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Bradley P15-408

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Bradley P15-408 Replacement Liquid Soap Valve

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Bradley P15-408 Replacement Liquid Soap Valve
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Technical Support
Product Description:
Works with soap dispenser models 661, 662, 6542 and 6562
Complete valve system for P19-212

Installation Instructions The Soap Guide
Questions and Answers
Q: hello- I recently purchased a business with existing bradley soap dispensers in the bathrooms. One of them is not working properly. I took the whole unit off of the wall and worked through cleaning it of any clogs. The soap valve will not dispense soap. I am wondering if you have any further trouble shooting techniques for me. Otherwise, I will have to purchase a new valve. Any recommendations would be helpful. Thank you!
A: What is the model number of your dispenser? It's either the 661, 662, 6542 or 6562. The trouble shooting process may differ from each model.
Q: One of my bradley dispenser is not working properly. It will not dispense any soap but will sputter out runny water around the valve. I took apart the valve and cleaned is as best I could, there are no clogs. Do you have any further troubleshooting? Also, about how long would it take to ship a new valve to Detroit Michigan?
A: What is the model number of your dispenser? It's either the 661, 662, 6542 or 6562. The trouble shooting process may differ from each model. We normally have this material on hand to ship immediately - If at any point we do not have inventory it will be at least 2-weeks before it ships.
Q: Thank you for getting back with me. I believe it is model number 6542.
A: Can you tell us what regular / routine maintenance is done to the soap dispenser if any at all? Can you guess as to the age of the unit?
Q: I am sure the unit is at least 5 years old. It seems like it is in good condition. I really don't know what maintenance was ever performed on a regular basis. I know that this is the first time it has been cleaned since we purchased the business almost a year ago.
A: Please see this message from Bradley: "Valves must also be maintained (cleaned) to function properly. At the very minimum, hot water should be pumped through valves periodically to clear out soap residue. Ideally, valves should occasionally be soaked for 30 minutes in hot water or a soap valve cleaning solution. The valve should be pumped at least 20 times while it is soaking to clear any clogs. The soap reservoir should also be flushed with hot water. In cases of extreme clogging, the valve should be disassembled and the parts should be soaked in hot water or cleaning solution to restore proper functioning. If this does not fix the issue then a new soap valve would be required."
Q: hi I have ordinary wall mounted soap dispenser it's valve is leaking....and all soap drains out...kindly help me out
A: A valve replacement would be very likely the necessary remedy however if you can determine that is leaking from the rubber o-ring we may be able to replace only that part - can you tell us which soap dispenser you have?
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