Video review of Ultra Hardware 61305 Card of 4 Light Duty Zinc Plated S Hook

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Ultra Hardware 61305. This is a card of 4 what they call light duty zinc plated S hook. I've got a package cut open here. I don't know that I would call this necessarily light duty, although I certainly wouldn't classify it as any duty, but I wouldn't hesitate to put 25 lbs. I'm sure that would be well within this wire gauge specification. The wire gauge is .148 and I'm sure it would handle a much greater amount of weight, but I've never tested it so I don't know for sure. Let's give you some dimensions. It's zinc plated so that's going to be good for corrosion resistance. Overall length of the S hook is about 2-1/8". Overall width, about 1". Sold as a card of 4 so when you buy 1, you're sent 1 package or a card of 4 pieces. The name Ultra Hardware is synonymous with many things builders hardware related. They're a comprehensive importer of much of that line, but not only builders hardware like general hardware items like this but home hardware like door stops and locksets, and a comprehensive offering of cabinet hardware as well, and they get into some commercial hardware on top of all of that. Any questions on the Ultra Hardware 61305 card of 4 zinc plated light duty closed S hook, or any other Ultra product, please feel free to reach out to us.Ultra Hardware 61305 video review thumbnail
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