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Video review of Air Louvers SL 12x12 Vision Frame

Please find this product at http://absupply.net This video is to bring you a closer look at Air Louvers SL vision Frame. This is a 12x12 that you see here. We will go over that size in a moment. This is the SL or slim line metal vision frame. That’s the exterior side you see or the side that would be considered the lock side if there was a lock. That’s the inside with the counter sinks there for the screws. Let’s inspect this a bit closer. So the exterior side has basically this trough sort of concept to it. The glazing and the glass sits comfortably into this. You can see on these flanges, a hole here, a hole here in each of them since it’s a 12x12 it’ll have 2 holes in each on all four sides. That’s where the screws go. Screws are included come in this bag, in a complementary finish. A typical number 6 style screw, I’ll take one out and show it to you. Number 8, let’s go with number 8 complementary finish. By the way, the standard finish on the Air Louver called mineral bronze, to complement a variety of colors very well. Oak doors, wood doors of every species seem to complement this, steel doors. Hardware, this is pretty universal to be complementary to a lot of different finishes of hardware. So your screws will go through the beveled portion of the vision frame. As you get your vision frame brought up into the hole, assuming your door is laying flat. Drop your plate on, you will easily be able to eyeball and get a screw started a couple of turns. Get one started on the other end and do it just like you would tighten a wheel on a car if you were changing a tire. I skip around, I get them tight, I get the margin really nice. It works perfect. The metal vision frame by Air Louver, the slim line is just the simplest of items to work with. Slim line because your door is here and you can see the projection off the face of the door is practically nil. Ok. Very small amount of projection you are going to be dealing with. Really nice quality material by Air Louver, who is a full line manufacturer of every conceivable very comprehensive line of vision frames and louvers as well. So the scheme that goes along with the SL unit is that your order size is your cut out size. So this is a 12x12, so that means the hole in the door needs to be 12 inch by 12 inch. The determination of the glass size and the exposed size is easy. Order size is the hole cut out size. Glass size is 1 inch smaller in each direction. Your exposed sides, which is the amount of visible space is 2 inches smaller than the order size. 12x12 means an 11x11 piece of glass with an exposed size of 10x10. That’s how they will go across the entire line of your SL series material. Some features of this you’ve got radius corners mitered and welded. Ok, a continuous glass retainer that’s going to be down here. Screws counter sunk for fastening on the room side in the beveled edge. You don’t want access to the screws on a locked side of the door. Mineral bronze baked on powder coat made for 1-3/4” inch doors and ¼” glass, a little bit of room for glazing. I usually use 1/8” thick foam tape works out really well. You can make it work with thinner 3/16” or even 5/16” glass. You will have to play with your thickness of the glazing tape at that point. These are UL 10C 20 minute rated along with being used in 45, 60, 90 minute rated doors, even greater ratings this will work with. At this point it will become dependent on what type glass that you’re using. There’s a table below this video showing everything important about it. You know one thing before we move on. We talked about the order size, the glass size, the cut out size, an important thing to know, well not important but sometimes it is if you have a very large vision frame you want to make sure you are not conflicting with hardware. Talking about conflicting with hardware, it’s important to know what the outside dimension would be. That dimension is 1-3/8” wider than the order size. While that’s still very narrow to the face of the door or flush or practically flush the projection is all but zero. You want to make sure this isn’t running into a lockset, exit device, or a door closer, or a kick plate, or whatever else you could screw to a face of a door or in a door. Keep that in mind. If you are using an exit device, even though this is practically flush, I think you would want to order the trim kit that would accompany a lot of different exit devices to build it off the face of the door a little bit. Made of 20 gauge stainless steel, not stainless steel, you can get stainless steel. 20 gauge cold roll steel is what it’s made of. Galvanized is an option, again stainless steel. Custom finishes, custom door thicknesses, custom glass thicknesses. Air Louvers has been making this stuff as long as I can remember. And I’ve always been thrilled with their quality, the company’s ability to fulfill needs, just good stuff. I wouldn’t hesitate to use Air Louver on any job at any time quite frankly. Moving on, if you have any questions on Air Louver SL series of metal vision frames or any other Air Louver product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you. Air Louvers SL12x12 video review thumbnail

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