SRS Harwdare BS 16 LB

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SRS Harwdare BS 16 LB Stop Bead Adjusters - Lacquered Brass

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SRS Harwdare BS 16 LB Stop Bead Adjusters - Lacquered Brass
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BS 16 LB Stop Bead Adjusters - Lacquered Brass

  • Used to secure the interior stops in hung and fixed windows as well as fixed units
  • Made of solid brass, allow for 1/8″ of lateral adjustment and come complete with slotted round head screws.
  • Using SRS Adjusters allows for the periodic adjustment of the stop should the sash swell or contract seasonally.
  • In addition, they allow for the neat and simple removal of the stop and sash for painting or glazing or to move furniture and other materials through the window opening.
  • Adjusters are pressed into a ½” hole drilled in the stop and the rolled edge provides an attractive finished appearance.
  • Note: Packages of 24 are generally sufficient for 3-4 windows depending on stop length.

Additional information:
  • Dimensions: 6 × 5 × 1 in
  • Dimensions: Bead 5/8" dia. Round head screw – 1" x #8
  • Materials: Solid Brass
  • Package Includes: 24 stop beads, 24 slotted screws of matching finish
  • Finish: Lacquered Brass
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