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Video review of Bommer LB4310-400-639 Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Satin Bronze Plated

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer LB4310-400-639 Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Satin Bronze Plated. This is a full-mortise hinge as you can see from the swag on the hinges. Residential thickness, this will work with frames that are mortised for 85 thousandths up to 110 thousandths deep. The 'LB' stands for the self-lubricating bearing. The 4310 means this is single acting hinge with square corners and a template pattern for the screw holes. The 400 means that the hinge is 4" tall and 4" wide. The 639 stands for the satin bronze finish. There are links below this video to the template which will show you everything important dimensionally about the hinge. There are installations instructions as well. You'll receive screws to match (all wood and metal screws). A tension rod a pin will be included (only need one pin per hinge). To set the tension you inset the tension rod into one of the holes on the collar of the hinge. Turn it clockwise (only) and you will then reveal additional holes, you then insert the pin into one of those holes and remove your tension rod. This hinge is non-handed (works for left or right handed applications). This will not be a manufacturers specific sort of hinge. Different door manufacturers use different templates for their screw patterns. There is a guide below this video that shows the quantity of hinges needed due to the weight of the door. These are for 3070 doors. If you have an 85LBS door you'd use two and if you have a door up to 110LBS you'd use three spring hinges. These hinges are inexpensive. Personally, I feel more hinges are better, because if you have three hinges on the door instead of two, then you can share the job of the two hinges amongst the three. The more hinges the better potential for the door being able to close and latch. If you over set the tension and the spring breaks you'll have to replace the hinge (very rarely does this happen). You can mix and match these hinges because the vertical axis pivoting is compatible with a standard 4" x 4" standard hinge. Many different finishes are available along with the 3-1/2" x 3-1/2" size. Also there are different patterns and radiuses, dependent on your manufacturer requirements for the door and frame you're installing this with. This Bommer hinge is made in the U.S.A. If you have any questions on the Bommer LB4310-400-639 Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Satin Bronze Plated or any other product by Bommer please feel free to reach out to us.Bommer LB4310-400-639 video review thumbnail

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