Zero 8054S-Bk-12

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Zero 8054S-Bk-12 Kerf-Frame Gasketing

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Zero 8054S-Bk-12 Kerf-Frame Gasketing
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Product Description:
Zero 8054S-Bk-12 Kerf-Frame Gasketing Silicone
  • 12" Silicone Kerf Seal
  • Color: Black

Questions and Answers
Q: Hi Richard. I am in desperate need of weatherstripping that mtches the following - hope these pics are clear enough:

View Image

View Image

Any help is greatly appreciated.

A: I would suggest the Zero 8841Y-Bk Kerf-Frame Gasketing as seen here:

View Image

As it looks awfully close to your requirement.

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