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Video review of ASI 7335 S

This video is to bring you a closer look at the ASI 7335-S Satin Toothbrush and Tumbler Holder. This is a toothbrush and a tumbler holder in a satin finish, that's what the S means. The 7335 means is a toothbrush and a tumbler holder. S for satin finish. The part number will change in only that you will substitute the S for a B ( bright ). This is all stainless steel. Mounting, this item is very easy. There is a wall clip that's here, you attache this portion to a wall with these two little fingers pointed up. When you've got that on the wall where you want it, fasteners are not included, these two little fingers will rest on the inside of the shoulder here and just hold it there easily and you of course tighten your set screw. Dimensionally are references to all the important information on the same link below this video. Overall width: 4 1/3" It self: 3" Overall projection: 4" This base that is here is 2"x 2". It is very common item that you will see on the hooks. Surface mount unit on wall, using No10 self tapping screws through holes provided in mounting plates. Hang flange and post assemblies with bar captured on mounting plates and tighten set screws supplied to lock unit to plates. For compliance with ADA Accessibility Guidelines, install unit with top of soap dish 54" maximum above finished floor (AFF) if clear floor side reach access is provided or 48" max. AFF if clear floor forward reach access is provided or 46" max. AFF if side reach over an obstruction (e.g. vanity) is only provided. For general utility mount unit with top of soap dish 8" to 12" above vanity basin. You want to make sure your stuff doesn't bottom out. Tumbler hole will accommodate a standard tumbler that tapers to less than 2-1/4'' dia. at bottom, or a straight tumbler of 2-1/8'' dia. with a rim larger than 2-1/2''. Toothbrush holder accommodates up to six (6) toothbrushes. Nice quality item. ASI is a full line manufacturer of all things restroom related not only something that's gonna be intended to go into a light duty sort of application such as this all the way up to heavy duty material that you will see in hospitals etc If you have any questions regarding ASI 7335-S Satin Toothbrush and Tumbler Holder or any other ASI product please feel free to reach out to us. ASI 7335-S video review thumbnail

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