Video review of Bommer LB4310-400-633 Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Satin Brass Plated

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer LB4310-400-633 Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Satin Brass Plated. The 'LB4310' represents that this is a common hinge because of the 4" x 4" dimension with a template pattern on the screw holes. This will be for very typical and generic applications, not for specific door systems. The 'LB' stands for the lube bearing, 'maintenance free' feature. The 4310 stands for the fact that this is a single acting spring hinge. You can see from the swag on the hinge leaves that this is to be mortised to the door and frame. The 400 stands for the size, 4" tall and 4" wide. The 633 means the finish is satin brass. Available in different finishes from Bommer. There is a guide in terms of quantity of hinges, door size and weight. There is a link to the template that goes over all the dimensions. There are installation instructions on the back of the box that the hinges are going to come in, but there is also a link below this video to them. For the quantity of hinges, you're generally dealing with doors that are 3070 and if you've got a door that weighs up to 85LBS you'll want to use two spring hinges. If you have a door heavier, three spring hinges are recommended. The pivoting axis is compatible to mixing & matching with a standard 4" x 4" hinge. With more spring hinges the door has better potential for closing and latching as well (better to use three than two, or two than one). This way you don't have to mess around with setting the tension really high or really low. You'll receive all wood and metal screws in a complimentary finish (1024). You'll also be receiving a tension rod, with a pin for each of the hinges you order (all you need is one pin per hinge). You insert your tension rod into the tension collar on the hinge, turn it clockwise and you will reveal additional holes. It is into one of those holes that you will insert the pin. This item is non-handed (works for left and right handed applications). This is 185 thousandths to 109 thousandths mortise thickness compatibility. Square corners, this is steel based. This Bommer hinge is made in the U.S.A. If you have any questions on the Bommer LB4310-400-633 Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Satin Brass Plated or any other product by Bommer please feel free to reach out to us. Bommer LB4310-400-633 video review thumbnail
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