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Video review of Trimco 1205 Base Stop

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Trimco 1205613. This is a baseboard mounted door stop, not baseboard mounted but it's a base mounted door stop, to the wall or a wall mounted. Not your average one though, this is very heavy duty, very durable, something that you're going to see on those doors that take a constant amount of use and abuse, high volume applications that would exceed 1 million cycles, things like that, schools, public places, things like that. The 1205 is representative of this straight style of stop; it is also representative of the fact that this is the type that features a threaded bolt into the base. Here's your screw package, by the way. What's really nice about a screw package from Trimco is you get everything. You're going to get your threaded bolt, and a lead expansion shield, you'll get a hanger bolt in case you're going into something that's wood. You're going to get a small lead expansion shield, and a wood screw, and a machine screw, the machine screw would go with the small lead expansion shield. Threaded part goes in here, either machine or wood thread at the other end. Same aspect down here where you'll lose the smaller stuff, great quality item. The fit and finish is superb on this material from Trimco, and that is a statement that is synonymous with Trimco "superb fit and finish". Every time I see the material, I just like it a lot. The rubber tip is durable, non-marring. Dimensionally, Trimco has this item at 3-3/4" projection, with a 2-1/4" base dimension. So 3-3/4" is what they called it at, it's closer to 3-5/8". Then we've got 2-1/4", we're in good shape right there. Available in several different architectural finishes, your brasses, your bronze, your chromes, polished satin, things of that nature. Very nice quality item. Trimco the name is synonymous with trim and auxiliary hardware, not only door stops, but push plates, pull plates, they have an entire decorative line of architectural door pulls, and they have their handicap or their ADA compliant sliding or pocket door pulls which is a proprietary unique item to Trimco alone. If you have any questions on the Trimco 1205 base door stop straight, or any other Trimco product, please feel free to reach out to us.Trimco 1205 613 video review thumbnail

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