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Video review of ASI 0002-ASM Square Cup Dispenser

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This video is to bring you a closer look at the ASI 0002-ASM. This is a square style cup dispenser, is what this model is. Cup dispensers are generally round, however, ASI has this square version as well. That's the bottom of it that we're looking at. Now this white film that you see here is just the peel away protective coating. You can see that you've got stainless steel there. The bottom will be supported by this stainless piano hinge or continuous hinge. The back, when you get it secured to the wall, flips down just like this for loading. You can see how your cabinet type catch there holds that securely on the wall. You've got a couple of holes back here for screws. Screws are not provided. Now dimensionally, there is a link below this video to what's called the cut sheet. That shows this unit is 3-1/2" wide, pretty close to that. 14" is the height. Projection, it's square so it's gonna be 3-1/2" projection. 188 stainless steel. Will dispense 100 3 oz. cups. 22 gauge type 304 with a No. 4 satin finish on it. PVC film, easily removable after installation like we've discussed. The unit is surface-mounted using No. 10 screws supplied by others, completely concealed. For important mounting note, the ADA accessibility guideline says that the unit is not to exceed 54" maximum above the finished floor, when you've got clear access to it, and that's gonna be to the top of the unit. If you have to reach over something like a vanity, they want that lowered to 48". 48" if you've got some side reach, that is necessary. Cups are self-feeding until supply is depleted. Dispenser may be reloaded with a partial load in place so that you can just pull that open and just top it off, should it be necessary, and will continue to feed properly. Got a sight view here and ASI has a comprehensive offering of commercial bathroom equipment, material that you'll see. Something like this is very common to see in a lounge or some sort of private area where cups would be necessary. A break room in a manufacturing facility is very common for this sort of application, but they manufacture mirrors and grab bars and soap dispensers, etc. Everything from motel sort of applications where it is lower cost, lower volume, all the way up to material that you'll see in the highest volume spaces like airports, hospitals, etc. Any questions on the ASI 0002-ASM square cup dispenser, or any other ASI product, please feel free to reach out to us.ASI 0002-ASM video review thumbnail

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