Video review of Bobrick B-295

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bobrick B-295. This is a shelf, very typical and common item that you are going to see in a lot of commercial restrooms like in airports. They are extremely handy to have them available. I've seen them in restaurants as well. The B-295 from Bobrick is available in 16", 18" and 24". This is the 24" model. The B-295 is specifically 5" deep shelf. The overall height of the mounting bracket 3". The return on the edge it's about 11/16" Face 3/4" The white film you see it's simply a peel away protected film that when you peel it away you will see the stainless steel. Brackets are 16" gauge, there are holes on the back for fasteners, fasteners are not included. There is a link below this video to the Technical Drawing which shows exactly that. Also there is a link below this video to the Product Specification regarding installation etc Bobrick is a full line manufacturer of all things restroom related. Very good quality fin and finish, there is no evidence of the spot welds. If you have any questions regarding Bobrick B-295 or any other Bobrick product please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you. B-295x36 video review thumbnail
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