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Video review of Bommer LB4310-350-600 3.5x3.5in Single Acting Spring-Full Mortise Hinge

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Bommer LB4310-350-600 3.5x3.5in Single Acting Spring Hinge-Full Mortise-Residential Weight-Lube Bearing-Steel Base-Primed for Painting. The LB means that this is maintenance free style lube bearing construction on the spring hinge. 4310 means that is a template pattern, square corner single acting full mortise spring hinge, when the door is closed the hinge is mortise, that's how it supposed to be. Gauge: .096 350 means that is 3.5" tall and 3.5" wide 600 means that is in a prime cote finish. Screws are included, all wood all metal. Typical template pattern, regular screw holes location. Guide line below recommended hinges by Bommer : 70 lbs with two spring hinges and one butt hinge 90 lbs with three spring hinges I am fan of using all hinges if you can, hinges are inexpensive and you can buy them in multiple quantities. Single acting spring hinges like this is going to have a tension collar. There is a link below this video to the Template which shows dimensionally everything important about this item. There is instructions on setting the tension on back of the instructions and the link below this video as well. Setting the tension: the tension collar always should be pointed up you insert the tension rod that's included and you also gonna get a silver pin, you insert it in one of these holes clock wise you can see that you reveal additional holes. I found that i get more amount of success when i got all spring hinges because i get more hinges getting the work more proportionally than the top hinge. What the pay off of this is when you set the tension on spring hinges sometimes you've got to really crank the spring tension to get the door, sometimes you get slammed the door and just poops right back . You can get more control of it by having more standing amount than force. Available in several different finishes, available in several different sizes, different hole patterns. 3.5" tells me is residential. Bommer made in USA. Really good quality product. If you have any questions regarding Bommer LB4310-350-600 3.5x3.5in Single Acting Spring-Full Mortise Hinge or any other Bommer product please feel free to reach out to us. Bommer LB4310-350-600 video review thumbnail

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