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Bradley 6322-67 Soap Dispenser

Bradley 6322-67

Bradley 6322-67 Soap Dispenser

Manufacturer: Bradley
Price: $59.45
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Standard - ships in 10 business days with $150.00 minimum purchase of Bradley products or 15 business days for smaller orders. Bradley has an average lead time longer than industry standard but it is the opinion of absupply.net that the material from Bradley is of exceptional qualty and well worth the wait.
Additional Declarations - Bradley has a MAP or “minimum advertised price” policy. The price that you see listed here is the minimum price we are allowed to advertise however your price seen when you “add to cart” will be far lower.
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This item ships from WI.
ADA Compliant
Pump Type Valve, Stainless Steel piston and spout
2-1/2" Spout
4-3/4" Shank Length
Liquid Soap
Model 6322 is 16oz capacity, plastic soap container
Model 6322-67 is 16oz capacity, Stainless Steel soap container
Model 6322-68 is 32oz capacity, plastic soap container
PLUNGER AND SPOUT fabricated of type 316 stainless steel. Takes less than 5 lbs. of force to activate plunger.

ESCUTCHEON manufactured of heavy chrome plated brass.
SHANK manufactured out of molded ABS plastic.
VALVE CYLINDER manufactured out of molded clear ABS plastic.
VALVE COMPONENTS are manufactured out of Celcon, Buna-N rubber or
stainless steel.
PLASTIC GLOBE manufactured out of translucent polyethylene.
Depress piston for measured amount of liquid soap. Fills from top by unlocking and withdrawing piston and spout assembly using special key provided. The 6322 will dispense vegetable or coconut oil liquid soaps, synthetic detergents, and antiseptic solutions in a liquid form. Spout is fixed. Less than 5 lbs. force to activate.
Mount dispenser in 1" diameter hole in lavatory or counter-top. Include dispenser mounting hole location in lavatory specifications or mount in unused faucet hole. Shank will accommodate a maximum 3-1/2" mounting thickness and can be cut in the field.
Metal globe (stainless steel) 16 oz.
Plastic globe 32 oz.
Lavatory-mounted liquid soap dispenser manufactured of type 316 stainless steel, chrome plated brass and molded ABS plastic. Buna-N O-ring seals and duckbills. Valve shall dispense measured amount of vegetable or coconut oil liquid soap, synthetic detergents, or antiseptic solutions. Servicing is facilitated by use of special wrench. Less than 5 lbs. force to activate.
7-1/8" (181 mm)
2-1/2"(64 mm)
16 oz.
5"(127 mm)
2-3/4"(70 mm)
16 oz.
8-15/16"(227 mm)
3-1/4"(83 mm)
32 oz.
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Questions and Answers
Q: Hi Richard, Attached is the photo as seen here:

View Image

We are finding that the cans are rusting and holes are forming causing the soap to leak. Its a bizzare issue seeing that these are metal cans. Can you give any insight as to hy this might be happening and what plastic bottle replacement there might be? Thanks, Melissa

A: It would certainly be caused by the soap that is being used inside of the can itself. If you send a safety data sheet on the soap you are actually using inside of the container I can send it over to technical support and see if they can determine what from the soap that you are using is causing the fatigue of the metal itself.

Having said that I would suggest that you look into using the plastic version of th soap container as seen here:

Q: The Safety Data Sheet (SDS) of the soap we are using can be reviewed here:

Download File

A: We've reviewed the MSDS sheet for this soap. This soap is to acidic. The stainless steel is reacting to this and corroding. The pH levels are lower than we recommend. We recommend pH levels of 6.5-8.0. This soap has pH level of 5.0 -6.2. It also does not list the viscosity. Any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. Thanks
Q: Thanks Richard. For clarification when you say "we" reviewed, who are you referring to? Does it say anywhere on Bradley's products what the soap recommendations are or any warnings against acidic soap and possible corrosion? Thanks
A: We = me, my Bradley rep, Bradley technical support.

There is published data pertaining to guidelines for compatible chemistry of consumables used in Bradley equipment. Shall I request this data and provide?

Q: Ok. Thank you for the clarification. Yes, that would be great. Thank you for all your assistance. This is very helpful. I will present to our janitorial supervisor and recommend we change canisters and soap based on the info you are providing.
A: The factory documentation that states the recommended manufacturers guidelines for consumable materials when used in stainless canisters can be reviewed here:

Download File

Q: Hi Please provide a quote for the 16oz plastic bottles. Thanks
A: The 16 ounce bottle for the Bradley 6322 is the Bradley P10-287 Plastic Soap Cont. 16 oz. as seen here:

Click Here

Q: We decided to order from Amazon. Thank you.
A: booo hisssss

Did Amazon provide the technical support? The decades of industry of product knowledge, the follow up, the follow through, the ability to speak to tech support of the manufacturer? No - they did not. I knew what the cause of your failure was the moment you initially described the issue, gave you the solution which you questioned. I proved the conclusion with documentation and then you refused to allow me to monetize the relationship.

The time I spent on this could have been used elsewhere but we are a service oriented company, this makes us better the Amazon. Its what we do.

(Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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