up in the same place?
A: Tim lets address your preconceived failure point on my part one at time. Your first concern: when you review the item, do you see the "Select Pin" option on the right hand side? Please review and advise this point.
Q: Hi Richard, I was called this morning by Raul R in Chicago. He is the manager of a Restaurant. They are having problems with the attached 43” x 83” door sagging and rubbing against the floor as seen here:

Click Here

Click Here

Raul would like to move to a continuous hinge as the door is opening and closing 100 + time a day. Can you help him? I am thinking an ABH SS Pin and Barrel A502, A500, A5505? Thanks Richard, Maybe you have a better suggestion to help him

A: Raul please review these two items:

Click Here

and here:

Click Here

I strongly suggest the first item will cure the issue. It is a Full Surface Reinforcing Pivot and used precisely for the issue that afflicts your door. It is inexpensive, readily available from our stock and relatively easy to install.

Q: As you know we purchased this Full Surface Reinforcing Pivot from your company and Yes - success it took me a while because I was busy with another restaurant that we are building. See the installed item here:

View Image

Thank you for your technical expertise and service.

A: perfect installation - thanks for sharing -
Q: My apologies. I'm not a professional builder but just a DIY homebuilder attempting his first major project. The thoroughness of the web page was lost on me and my inexperience. All I know about hinges I learned from your company's videos. Clearly I'm not ready for prime time yet. My main discover now from knowledge I've gained after some further study of your company's videos is that I need a 4.5x7.5 (or wider) hinge to save the project as it is now. This will give me the extra 1.5 inches on each plate (leaf?) I need to get around the trim and allow me to use the 4.5" template of holes already drilled into the door and door jam. Does such a seemingly odd dimension in a hinge exist? Again, I apologize for implying omissions on your part. If it's any consultation, that your response was so quick and on a Saturday at that lead to believe it was a computer-generated response from company closed on the weekends, which is how I had thought my concerns had been overlooked. Though it is Sunday as I write this, hopefully this e-mail will not find you until a calm Monday morning after a well deserved weekend.
A: Hello and thank you for the response. The second question you had was the location of the screw holes in the hinge leaf and that data is at the link called Template on that same page and can be seen here:

Download File

Regarding the width of the hinge - a 7-1/2" wide does not exist but we can do either 7" or 8" wide (and the template above detailing hinge screw hole placement would still apply as measured from the outside edge of the leaf -just imagine there is more "middle" to the hinge).

What is up next for us?

Q: I think that either a 7" or 8" wide version of that hinge would be great! I'm still not sure, though, which I'd choose. I've tried finding a hinges of that size on your webpage but couldn't find it. Could you send me links to those two options and, once I decide which way to go (after consulting a builder friend) I can refine the order (selecting finish and that I know how!) and put an order in. Finding your company's website bodes well for me. You seem to have any dimension of any kind of hardware I could possibly want. Thank you.

an example of 7" wide is here:

Click Here

An example of 8" wide is here:

Click Here

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