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Video review of Detex 100450 Hex Dogging Key

Item reviewed in this video:
This video is to bring you a closer look at the Detex 100450. This is a hex dogging key. I'm trying to get the camera to focus on that end there, but no such luck. It's 5/32" and that's going to be appropriate for Detex exit devices. Even has a molded plastic head like a key, which is nice and neat. Unique, at least in my knowledge unique to Detex. Has a hole there for the key ring. Overall length of the key, 2-1/4". Length of the head, about 7/8". Height of the head, about 1-3/8". Thickness of the head, about 5/16". The name Detex is synonymous with exit devices and hardware, and it's of course that classic ECL230D mechanical box with a cylinder alarm orange paddle that you see, it's ubiquitous it seems. There's a link below this video to the manufacturers page where you can pull up their full line catalog, and review all things Detex. If you're looking for a dogging key, you're probably familiar with Detex, but use that catalog as a reference for future potential needs. Any questions on the Detex 100450 5/32" dogging key, or any other Detex product, please feel free to reach out to us.Detex 100450 video review thumbnail

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