Video review of Trimco 4873 3 Surface Bolt

This video is to bring you a closer look at the Trimco 4873 Surface Bolt. Get the camera to focus just on the bolt, not going to happen. Really nice quality surface bolt by Trimco. 4873 is representative of the fact that this is a typical modern style surface bolt. The "3" part of the part number means that it is 3". And 3" is referenced to and there's a link below this video to the cut sheet so we won't go over every single dimension. Length of the body, per the cut sheet. The 3" means that you are going to have a B dimension of 5/8" so that's the projection. That would also be very important to know. 5/8" projection, obviously a little bit more then that. Available in several different finishes on the website. And Trimco for me is synonymous with good quality. Every time I get my weekly Trimco order in, its always a real nice thing to be able to take a look at their material. Polished Brass US 3 or 605 polished brass finish. Several lengths are available. You can see the references to the different part numbers in the cut sheet. 2" al lthe way up to 12". You are going to get the mortise strike and the cut sheet does show that dimension, 1-9/16" x 5/8". You are also going to get the rim strike or what they call the universal catch. You can use that for a lot of different situations. You know, people use these in dutch doors like that. All kinds of stuff. Screws are going to be included. The screws, this bolt is brass, that's a magnet and there is no attraction there. These screws however are not going to be brass. You really wouldn't want them to be per se becasue screws, brass screws are real soft and difficult to get in so there would be some ferrous materail on these flat head #6 screws. Surface bolts like these are used, small ones like this are used in a variety of applications. Holding small cabinet doors closed you know. Doors that are smaller in nature, or foot lockers. I've seen them used to hold lockers closed with different sorts of configurations to the lid. There's no hard and fast rule to when you would use this and when you wouldn't. However this is a 3" bolt so its relatively small. Acess to the fastening hole there and there. Four screws total. Two here and two for your strike. Real nice quality company. Trimco is their products always worth the lead time as in manufacturing time if there is one with Trimco. Always worth the wait if there is one. If you have any questions on the Trimco 4873 3" surface bolt or any other Trimco product, please feel free to reach out to us. Thank you. Trimco 4873 video review thumbnail
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