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OCC Cmp. DX006DWLS9KR 6-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black

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OCC Cmp. DX006DWLS9KR 6-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black
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OCC Cmp. DX006DWLS9KR 6-F 62.5/125 In/Out Riser 220/500Mhz*Km Distrib. Water Blocked Black

  • 6 Fiber 62.5/125 m OM1 Indoor/Outdoor Distribution Riser 900 m non Armored round PVC Black Fiber Optic CableFiber Type: OM1 62.5 MICRON MULTIMODE
  • Cable Type: TIGHT BUFFERED
  • Fiber Count: 6
  • Fire Rating: RISER
  • All-Dielectric: NO
  • Armored: NO
  • Rodent Protected: NO
  • Cable O.D. (in.) 0.22
  • Cable O.D. (mm) 5.7
  • Max. Tensile Load Installation N 1400
  • Max. Tensile Load Long Term. N 450
  • Min. Bend Radius Installation (cm) 8.6
  • Min. Bend Radius Installation (in.) 3.4
  • Min. Bend Radius Long Term (cm) 5.7
  • Min. Bend Radius Long Term (in.) 2.2
  • No. of Fibers 6
  • Max. Tensile Load Installation (lb.) 310
  • Max. Tensile Load Long Term. (lb.) 100
  • Unspsc Code 26121607
  • D-Series Distribution Cables are constructed with stranded, color-coded, 900 micron, buffered optical fibers surrounded by aramid-strength members and overjacketed with either a riser or plenum UL Rated jacket. Special jackets for harsh environments can be used for the D-Series Distribution Cables as well as other cable configurations including breakout, sub-grouping, messenger, armored, composite, hybrids and LSZH for indoor and outside plant environments.
  • High performance components and construction
  • Cable materials are indoor/outdoor - UL-listed OFNR and UV, water and fungus resistant
  • UL Listed in accordance with NEC section 770.179(b) for use in vertical runs in building riser shafts or from floor to floor
  • Wide operating temperature range of -40C to +85C
  • Helically stranded core for greater flexibility and mechanical protection of the optical fibers
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • 2-144 fiber configuration is smaller and lighter than comparable sub-grouped cables made by others: ideal for installation in areas with limited space or tight bends
  • Can be armored for additional protection in direct burial and aerial installations
  • Interlocking armor can be applied to cables as an alternative to conduit installation


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