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Video review of Trimco 7001 Push Plate

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Trimco 7001 Push Plate. This push plate is shown to you in the stainless steel finish and there is a white protective peel away film that is on this stainless plate. Pull back a corner of it and reveal it to you a little bit. Not too much, it’s going to a client. You can see that it is a satin finish on the stainless steel there. What's unique about the 7001 is that it is adhesive backed. There are no screw holes as you can see. I'll hold it horizontal just for the sake of the camera. It's all adhesive backing that is on here, peel away 2 sided tape. The 7001 is synonymous with the fact that it is 4" wide and 16" tall. Available in several different finishes and adhesive mount is really not and is by no means the most common way to attach a push plate. However it is something that there is a need in the market place for manufacturers, for Trimco to manufacture the item with no holes and with self-adhesive tape and it is a way that people attach push plates to doors that is the bottom line. Again available in several different finishes and Trimco is a full line manufacturer of trim and auxiliary goods. The name Trimco is synonymous with good quality fit and finish. It just looks nice when it is done and presented and comes to the client. Everything is thought through I think with them, I enjoy Trimco products a good deal. Absolutely, good quality material, good customer service. Their products are always well worth the wait if there is a lead time. Any questions on the Trimco 7001 4x 16 self-adhesive mount push plate or any other Trimco product please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you.Trimco 7001 630 video review thumbnail

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