Rixson 180

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Rixson 180 3/4" Offset Top Pivot

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Rixson 180 3/4" Offset Top Pivot
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Technical Support
Product Description:

Rixson Heavy-Duty, Shallow Depth and Specialty floor closers parts

180 (standard) -Extra Length Pins Available in Extra Order

◊ Full Mortise
◊ Non-handed


Floor closers provide the best mechanical means of controlling a door. They are designed to work with the laws of physics to provide long-lasting performance and reliability.
The weight of the door is supported entirely by the bottom arm, which is directly connected to the floor closer spindle.
This hanging means provides several important mechanical advantages:
• Fasteners on the door and frame are in shear rather than tension (as with hinges) and are less likely to pull out over time. This creates less stress on the frame assembly, prevents door sagging and allows the door to swing with less resistance from friction.
• A door supported in this manner relies on the strength of the floor to carry the weight, not the frame. This allows extremely heavy doors to be hung in an opening and lets any weight door swing with more efficient geometry.Doors hung on floor closers also allow for vertical adjustment throughout the life of the building to compensate for settlement.
• The direct connection between the bottom arm and the floor closer spindle creates a tremendous increase in efficiency compared to surface closers with exposed arms.
A floor closer produces an 85% closing force to opening force ratio where surface closers are approximately 60% efficient. A floor closer is far superior in closing a door when weather conditions or building stack pressure are factors. Rixson® Floor Closers take this efficiency concept to an even higher level by utilizing helical torsion springs. In addition to these important mechanical and door control advantages, floor closers are fully concealed to maintain aesthetic design of the opening and to prevent vandalism or tampering by unauthorized individuals.


Selective Hold-Open (SHO)
Factory-installed on 27 & 28 Series closers. Hold-open may be turned on/off.
Automatic Hold-Open (AHO)
Available on certain series closers with or without dead stop. Preset at factory for specific degree of hold-open. Degree of hold-open cannot be changed, nor can closer be made into non hold-open.
Delayed Action (DA) Provided on barrier-free installations. Permits door to remain ajar (at 70°) for up to 30 seconds. Operates by separate valve and can be shut off if not needed.
Not available on closers furnished with cold weather fluid, and not recommended for exterior applications because of weather factors. (27 & 28 series only)
Physically Handicapped (PH)
To comply with guidelines established in the American With Disabilities Act, lighter opening forces are met if closers are ordered with a PH prefix. If 5 pounds of opening on interior doors is needed, simply order PH. If 8.5# of force is needed, specify Prefix PH and suffix 8.5#. Be advised that lower opening forces mean lower closer forces. PH products should not be ordered for exterior doors or fire rated openings. Fire/Lifesafety openings take precedence over the convenience of ADA. Securing a building is also a major concern and a lighter closer may not be strong enough to secure a latch bolt in a strike. Use care when specifying PH products.
Cold Weather Fluid (CWF)
Should be considered in installations where ground temperature is constantly below +15°F.May be used in temperatures as low as -35°F.
Sealed Closer (SC)
Used where water contact may occur. Provides gasketing and a cover plate that are epoxied around the case with the closer inside.Not available for replacement closers unless cement case is also replaced.
Fire Rated
(F) Used on labeled fire door requiring steel base pivot. PH with 3 pounds of opening force may not be used on fire doors.

Product Description and features

• Standard top pivot for the 20, 25 & 27 3/4" offset floor closers
• Available for fire door assemblies (ferrous material)–specify F180
• For 20-minute label suffix –20
• Oil-impregnated sintered bronze bearing
• Non-ferrous base metal
• 3/4"(19mm) offset (measured from centerline of pivot to face of door)
• Available with longer than standard pivot pins. Increments are 1/4"(6mm), 1/2"(13mm), 3/4"(19mm) only
• Furnished with wood and machine screws
Technical Information

Questions and Answers
Q: Do you carry these upper door pivots (see attached pictures)

View Image

View Image

View Image

View Image

View Image

I have never seen that style before. They came off of a manual door (wood, I believe). Let me know what you have, wanting to get a quote to the customer.

A: I'm sorry but everything that I would be able to sell you would require a refit on the header and the top of the door meaning any new hardware I would supply you was going to require that you refit, remortise, remachine your existing door and frame.

An option would be the CRL 1NT401 Surface Mounted Free-Swinging Top Pivot as seen here:

View Image

And then install the CRL CRL9060TDF Heavy-Duty Top Door Rail Pivot Arm as seen here:

View Image

I feel the above arrangement would work, except for I imagine these doors are incredibly heavy, and with only 2 screws on each section, you risk ripping the pivot out of the door. Therefore I would likely order two of them and cut the top pin off of one and then use it as a backing plate, I would counter sink it for a 1/4” screw and likely add a third hole and use 3” long stainless flat heads. technical drawing of the top pivot can be reviewed here:

Download File

and the pivot block drawing can be reviewed here:

Download File

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