Schlage AL53PD SAT 605

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Schlage AL53PD SAT 605 AL Series Grade 2 Entrance Lockset with Saturn Lever - Polished Brass

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Schlage AL53PD SAT 605 AL Series Grade 2 Entrance Lockset with Saturn Lever - Polished Brass
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Technical Support
Product Description:
AL53PD SAT 605 AL Series Grade 2 Entrance Lockset with Saturn Lever - Polished Brass
Schlage A-series
Entrance Function: Turn/push-button locking; pushing and turning button locks outside lever requiring use of key until button is manually unlocked. Push-button locking; pushing button locks outside lever until unlocked by key or by turning inside lever.
  • Exceeds all ANSI A156.2, 1996, Series 4000 Grade 2 strength and operational requirements including 400,000-cycle testing.
  • True thru-bolting of door prevents lock chassis rotation and disengagement from latch.
  • Stainless steel interlocking spindle design for added strength against excess force when lever is in locked position or latch has been fully retracted.
  • Cold-rolled steel, machined, threaded hubs, and locking nuts prevent loosening of the lockset by bolting chassis to the door.
  • Heavy-duty compression springs extend life of spring cage, minimize droop, and provide smooth, fast return action of levers.
  • Patented door range adjuster allows quick and easy adjustment of the AL-SERIES for 1-3/8" to 1-7/8" (35 mm-48 mm) thick doors.
Available Finishes
Polished Brass
Satin Brass
Satin Bronze
Oil Rubbed Bronze
Polished Chrome
Satin Chrome
Available Strikes
4-7/8" ANSI (standard)
Size: 1-1/4" x 4-7/8" x 3/32"
Lip Length: 1-1/8"
2-3/4" Square Corner
Size: 1-1/8" x 2-3/4" x 3/32"
Lip Length: 1-1/8"
Full Lip Square Corner
Size: 1-5/8" x 2-1/4" x 1/16 "
Lip Length: 1-1/8"
Full Lip Round Corner
Size: 1-5/8" x 2-1/4" x 1/16"
Lip Length: 1-1/8"
How to Install the Schlage AL Lock


Questions and Answers
Q: AL53PD has extra hole on top & bottom of 2.125 hole. I have an Omega lever design and the handle curves and interferes with molding on door makeing it inoperable - normally not a problem, but now those extra holes are in there so i need a larger rose or a different handle sticking with SC4 and 643e, do you have a suggestion
A: Okay you have OME - the Jupiter (JUP) might be the handles to purchase inside and out - see page 8 here:

Download File

to review the Jupiter lever design.

Q: I am afraid that will will curve too much back towards the door too. What is the projection of the trim?
A: The Jupiter lever has a 1.2" lever tip-to-door distance. Thank you.
Q: What Allegion products are available with an antimicrobial finish?
A: The antimicrobial coating is specially formulated to inhibit the growth of bacteria by interrupting cell multiplication. The result is that the silver ions surround bacterial cells, blocking food and slowing the growth of bacteria, mold and mildew.

FINISH CODES: 626AM and 630AM.  AM is used to identify a product with the antimicrobial finish applied.


  • Ives: 8102HD, 8103HD, 8103EZHD, 8105, 8111, 8112, 8121, 8190HD, 8200, 8302, 8303, 8305, 8311, 9100HD, 9103EZHD, 9190HD

  • Schlage AL, B500, B600/700/800, ND, L9000, LV9000, LT, HL6, PL7, PL8

  • Von Duprin 33A/35A, 55, 88, 94/95, 98/99, XP98/99 devices 996, 990, 360, 386, 388 and LP373L trims

  • LCN - antimicrobial coating is not available
  • Q: Both are sc keyways Cant get lever or ball off of either. The lever doesn’t release when detent is depressed. Also, the key won’t turn the cylinder- but it is right key. The ball- i cant find a detent or any other retainer. Thanks Chris ONeal
    A: You state the key will not turn the cylinder, but is the right key. Does the key operate the cylinder?
    Q: Thank you for responding. apparently he put in new lock cylinders, KA, in three doors. The key worked before he re-installed. Hoping you have a solution that will keep me from fully disassembling the lockset. Ofcourse the easy answer I told him "...www.absupply" because they sell new easy to install equipment :) But I think he is strapped for funds. Anyway, thanks. If you know something I can try, I appreciate it. Otherwise I may have to order a new for him or tear in to this one.
    A: If you had stated that the key actually works but does not permit removal of the key from the cylinder I would state - it is very likely, based on your description, that the end-user has inserted the cylinders into the levers with the key in the 180° opposite orientation as it is permissible to install the unit incorrectly and still operate the lock but you would not be able to retract the key.

    However you've stated that the key simply does not turn the cylinder whatsoever. In this scenario I would simply suggest that you disassemble the part working from the hub towards the back side of the cylinder or simply take it to a locksmith who ought to be able to perform the same service.

    Q: Richard- I appreciate you videos. I hope you can help w/ this. I have a Schlage button lock handle in an apartment at a senior living facility that was sticking in the up or down position.

    View Image

    Other than that, it was working fine. I removed the inside handle by pushing a pin thru the tiny hole on the side of the handle. I then sprayed lubricant on it and when I ‘popped’ the handle back on, it doesn’t stick any more but it won’t stay. When you twist and pull the handle to exit the room, the handle has a tendency to come completely off. What am I doing wrong? FYI, it’s about a 20 year old assembly. Thanks, Todd

    A: I can tell you that I am no stranger to this error whatsoever and I'm guilty of it myself. I have taken a moment and made a quick video illustrating the problem and how to solve it as seen here:

    Click Here

    Happy Locksmithing!

    Q: Richard, Thanks for the custom video. That was really cool that you did that. What I ended up doing, after trying different handles and tapping it w/ a hammer, was to tighten the retainer ring, using a flathead screwdriver and a hammer. A full turn or so, clockwise, was enough to let the handle go on far enough to ‘click’ in place. Thanks, Todd
    A: That's great news and great to hear. I would admit that I have installed and removed that castle nut ring which is what it is called and that identical fashion more than once. If you find that you are in this position often you will certainly want to invest in the tool that the manufacturer provides for this which would be the Schlage 40-017 Metal Al/D Series Lever Castle Nut Wrench as seen here :

    Click Here

    (Required, used to email you once question is answered.)
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