Dorma R23

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R23 Rectangular Lever

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R23 Rectangular Lever
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Product Description:

dorma DORMA 8000 Series exit devices with deadlocking latch bolts minimize forced entry while offering a lowcost solution to life safety requirements.

dorma The touchbar, rail assembly and integral parts are constructed of solid steel with covers and end caps developed from high-impact ABS thermoplastic.

dorma The devices are offered in an array of durable powder coated finishes and stainless steel.

Dorma Devices are available for labeled and non-labeled openings.

Dorma Rim, surface vertical rod, and surface vertical rod “less bottom rod,” along with a full range of trim options which allow access from the secure side of an opening, make the 8000 Series the perfect choice when an economical and reliable exit device is required.

R23 Rectangular Lever
Trim Descriptions
Rectangular Lever
Trim Designations
DORMA Cylinder
(ordered separately)

Dorma The DORMA 8000 Series is listed by U.L. and C.U.L. under their continuing reinspection programs and conforms to standard U.L. 10C and U.B.C. 7-2 (1997) positive pressure testing.

Dorma The DORMA 8000 Series is certified to the requirements of ANSI/BHMA A156.3 for grade 1 exit devices.





Type 1 Rim Exit Device

Type 2 Surface Vertical Rod

Exit Device


Exit Only –No Trim


Entrance by trim when actuating bar is locked down.

8300 x 8PDT/8P02/8ODTP
8300 x R02R/C02R
8300 x PTS02/PRS02

8400 x 8PDT/8P02/8ODTP
8400 x R02R/C02R
8400 x PTS02/PRS02


Entrance by trim when latch bolt is retracted by key. Key removable only when locked.

8300/F8300 x 8P02/8O03/8P03/8O03P
8300/F8300 x K03/K03IC
8300/F8300 x R03/R03IC
8300/F8300 x C03/C03IC
8300/F8300 x PTS03/PRS03
8300/F8300 x NPS03

8400/F8400 x 8P02/8O03/8P03/8O03P 8400/F8400 x K03/K03IC
8400/F8400 x R03/R03IC
8400/F8400 x C03/C03IC
8400/F8400 x PTS03/PRS03
8400/F8400 x NPS03


Entrance by trim when latch bolt is retracted by key or set in retracted position by key.

8300CD x 8P02/8O03/8P03/8O03P
8300CD x K03/K03IC
8300CD x R03/R03IC
8300CD x C03/C03IC
8300CD x PTS03/PRS03
8300CD x NPS03

8400CD x 8P02/8O03/8P03/8O03P
8400CD x K03/K03IC
8400CD x R03/R03IC
8400CD x C03/C03IC
8400CD x PTS03/PRS03
8400CD x NPS03

Entrance by thumbpiece. Key locks or unlocks trim.
8300/F8300 x HTS05/HRS05
8400/F8400 x HTS05/HRS05
Entrance by thumbpiece only when released by key. Key removeable only when trim is locked.
8300/F8300 x HTS06/HRS06
8400/F8400 x HTS06/HRS06
Entrance by knob or lever. Key locks or unlocks knob or lever.

8300/F8300 x K08/K08IC
8300/F8300 x R08/R08IC
8300/F8300 x C08/C08IC

8400/F8400 x K08/K08IC
8400/F8400 x R08/R08IC
8400/F8400 x C08/C08IC
Entrance by thumbpiece (no cylinder). Trim always active.
8300/F8300 x HTS22/HRS22
8400/F8400 x HTS22/HRS22
Entrance by knob or lever (no cylinder). Trim always active.
8300/F8300 x R23/C23/K23
8400/F8400 x R23/C23/K23
Rim Cylinders Interchangeable Core Cylinder Specifications
1. Trim 8O03, 8P03, 8O03P are furnished standard with an 80CK rim cylinder mounting kit. 1. Trim K03IC, K08IC, R03IC, R08IC, C03IC, and C08IC use a small format interchangeable core cylinder.
2. When ordering the cylinder specify door thickness. 2. Interchangeable core cylinders are available uncombinated, KD, KA, 0-Bit, or Master Keyed.
NOTE: Refer to trim pages 9–12 for rim and mortise cylinder requirements. Exit Alarm Cylinder Specifications
1. Exit Alarm function furnished with cylinder.
Key-in-Lever Cylinder Specifications Cylinder Dogging Cylinder Specifications
1. Trim K03, K08, R03, R08, C03, and C08 use a component cylinder, 7011DC. DORMA cylinder for use with the cylinder dogging option is 90X10DC118.
2. Trim furnished standard with DORMA C keyway.
3. Optional Keyways Available from DORMA:
Arrow - AR1, Yale - Y8, Corbin - 60, Russwin - D1, Sargent - LA, and Schlage C.
4. For other OEM insert cylinders, refer to the drawing for reference dimensions.
NOTE: DORMA lock cylinders are available KD, KA, 0-Bit, or Master Keyed.
Sex Nuts
The information below serves as a simple reference when specifying DORMA 8000 Series exit devices and trim. (two per pack)
3 packs
8300/F8300 w/trim
1 pack
4 pack
8400/F8400 w/trim
5 pack
GK8000 Glass Lite Shim Kit
Kit contains two 1/8" thick shims. Permits shimming of the exit device maximum 1/4" off door face without affecting U.L. listing. Designed to accommodate glass lite installed in door. Furnished bright zinc plated. Optional finishes available, consult factory.


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