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Video review of ASI 0712 Retractable Clothes Line

Item reviewed in this video:
This video is to bring you a closer look at the ASI 0712 Retractable Clothes Line. It is a very common item that we sell all the time. People use these in apartments, bathrooms, ect. Polished stainless steel case. You've got a spring-loaded nylon cord (vinyl covered). You have a locking nut that you can turn that helps set and release the tension. Comes with a keeper for the opposite side. The white finish that you see on there is just a peel away protective film. It is going to include instructions and there is a link below this video to those instructions. They show how to install it, quite simple and straight forward. You have a plastic pad with a punch out in the center. What they want you to do is pop out the center of this, use the outside of it as a mount (don't attach the metal right tot he wall, the plastic pad is your mount). You will then mount the keeper. It goes on with a wall bracket, and once the wall bracket is attached to the wall, you will have a slot up near the top of the retractable line pod, the bracket will fit into there. Into the hole you will then inset the set screw (small screw). You'll run that screw through the bottom of the pod and lock it into the threaded portion of the wall plate. You will get all the screws you need (round head screw will be used for attaching the wall plate). Oval head screws are for the keeper. Locate where you want this to be (you'll have holes on the backing plate, those templates, so you can mark where you want your holes). Any other fasteners that you'll need you'll have to provide. If you're going through dry wall I wouldn't use a plastic anchor, you really want something that is going to grab. The cut sheet shows everything important dimensionally. It is 3-5/8" diameter, projection of the body is an 1-1/8". A guide to a specification is on the cut sheet as well. We've also sold these for military barracks. Very important in terms of installation, if you're installing this in compliance wit ADA guidelines, install the unit so that it is a maximum of 54" above the finished floor (if the area is clear). If you have to lean over to reach the line than 48" is the installation you want. ASI is a full-line manufacturer of all things bathroom related, they have a very knowledgeable staff at hand. If you have any questions on the ASI 0712 Retractable Clothes Line or any other product by ASI please feel free to reach out to us. ASI 0712 video review thumbnail

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