ASI 7311-24B

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ASI 7311-24B Bright 24" Towel Shelf with Drying Rod

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ASI 7311-24B Bright 24" Towel Shelf with Drying Rod
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Price: $81.94 USD
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Product Description:
ASI Surface Mounted 24" Towel Shelf and Drying Rod with Bright Finish
  • Surface mount shelf on wall using No8 self-tapping screws (not supplied) through countersunk holes provided on wall plates.
  • For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, install unit with shelf top 54′′ (1372mm) maximum above finished floor if clear floor side reach access is provided or 48′′ (1219mm) max. AFF if clear floor forward reach access is provided or 46′′ (1168mm) max. AFF if side reach over an obstruction (e.g. vanity) is only provided or 44" (1118mm) max. AFF if forward Reach over an obstruction (e.g. commode) is only provided.
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