Minute Man MMP-ERS1500RTNC

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Minute Man MMP-ERS1500RTNC ERS Ruggedized Line-Interactive UPS

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Minute Man MMP-ERS1500RTNC ERS Ruggedized Line-Interactive UPS
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Product Description:
Minute Man MMP-ERS1500RTNC ERS Ruggedized Line-Interactive UPS
Model: ERS1500RTNC
The new ERS Ruggedized UPS is a value-priced, yet feature-rich UPS incorporating line-interactive technology that preserves battery power by providing automatic voltage regulation during brownouts or voltage sags, and other fl uctuations in utility power. Designed to effi ciently operate in extreme temperature rated environments, the ERS can be used to support Servers, Telecom equipment, VoIP systems, Security systems, Traffic control and monitoring equipment or a variety of other applications where standard UPS products are unable to operate. A front panel LED display provides visual notifi cation of the UPS status, including AC input status, battery status, and UPS fault indication.
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