Yale 1902-4

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Yale 1902/4 Traditional Regular Arm Surface Door Closer

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Yale 1902/4 Traditional Regular Arm Surface Door Closer
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Product Description:

Yale 1902/4 Traditional Regular Arm Surface Door Closer

Installation Instruction Templates Product Brochure
Exit Device
One-Size Aluminum Housing
Closer is housed in special aluminum alloy shell selected for its ability to provide optimum performance. One
body size provides simplified templating and installation.

Adjustable Spring Power
Clock-type coil spring allows incremental adjustment of closer power to meet individual installation needs.
The closing force can be increased by at least 50% over the minimum closing force for each closer size. A
spanner wrench is provided with each closer for power adjustment.

Rack and Pinion Design
Provides a smooth constant control of the door through its full opening and closing cycle.

Adjustable Closing Speed/Latch Speed
A dual-purpose regulating valve, hex-key operated, permits independent adjustment of both sweep and latch speed.

Adjustable Backcheck Cushioning
An independent regulating valve is provided for increasing or decreasing the strength of the backcheck
cushioning with a 1/8" (3mm) hex key.

Non-Hold Open Arms
Supplied standard with closer.

Adjustable Power Standard Installation Jamb Bracket

Provides a ±7-1/2% power adjustment by relocation of the forearm pin in the jamb bracket. Supplied
standard with all standard installation and corner bracket installation non-hold open closers.

Hold Open Arms
Permit door to be held open at any point between 90° and 180° by using different closer mounting locations.
Hold open arms are non-handed for standard arm and corner bracket installations. Hold open arms are
handed for parallel arm and rigid parallel arm installations.

Field Reversible
Closer spring can be reversed to accommodate the hand of the installation when arms are non-handed. To
save time and costs on the job site, it is recommended to order the closer for the proper hand of door. Delayed action closers are not reversible.

Adjustable Delayed Action Closing
Closer’s initial closing speed at the beginning of the closing cycle (from full open down to approximately 70°) is adjustable, allowing slow-moving traffic to pass through the opening before the closer begins its normal closing speed. For regular arm non-hold open closers only. Delayed action closers are handed. They are not available with backcheck cushioning.

This is the only pull-side application where a double
lever arm is used. It is the most power-efficient
application for a door closer. Sufficient frame, door
and/or ceiling clearance must be considered. Since
the arm assembly projects directly out from the
frame, this application may present an aesthetics
issue or be prone to vandalism.
Maximum Door Size
Wood or Metal
Inches (cm)
Interior 48" (122)
Exterior 36" (91)
Ceiling Clearance
Inches (mm)
1-1/2" (38)
Questions and Answers
Q: What color is standard and is this equal to Norton 78b/f
A: Sprayed Aluminum 689 is the common finish but the Yale 1902/4 can be ordered in these finishes as well:

Sprayed Finishes:
Aluminum 689 which will compliment 625, 628, 629, 630, 651, 652
Statuary Bronze 690 which will compliment 613, 640, 695 STAT
Dull Bronze 691 which will compliment 612, 637, 639 BL
Black 693 which will compliment 315
Medium Amber 694 which will compliment 312
Gold 696 which will compliment 605, 606, 632, 633 GB
Prime Coat* 600 — SRI *600 is a special rust-inhibiting prime coat. Closers can be ordered prime coat only (specify closer x 600). An additional charge applies if finish coat is required over prime coat (ex: 1902/4 x 600 x 690).

Moving forward the Norton 78b/f is not a correct part number. The Norton 78 offers a choice of adjustable spring power as the:

B/D - Spring size 2, 3, or 4
E/F - Spring size 5 and 6

The Yale 1902/4 Traditional Regular Arm Surface Door Closer and the Norton 78B/D are indeed remarkably similar (all but identical).

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Q: Rich, Check out these pictures.

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

Click Here

If you want better pictures that the door closer on the floor by itself or some particular aspect of the closer just please let me know. These are just the first rough round, that I took. And, the Corbins are a lot bigger than the Yales. And, we have plenty of brackets for each. What I need to know is how to pick a good door closer. Both are on the in side( door swings out) and one on the left and one on the right - for just 2 bathroom doors - heavy large oak doors 112 lb. Thanks, thanks, thanks, Butch.

A: These will go onto bathroom doors where?  A restaurant?
Q: This is a high frequency flagship garden center location in a downtown area of Birmingham Alabama, like a half  city block complex or something with restaurants on either side. Dozens of times a day, he said. Didn't say if they were in the restaurant.
A: The public will use those doors?
Q: Yes - indeed these are public use restrooms.
A: You will need to purchase new closers, none from your collection will work. Great unit to consider:

Click Here

A conversation that I have had with a previous client regarding this exact instance can be reviewed at the link here:

Click Here

in summary the conversation goes on to discuss how these door closers that are from the 1940s and 1950s and 1960s and are indeed still available today do not meet current building code especially when it comes to americans with disability act compliance requirements in the federal code.

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