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Video review of Bommer LB4310-350-632 3.5x3.5in Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Polished Brass Plated

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer LB4310-350-632 3.5x3.5in Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Polished Brass Plated. The 'LB' stands for a maintenance free style of bearing (lube bearing). The 4310 means that this is a template pattern, square corner hinge, residential leaf thickness of 96 thousandths (typical leaf thickness for residential doors). The 350 is in reference to the size. This hinge is 3-1/2" tall, 3-1/2" wide. The 632 is a reference to the finish. The hinge is made of steel in a polished brass finish. This is a full-mortise hinge (you can see that from the swag on the hinge leaves). This hinge is intended to be mortised to the edge of the door and the frame so that everything is flush. This hinge is available from Bommer in every conceivable size that you would need. Available in different finishes as well. You'll see these on garage doors into homes, if you had a 1-3/8" door. The 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" is a hint that the door is probably 1-3/8". People may even put these on bedroom doors or rooms that are not used often. The template pattern means that the holes are in a common location for the screw holes. Screws are included (all wood screws & all machine screws are included in a complimentary finish). Bommer makes these for every manufacturer of residential doors and frames, this means that the location of the screw holes could be in different locations based on the need (any questions reach out to us). There is a link below this video to the template, which shows everything important dimensionally about this item. There is also a guide that shows you how many spring hinges you should use. They recommend anywhere from 3ft to 7ft doors. You'd want two hinges if you're dealing with a door that is about 85LBS, if the door is heavier use three spring hinges. You can mix & match with standard hinges, the vertical axis of pivoting is compatible with standard 3-1/2" hinges. There is a link below this video to certifications & hinge selection guide. Personally, what I have found is that when I have more spring hinges than less, I can share the work between the springs more evenly, which allows me a greater amount of success when trying to get the door to not only close, but latch. Latch in a way that I don't have to get the door moving quickly so it slams or not latch. If you're not sure how many spring hinges you may need, opt with going for more, not less. There is guide on the back of the box that shows how to install this unit and set the tension. The instructions are also below this video. You'll receive a tension rod (piece of steel) with this hinge. You will install the hinge with what is called the tension collar, towards the top. This hinge can be used for left or right hand applications. Insert the tension rod into one of the holes and turn it clockwise. When you do that your will reveal additional holes. That's how you go about setting the tension, you'll pop a pin into one of those holes. Tension pins are included (one per hinge is all you need). Once you pop the pin in you can release your tension rod. You don't want to overset these because you can end up breaking the spring, which rarely happens and if it does it's not a failure of the product, there just aren't enough spring hinges. This hinge by Bommer is made in the U.S.A. Bommer is a full-line manufacturer of all things hinge related, not only residential hinges like this, but commercial as well. They have a large variety of full-mortise style hinges, heavy duty, swing clear, raised barrel, half surface, and much more. If you have any questions on the Bommer LB4310-350-632 3.5x3.5in Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Polished Brass Plated or any other product by Bommer please feel free to reach out to us.Bommer LB4310-350-632 video review thumbnail

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